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Movie Analysis

  • Movie: Simone

  • Setting:

  • Place: Movie studios in Los Angeles, California

  • Time: Modern Time

  • Atmosphere: Preoccupation and anxiety

  • Characters and Characterization

  • Character: Simone - Is the protagonist. It was a character created by Viktor, the movie producer, in a computer. The idea for the creation was given to Viktor by a friend named Allan, who died. This character was like an angel who came to save Viktor from the bankruptcy that the real actress caused him when she renounced. Simone was the success for Viktor.

  • Characteristics: Being a character created by a computer, it was almost perfect: beautiful, sexy, friendly, intelligent, a goddess. The director played with these characteristics because Simone was a fiction character created by him.

  • External: She was blonde, beautiful, about 5'7” height, her measurements were perfect.

  • Internal: She was sweet, delicate, educated, sentimental, and friendly.

  • Relationship with others characters: None because Simone did not exist. The other characters made their part alone and the director filmed Simone's part in the computer.

  • Type of Character

  • Flat character: The director's daughter can be considered as a flat character. She demonstrated firmness, confidence in the way she loved her father, the movie director. She showed great admiration for her father, in such way, that when he was accused of killing Simone, she was the only one who trusted his innocence.

  • Round character: I consider Viktor's ex-wife a round character. She felt jealous and left him, then, at the end, she got together with Viktor again.

  • Main character: Protagonist- Simone

  • Secondary Characters: Antagonist- Nicole

  • Point of View

        • The movie is narrated in third person.

        • Plot

              • A movie producer who was filming a picture, and the main actress renounces almost at the end and all the things that happened to him until he created a computerized actress; Simone.

              • Plot of Fortune: Viktor is the character who's fortune almost went to bankruptcy and also his credibility.

              • Plot of Thought: Viktor has to be all the time thinking as if he was Simone and inventing situations for reporters and fans.

              • Plot of Character: Viktor's ex-wife felt jealous of Simone but at the end she changes her attitude towards Viktor.

              • Conflict

                      • How Viktor has to confront movie fans who wanted to meet their favorite actress being her a fictitious character.

              • Man vs Society: The movie director was struggling with the fans who wanted to meet their favorite actress.

              • Man vs Himself: Viktor was fighting with himself because he was afraid of being discovered.

              • Story Pattern

              • Exposition: This film is about a movie producer who's pictures were best seller. At the time of this movie he was old and was filming one of his last films. He was almost finishing it when the protagonist, Nicole, renounced. He felt destroyed, full of conflict in his mind and life.

              • Rising action: When his friend Allan told him that he had the actress that he was needing in his pocket. He didn't trust Allan.

              • Climax: When he presented the film with Simone to the public for the first time

              • Technical Climax: Viktor created fictitious news reports and interviews with Simone where she acted as a real person.

              • Falling action:

              • Viktor used a mannequin to use as if it was Simone

              • He used a techniques to change his voice to talk as if he was Simone

              • He made a hologram and used smoke to present Simone as if she was real in a public show

              • Method Presentation

                    • Chronological sequence was used for this film

                    • The actress renounces

                    • No one wanted to help Viktor

                    • Viktor fell in bankruptcy

                    • Allan appears in Viktor's life

                    • Simone came as a solution for Viktor

                    • Style - Dialogue

                    • Diction: Clear and simple

                    • Tone: Ironic

                    • Symbol

                    • Created Symbol: It was Simone

                    • Theme

                          • How to find solution to problems

                          • Effect

                                • I think the film is good as entertainment but it doesn't educate. Why didn't the movie producer tell the truth? I know that to make the movie interesting he used the computer techniques and he made it look as if it was real. If a person is intelligent, wont be distinguished what is real or not? I just consider it fictitious. It can never be a true story. That is my opinion.

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