Saving the Wetlands; Barbara A Lewis

Saving the Wetlands

Barbara A. Lewis

Barbara A Lewis- (February 1943- )

Barbara Lewis never expected to be a writer. While teaching sixth grade in her home state of Utah,

her class began a campaign to get rid of a hazardous waste site. Lewis was so impressed by her students'

efforts that she decided to write about them.

Inspiration Lewis believes that when it comes to taking social action, age doesn't matter. She wants young people

to know that they can make a difference. To demonstrate this belief, she wrote Kids With Courage, a book that tells the stories of eighteen young people

who spoke up for what they believed in.


Time- One day in 1987

Place- Chelms- Ford, Massachusetts

Atmosphere- Tense


1.Andy- boy of twelve years of age

2.Cheryk Holleman- A school nurse.

3.David- Andy’s dad, medical technologist

4.Nicholas- Andy’s brother

5.Elizabeth- Sister of Andy

Problem ...
The problem in this story is that they are trying to build condos in an area where there are animals and where neighbors used to purify water and prevent flooding.

Plot ..
One day Andy's family received a letter from a land developer. The letter announced that the developers were to build 180 condominium units near the house in Chelms Holleman - ford Massachusetts. Andy, a boy of 12 years, thinks that the letter says to build these condos is wrong because he knows that there are a number of animals that live in that area were in danger and decline. Andy tells of his childhood living on the land, animals that came to find and look for ways that developers not to build condominiums on the wetland.

Andy, by collecting 180 signatures from neighbors, sending copies of petitions to a series of meetings and to senators and representatives, also managed to make a series of meetings over 10 months, all this for the fight to prevent the build not. Condominiums in the wetland.


Andy after fighting so hard and managed to win the war, along with its neighbors, not build the condominiums in the wetland and wetland were saved. Andy became a celebrity and I Accepted invitations to speak at school, community groups and Organizations. Many awards Received Including the giraffe awards. And I planning to go to college and study Environmental Law to preserve the land forever.

*This is man vs. man because the protagonist struggles with his physical strength against other people, the forces of nature and animals.


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