Round the world in eighty days; Jules Verne



The story begins introducing Mr. Phileas Fogg, an English gentleman who's only activities are reading the newspaper at the Reform Club. Nobody knew about him, how he had made his fortune or where he works. He has no friends and he never talks about himself.

One day his servant had been fired and needed another, so a new servant arrived to his house in London. His name was Jean Passepartout. He got the job and without saying anything, Mr. Fogg left the house to go to the Reform Club.

While in the Reform Club, Mr. Fogg and another gentleman were talking about a robbery that had occurred a few days ago. They started talking about the ways in which the robber could escape, arguing that the world is so big. Mr. Fogg didn't think so, he said that the world could be travelled in only eighty days. Obviously the other gentlemen argued about this, so Mr. Fogg set this plan:

London to Suez by Calais and Brindisi 7 days

Suez to Bombay 13 days

Bombay to Calcutta 3 days

Calcutta to Hong Kong 13 days

Hong Kong to Yokohama 6 days

Yokohama to San Francisco 22 days

San Francisco to New York 7 days

New York to London 9 days

80 days

He also made a bet that he would go round the world in eighty days. If he could do it, the other gentlemen would give him four thousand pounds, but if he loses, he would give away twenty thousand pounds. The men accepted the bet and Mr. Fogg left that same day.

He arrived his home and told Passepartout to prepare himself for a journey around the world. They only took a small bag and twenty thousand pounds for the travel.

They arrive Suez seven days later, where the detective Fix is introduced. He was searching for the robber of the bank in England. This robber appearance was similar to Mr. Fogg. Mr. Fix examined every passenger in the Mongolia, the ship that Mr. Fogg and Passepartout had taken. Mr. Fogg sent Passepartout to the British Consul so that the passport would be signed, proving that he had been there. Mr. Fix took a look at him and at the passport. By looking this he was absolutely sure that Mr Fogg was the man he was searching.

Mr Fix talked to Passepartout about his master, asking him about his life, but Passepartout could not answer anything, because he had only met a little time. With this Mr Fix was sure that Mr Fogg was the robber and communicated this to the consul. Mr Fix asked the consul to send a telegram to London asking for a warrant to arrest Mr Fogg.

Mr Fogg and Passepartout got up the Mongolia again to arrive in Bombay. Mr Fix followed them. Passepartout saw him on the Mongolia and talked a little about his master's plans.

They arrived at Bombay two days earlier than they expected, so Mr Fogg went down the ship to get his passport signed. Their train to Calcutta would leave at 8 o'clock that same day. While in Bombay Passepartout went into a problem. He got into a temple when no visitors were allowed wearing shoes. So the priests attacked him but Passepartout managed to escape the temple punching them down.

They went into the train to Calcutta and met Sir Francis Cromarty, another passenger in the train. At some point in the travel the train stopped and the passengers had to got off the train, the railroad hasn't been finished, so everybody had to find another way to get to Calcutta. Passepartout found an elephant, which he thought would be of use, so he told Mr Fogg about it. They went with the owner and Mr Fogg bought his elephant after talking. They had to find a guide to get to Calcutta. They met an Indian that accompanied them in the travel.

While in the forest they saw a suttee where a young lady would be burned alive because her husband was dead. Mr Fogg decided to save her. They got off the elephant and tried to get into a temple where the young lady was. They tried to enter in from the front door but they found some guards. They went to the back side and started opening a door, since the temple was only made of wood, but they couldn't continue it because some guards arrived.

They stood looking all night until Passepartout had an idea, but didn't communicated it to the others. The morning arrived and the ceremony was going to take place. The young lady was left over a pile of wood, next to his dead husband ready to be burnt together. Suddenly, the husband got up and got the young lady in his arms, escaping with the others. It was Passepartout who had changed places with the dead body in the night, when nobody saw him.

The young lady was named Aouda, and she was still a little slept when she was rescued. When she finally woke up, she told his saver about her. He had an uncle in Hong Kong, and she wanted to get there, because she couldn't stay any more in India, she would have been killed. Mr Fogg offered to take her to Hong Kong, which she accepted.

They finally got to Benares after taking a train at the Allahabad station. Sir Francis left them wishing luck to them in their journey. But something occurred, the police got Passepartout and Mr Fogg. They thought it was about the rescue of Aouda, but it wasn't, it was about Passepartout entering the temple and punching the priests. Mr Fix had ordered this to get Mr Fogg a few days there so that the warrant could arrive and he could get arrested.

After a trial Mr Fogg paid some money for a bail, so that they wouldn't go to jail in that moment, as they were in such a hurry. They soon left the court and arrived at the port, where the ship Rangoon was waiting for them.

While in the Rangoon in their way towards Hong Kong, Passepartout found Mr Fix and talked a little. After this conversation Passepartout thought that Mr Fix had been sent by the gentlemen at the Reform Club, there wasn't any other explanation for him to follow Mr Fogg and Passepartout.

The ship stopped at Singapore to get more coal, so Aouda and Mr Fogg went down the ship for a little walk, always followed by Mr Fix. They returned to the Rangoon to get to Hong Kong, but the last days of the journey were really difficult, with strong winds and almost without moving. Mr Fix was pleased with this, if Mr Fogg couldn't catch the ship to Yokohama he would need to stay a few days more and the warrant would arrive.

They finally arrived at Hong Kong and asked when the next ship to Yokohama would leave. The ship Carnatic would leave the next day, so they had time to search for Aouda's uncle. Mr Fogg found out that Aouda's uncle no longer lived there, he would be probably in Holland. He communicated it to Aouda, who accepted travelling with them to Europe.

