Simon Decker and the secret formula; Jenny Dooley

Simon Decker and the Secret Formula.

Chapter 1. A Murder

1.What was Simon trying to write?

He was trying to write detective history.

2.What did Simon use to do?

He was a bomb expert in the army.

3.What did Simon hear next door?

He hear two shots awey.

4.What did Rocky do with the scarf?

He take it awey.

5.What did Simon saw on the living room floor?

He saw gerald´s body.

6.What happened to Gerald Dunning?

He got killed.

7.Why did Simon used a kitchen towel to hold the phone?

He use a kitchen tonel for the finger prints.

8.What did Simon saw near the living room table?

He saw little round shiny thing.

9.What did detective Frize tell Simon to do?

Wait out of the house.

10.What did Simon find in the arpiece of the phone?

A bug.

Chapter 2. Detective Frieze

1.What did Simon have in his pocket?

He have a bug phone.

2.Why did Gerald work on animals?

Because he loves animals.

3.How many police cars went to Gerald´s house?

Four police cars went to Gerald´s house.

4.Describe detective Frieze.

He has got a god nice,tall,black eyes, brawn hair.

5.What did detective Fieze give to Simon?

Frieze´s card.

6.What did Rocky have in his mouth when he came home?

Rocky have the red scarf.

7.Where did the gold button come from?

Frieze´s jacket.

8.Why did Simon hide?

He hide because two men went inside the house.

9.What kind of voice did the man with detective Frieze have?

A smoker voice.

10.What job did the girl´s room-mate have?


Chapter 3. Tivoli´s

1.How many tables were there in Tivoli´s restaurant?

There were ten tables.

2.What was the name of the waitress?

Her name was Sylvie.

3.How old was she?

She was twenty seven years old.

4.What did Simon ask to borrow?

A pease of paper and a pen.

5.What did Simon write on the piece of paper?

He write: I know were is the secret formula.

6.What did Simon take from the man?

His identety

7.What did Rocky do to Sylvie?

Bark to her.

8.What was Sylvie´s reaction?

Was scary.

9.When was the last time Sylvie saw Beth?

The last time was two days ago.

10.What were Beth and Gerald working on?

A secret formula.

Chapter 4. Beth and her Uncle

1.Where was Beth´s uncle´s cabin?

In the mountain.

2.How was Simon´s headlight broken?

By a shot.

3.What time of day was it?

At night

4.What did Beth look like?

His look like an old man.

5.What was the name of the governent agent?

The name was: Frieze.

6.What didn´t Rocky like?

He didn´t like to be alone.

7.What was Uncle Lou carrying?

A shotgun.

8.What didn´t Uncle Lou teach Beth?

To shut.

Chapter 5. Beth´s Mother

1.What were detective Frieze ´s men wearing?

They were dark suits.

2.Who was Gerald and Beth´s boss?

Dr.Leenam was.

3.What did Dr Leenam look like?

A scientist with messy,white hair.

4.What had Dr Leenam told people about Beth and Gerald?

That they were out of the country on a research.

5.What was Frieze going to say about Gerald Dunning?

That he had a very bad car accident.

6.Where were Frieze´s men looking for Simon and Sylvie?

At the airport,bus and train stations.

7.What did Frieze want Beth´s mother to think?

That Beth is in danger.

8.What would happen to Dr Leenam if he didn´t do as Frieze told him?

That Frieze will kill his family.

9.What did Beth´s mother look like?

A nicely dressed woman.

10.When was the last time Beth´s mother went to the cabin?

The last time was some years.

Chapter 6. The Formula

1.Why was it dark in the cabin?

Because the windows were cobpred.

2.Why was Beth crying?

Because she saw Gerald dead.

3.What was Simon in the army?

A bomb expert.

4.What did Lou say Simon can help with?

With the video.

5.Who did Beth and Gerald make the formula for?

For Gerald´s brother Adam.

6.Where was Gerald´s brother?

Gerald´s brother was in hospital.

7.Why did the government want the formula?

To use it against their enemies.

8.Who shot Gerald?

The short man with the deep voise.

9.What could they use as evidence?

The gold button.

10.Who were they going to take the formula to?

Gerald´s brother.

Chapter 7. The video Cameras

1.Who fixed the tyre and headlight?

Lou doit.

2.Where did Simon hide his car?

He hide his car in some hidden caves.

3.What did they put in front of the road leading to the caves?

They put a tree.

4. Why didn´t Simon recognise Beth?

Because she had short and blond hair.

5.What was in the back of Uncle Lou´s truck?

Two long seats.

6.What did Lou give to Simon?

A shotgun.

7.What did Lou film on the video camera?

What Beth was saying.

8.Where did they hide the other camera?

In a plant in front of Lou´s cabin.

Chapter 8. Lou has visitors

1.How many cars drove up to the cabin?

Two cars drove up.

2.What was Beth´s mother´s name?


3.What did Beth leave behind?

She leave behind a bag.

4.What did detective Frieze want to do?

Look in Beth´s bag.

5.What was inside Beth´s bag?

There was clothes.

6.What did detective Frieze tell his men to do?

To look inside the cabin

7.Why didn´t Frieze want Mrs Morgan to stay with Lou?

For Lou not to tell Agnes everything that happened

8.What did Frieze do to Lou?

Trough him to the floor.

Chapter 9. Gerald´s Brother-Adam

1.Where were Sylvie and Simon hiding?

Under the seats on the back of Lou´s truck.

2.How many policemen looked inside the truck?

Two policemen.

3.What did Simon tell Sylvie to do?

Shoot the windows of the black car.

4.Where was Adam hiding in his room?

Behind a white courtain.

5.Where had Beth hidden the formula?

In a false perl.

6.What did Adam look like?

A tall,thing young man in a white hospital robe.

7.Who tried to get into Adam´s room?

Detective Frieze and his men.

8.What did Beth do with the formula?

Put it in Adam´s hand.

Chapter 10. Simon and Beth

1.Who was in the room with Beth?

Detective Frieze.

2.What did Frieze want Beth to do?

Make the formula.

3.Who kicked open the door?


4.Who did Simon bring with him?

The army soldiers

5.What happend to detective Frieze?

He went to prison

6.What was Rocky doing at Simon´s house?

Sleeping at Simon´s feet.

7.Who telephoned Simon?


8.What did Beth think Simon should become?

A spy

9.What did Beth invite Simon to do?

Go an have dinner at her house.

10.What was Simon´s reaction?

He got very happy

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