Seven; Richard Dyer


Autor: Richard Dyer

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 0851707238

Pablo Ongini

January 13, 2003.


Somerset is an old agent that Works in the police, in homicides. One morning his boss calls him so that he goes to a case, when he gets there; he meets his new partner, David Mills, a young policeman that comes from Springfield.

After investigating for a while, Somerset and Mills, discover that they don't get along.

When arriving at the office, the captain speaks with Somerset and Mills. Somerset says to the captain that he doesn't want the case, and the captain remembers to him that they don't have too much people, and that needs him. Finally he finishes remaining with the case.


The following morning the captain informs Somerset, that has taken place another murder, the one of a guy called Eli Gould, and that Mills is in charge of the case. The captain also shows him some pieces that they found in the dead body.

Somerset, went to the house of the first dead, and found out that the pieces were of the ground of the refrigerator, and behind the refrigerator there was a note that put GLUTTONY, one of the seven capital sins.  

Somerset realized that there were left five murders more and was said that to Mills.

Somerset went to have dinner in the house of Mills invited by his wife, Tracy Mills. They had dinner, and when they finished decided to go to the house of Miss Gould. Miss Gould told them that a picture that appeared in the photo, was the other way around.


After spending the whole night investigating, they arrive at the office, and the captain gives them the photo of the possible suspect, a man called Victor Dworkin.

They left looking for him; both agents weren't convinced that he was their man. They got to his apartment and found him dead. In the wall you could read the word SLOTH.

Somerset remembered what he had read in a book and took Mills to the library. He called a friend and obtained a list of all the people who had rented a book in relation to the seven capital sins.


They watch the list, and they choose the apartment of a boy, called John Doe. When the assassin sees them, he leaves running and the police begin a persecution. When Mills almost gets him, falls down, and Doe takes the gun and aims at Mills' head. Finally Doe decides to pardon Mills' life.

They returned to the apartment and they saw pieces of the body of some corpses.

When Mills and Somerset still were at the apartment, Doe called, and he said to them, that every day they surprise him more.


Tracy called Somerset and they arrange to meet in a bar the following day. Tracy explained him that she hated the city, and that she was pregnant and that Mills doesn't knows that.

Somerset and Mills went to another murder. They found a body knocked down in a bed with word LUST.

They spoke with a witness, who was really scared, and told them that Doe aimed him with a pistol in the head.


Somerset called Mills that was in the bed and told him that, there was a new murder. When he arrived, saw two paintings in the wall.



He had killed a girl, called Linda Abernathy. He had surrounded her in bandage. He let her choose, between living without nose, or dying.

After finishing there, they return to the police station, where suddenly appears John Doe, the assassin. He gets there with his shirt full of blood. The police immobilized and were able to handcuff him.


The captain doesn't let Mills and Somerset interrogate Doe. Somerset tells his chief that there still are two murders more left.

Swarr, the lawyer of Doe, tells that his client has two dead more and that if they want to find them, Somerset and Mills, would have to go with him, and he would show them the corpses. The agents accepted and they went with him. They stopped in an open terrain, and at seven they saw a van coming, that turned out to be from shipments of packages.   

The conductor left the package to them. Somerset, opened the package and discovered that Doe had killed Tracy. When Mills noticed this, shot Doe until he fell down. This murder was because of the WRATH,AAAAAAAAAAAAA while the death of Tracy was because of the ENVY.


I enjoyed Seven because it was an interesting story .The subject of the story was exciting. The characters were different and the story had a good ending. I like the characters in the book because they were interesting and the author did a good job creating them. My favorite character was Detective Somerset. He was my favorite character because Somerset was always intelligent-and strong. The part of the book I liked the most was when they found Dworkin. SLOTH was written on the wall above the bed. It was interesting but not very nice. The author held my interest when I was reading because the author described the people in the story and he described them clearly.

Ongini, 1

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