Passepartout went to buy the tickets for the Carnatic but he found out was going to leave that same day, so he had to tell this to his master. Mr Fix was there, and heard this event. He took Passepartout to have a drink. While they were drinking Mr Fix decided to tell Passepartout about what he was doing following them. He told Passepartout that he thought that his master was a thief, but Passepartout didn't believe him, he trusted in his master.

Looking at this situation, Mr Fix decided to get Passepartout drunk, so that his master would loose the ship. And he did so. The next day Mr Fogg and Aouda were worried about Passepartout not getting to the hotel, so they went to take the ship, only to find that it was gone. Mr Fix appeared and said hello to Mr Fogg, who started searching for another ship but only found a little boat that wouldn't get them to Yokohama, but they could go to Shanghai, where the San Francisco streamer starts it's journey. They would get there in four days in the boat Tankadere. Mr Fogg offered Mr Fix to join them, as they seemed to have the same course. Mr Fix accepted only to be close to the one he thought was the robber. In their way to Shanghai they faced a strong storm that made the journey much more longer that they have thought. They were reaching Shanghai when the wind was less strong for them to catch the boat, so the captain of the Tankadere send a signal to the Carnatic.

Passepartout had awaken at the bar still a little confused, only could reach the ship without telling his master. He got safely to the Carnatic, only to find that his master wasn't there. He arrived before than his master did to Yokohama, and as he didn't have any money tried to find a job to get to San Francisco. He joined an spectacle where he stayed at the bottom of a human pyramid. In his first presentation he saw his master and ran to join them, causing the pyramid to fall.

They reached the General Grant, the ship that took the from Yokohama to San Francisco. In the middle of the ocean Mr Fix told Passepartout that he was going to help them to get to England, because in America he couldn't arrest Mr Fogg. Passepartout accepted this offer, and he didn't told hid master that Mr Fix was following them to arrest him.

They got to San Francisco, where Passepartout went to the city to buy some revolvers for his protection against the Indians that could attack them while crossing the country. Mr Fogg, Mr Fix and Aouda went to the city where they found an election fight. Two groups where fighting and the three characters found themselves between the two groups, at such point that a man was going to fall over Mr Fogg, but Mr Fix saved him from the other man. Unless of this, Mr Fogg complained about this and promised the other man, named Stamp W. Proctor, to fight again in other situation because of this incident.

They got to the train that was going to take them to New York. But Aouda noticed that Stamp W. Proctor was also on the train, so she advised of this to Mr Fix and Passepartout, so that Mr Fogg wouldn't meet him. The driver of the train told the people that there was going to be a problem, a bridge was under repair and it wouldn't resist the weight of the train. After arguing about this, they decided to cross the bridge at full speed. They did so, and the train passed, but the bridge was completely destroyed.

Then, Mr Fogg suddenly found Stamp W. Proctor, so they decided to have their fight when the train stopped at the Plum Creek station. They went out the train to begin the fight but the driver told them that they had no time to waste, so the fight would be inside the train. They went into a large cabin and were ready to begin the fight when they heard the Sioux Indians approaching the train.

A fight began but an Indian tried to stop the train, but as he didn't knew how to do it, he raised the speed of the train. Passepartout went to the engine ,because the driver was laying on the floor, and separated the engine from the train, allowing the speed to lower. As they arrived to the Fort Kearney station the Indians got away, but three people were missing, among them was Passepartout.

Mr Fogg decided to go look for him. Mr Fix was afraid that he would get away but he couldn't do anything to stop Mr Fogg. Mr Fix stayed with Aouda waiting for the others to return, and suddenly an engine got to the station, it was the engine of the train that had returned, the driver had woke up and the engine stopped because of the lack of coal.

The train left before the others returned, Mr Fix couldn't do anything to stop it. Mr Fogg finally returned with his companions and the three rescued men. Mr Fix got a way to get to New York in time using a sledge with sails which the owner offered them. They travelled five hours in the snow but finally got to New York. Unfortunately, they didn't reach the ship that was going to London.

Mr Fogg was calmed as always and found a ship that was going to Bordeaux, the Henrietta. The captain didn't like passengers, so Mr Fogg spent a lot of money to get in the ship with his partners. They finally got to the ship, Mr Fogg, Mr Fix, Aouda and Passepartout.

While they were travelling in the ship the captain was kept in a room and Mr Fogg “bought” the sailors in the ship and convinced the to go to London. But they only had coal for going to Bordeaux, not for going to London. Mr Fogg offered the captain of the ship to buy the ship, so he could use the wood on the ship to burn. He offered more than the ship's value, and also to give the captain was would be left of the ship when they arrived at England. The captain accepted and they headed for Liverpool.

They reached Liverpool and Mr Fix arrested Mr Fogg only a few hours before he had to arrive at the Reform Club. Passepartout an Aouda were really worried and stayed outside the police station at Liverpool. There were only a few hours for Mr Fogg when Passepartout, Aouda and Mr Fix arrived and let him outside.

They took a train to London, but arrived five minutes late, so Mr Fogg had lost the bet.

They stayed in their house the following day when Aouda declared her love to Mr Fogg and they decided to marry the next day, the Monday. Passepartout left the house to ask the priest to marry them the next day, but he realised that it wasn't Sunday, it was Saturday, so they had arrived earlier that they thought.

He ran to the house to tell this great new to his master, so he headed to the Reform Club just at the time that he said eighty days before. He had won the bet, but he had used almost all the money he had won on the journey. But he found a woman to marry.

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