Sherlock Holmes




'Sherlock Holmes'

Vocabulario 1a

Chases-cazar Greatest-el mas grande

Catching-alcanzar Kindly-amablemente

Fox-zorro Stepfather-padrastro

Hide-esconderse Fights-peleando

Wild-salvaje Agreed-convenía

Freely-libremente Gipsies-gitanos

Smell-oler Band-venda

Speckler-manchada Wild-salvaje

Stormy-tempetuoso Poison-veneno

Locked-bloqueado Lonely-sola

Mistake-error Mending-repara

Vocabulario 2a

Showed-enseñó Over-encima

Mending-reparación Keeps-subsiste

Bell-rope-cuerda campana Papers-papeles

Also-también Spend-pasar

Pulled-tiró Explains-explica

Fixed-fijo Rope-cuerda

Vocabulario 3a

Hit-golpear Hard-dificilmente

Moved-movía Turn-vuelta



Watson was living with his friend Sherlock Holmes when a woman knoked in the door.

She looked unhappy, and her hair was grey but she was thirty, because she was so afraid.

She began to tell her story:

-I live whith my stepfather Dr Grimesby near a village in the country.Now his family is very rich thanks to my mother´s money, but when he was born their were very poor.He went out to India to studied to be a doctor snd he meet my mother when my sister and I were young.

-He´s a very violent man, in Indian he killed a his servant because he has got angry, my mother was dead 8 years ago. He fights with thr people from the village he has wild Indians animal in the garden and there are many gipsies too.

-We havn´t got servants because their´re many afraid, and we have to do the housework in the house.

-My sister died two years ago she was young she met a man and she was to marry with him. Wen she died was terrible time.

First there is the stepfhather´s room near him is the sister´s room and near is my bedroom.

The windows are in the garden. She ask me:

-Have your ever heared a whistle in the middle of the night?

I don´t heared this, but now yes.

Suddenly I heared a womas scream and a metalic sund and a whistle and Julia said:

-It was the band! The speckler band!.

The police couldn´t understand why did she dead.

Holmes said:

-If we go to your house today, but your stepfather can´t know this.

Holmes and Watson visit the house

They went to the house and saw the rooms, Holmes saw a bell-rope over the air-vent, he pulled the rope but it not worked.

In the stepfather´s room it was a plate of milk and a metal.

Holmes said to helen she´s in danger and he is going tonight, she mut open the window and the light of julia room when he stepfater was sleep.

The splecked band

When they saw the light throw the window and they waited.

There was a quiet whistle, and suddenly it sound a cry in the Dr. Roylott´s room and a metal.

He was dead arround his heard was a splecked band an it´s moved... it was a snacked and his poison is very well to ill an is difficult to find in a dead body. The gipsies bring it from Indian.

He put it on the sister´s room thanks to the air-vent.

Vocabulario 1b

Show-enseñar Business-negocio

Post-poste Hope-esperanza

Royal-real Pulled-quitó


Vocabulario 2b

Lawyer-abogado While-mientras que


Vocabulario 3b

Themselves-ellos mismos Gold-oro

The king´s mistake

Holmes call to Watson a in his house arrived a letter with no date, name or address, it´s a expensive paper to Bohemia it said:

A inportant man come to your house to talk for you to inportant business, stay in your room tonight.

The man comes with a mask but holmes knows he is the king.

He is to get married whit a inportant person but his lover have a photo of his and her in love and his future wife don´t like this, Holmes has to take this photo.

A servant finds out

Watson was in Sherlok´s room at 3:00, but Holmes didn´t arrived untill 4:00 he wear a servant´s clothes, he was happy.

When he was in Irene´s house a lawyer call Godfrey Norton leave it an take a taxi to the church and Irene do it too, so i do it. When I was here the lawyer saw me and I hepped him to marry Irene. Tey needed a witness.

Well tonight He need Watson´s help. He must give Holmes a smoke-stick for the window and the room full very quickly of smoke.


That evening Holmes was other man, hir eyes, his hair... everything of his was diferent.

A man pussed to the other man and Holmes put in the middle to help to Irene and fall to the garden, his hear has blood and Irene helped him.

Watson throw the smoke-stick and the people beginns to cry fire!, fire! and the woman runs to the most inportant thinks: the photo so he known where is the photo.

A photograph

Holmes arived whith the king to the house and a servant said:

-Irene and her husband are in England.

-What!-said the king

Holmes run to the cupboard and in it there is a photo but not the king and her, it´s only her. It was a letter to and it says:

My dear Holmes:

You dit it very well, I thought that it was a real fire, but after I opened the cupboard I began to think, I knew yo and that the king asked you to find th photo.

I shall not show the photo to anybody.

The king said thank to Holmes and said:

-I would like this photograph please

And the king give it to him.

Vocabulario 1c

Windy-tormenta Heavily-pesadamente

Stormy-tempestad Wet-mojado

Worried-preocupado Against-contra

Envelope-sobre Pips-pipas

Vocabulario 2c

Badly-lastimado Hurt-gravemente


Vocabulario 3c

Ship-nave Replied-contesté

Pleased-contento Equality-igualdad


Vocabulario 4c


The story of Uncle Elias

It was stormy and windy whena a joung man knock the door.

He has a problen with his uncle:

His uncle hate the black American so he fought in the Civil War against the North. When they lose this he leave to England, he was a strange man and he didn´t has friends, but he liked me, I went to visit many times but a day he recives a letter with 3 ks and 5 orange pips. He was many afraid and went to his secret room and take a box with 3 ks and burnt it.

He said he will to dead. Seven month later he leaved the house and dead in a river.

More pips

My family moved his house everythink was good, but a day my father recived other letter with 5 pipes.

He went to saw a old friend but he never comes back.

Now I recived the letter in it put:

Put the box in the garden, but it´s burnt, and I went to talk to the police but they laughed to me.

I have a paper, it isn´n burnt.

The young man left Sherlock´s house and went to his house


Sherlok was think about this, this letters was sends in ships because in this countris there are all seas ports.

In India :7 wecks.

In Scotland:3 dais.

In s of England: the killer was here now.

The enemy belong from the Ku Klux Klan, is a secret group of Americans, they killed to the people who hate black people.

In 1869 Uncle Elias belonged to this group and writing a diary when hwe left it was engaged and burnt it.

The last deaths

To the morning the young man was dead, Holmes was angry so he went to the house.

When he arrived was please, he knows the names of his enemys, he writed a letter to Capitain James Calhoun to his ship called Star with 5 pipes to German because he leaft England.

But holmes didn´t controls the weather because it was a tempestad and the sheap didn´t arrives to German

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