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Pablo Targarona

Primero Medio



This film relates the history of two at first sight enamoured, they decide to follow its lives separately to put on approval its love. Years later, jeopardize with other people, begin to look for mutually with desperation to verify if the magic works…

A day in new York John goes to a well-known store to buy a Christmas present for its fiancée. In the store John he runs hurried towards the shelf in as was yearned for gift (un even of gloves), when arriving it is whereupon single it is left a single pair, and after few moments it arrives a young person and another horseman to buy the same glove, after a small discussion John and the young person is made happen through fiancés, after moments manage to convince the gentleman who yielded the glove to them.

John and Sarah after this amused confusion go to a skating seat, in her John manages to captivate to SARAH. After long hours of coexistence they decide to separate its ways of a very singular way... In a bill of 5 dollars John writes its name and telephone number. And in a book that Sarah was going to put for sale, she writes her name and direction... If sometimes they receive this bill or this book, were so that truely the one of the other was predestined...

John goes away heartbroken to his home, without letting think a single moment in the young woman who he known. After long time, Sarah and John were loved with their respective pairs. John weeks before his wedding feels that all this related to the young Sarah. As much that he feels the necessity to look for it... with the aid of his better friend they go behind each track. They start off to go to the store in where they bought the glove, there after one long discussion with the receptionist they obtain that it shows the warehouse to them in where are all the tickets of the history of the store. When they found the ticket, they found the direction of the pension in which Sarah lodged. In as much, Sarah travels to New York in search of the young man who captivated her, does long months already. Sarah in his lodging in New York lives a series on coincidences related to John . John after an exhaustive search, he resign itself to forget her.

In the test of the wedding his fiancé decides to give him a wedding present... Oh surprise!! This gift was the same book that Sarah wrote. There it was its number and direction. John immediately calls by telephone to number that appeared in the book, without fortune, but with the hope to find sometimes, he surrenders and to decide marry with his fiancé's...

After its long unfruitful search Sarah decides to surrender and to go towards its state of origin. In the airplane when she was paying a drink, she finds with a surprise, had taken the wallet of its girlfriend, in spite of the annoyance decides to borrow 5 dollars... When paying it discovers that the bill was written the direction and telephone number of John. Sarah leaves with haste its flight and goes towards the direction indicated in the bill. In this address, a person, who comments to her that John was contracting marriage at this moment. Desperate she arrives at the hotel in which the wedding had been made, it enters the room and it is surprised again... had cancelled the wedding. John in the next day, goes to the ice track in which he enjoyed great moments with Sarah. He lies down in the track to meditate... after a moment, a glove falls in the face to him, he observes it and account that is the bought glove that night so remembered. He turns his face and sees Sarah. They embrace and seal their love with a kiss. The magic is real and works….

Characteristics of the personages

JOHN: She is a young man of less than 30 years, tall, black hair, dark eyes, thin, of mouth pointed, sincere, tender, affectionate, humble and perseverant.

SARAH: She is a young woman of less 30 years of face rubicund, thin, of sure brown hair, pretty characteristics, attractive, tender, evolves like psychologist, perseverant and optimist.


Idioma: inglés
País: Chile

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