Romeo and Juliet; William Shakespeare

The tragedy of "Romeo and Juliet"

This history is based mainly on being able. I talk about that everything is based on two families, one so well-known one and as the other, in addition both no single must be able, but money. These famous families are the Montage and the Capulet. Romeo, which we would call the prince of this tragedy, is inheriting son and of the Montage. On the other hand, Juliet, is inheriting daughter and of the Capulet. By regulating, whenever both families are happen a fight. In this Romeo history she speaks of which she loves a beautiful woman and one goes describing it, although does not get to mention to Juliet. After the first fight that forms in downtown, appears the prince and orders the death of the next one which it returns to begin a fight. From way to the residence of the Montage the papa of Romeo sees it walking of the shrubs. Offer to its better friend to than asks to him as it is his agony, this it goes and Romeo answers to him. Meanwhile Juliet is a girl of 13 years, beautiful without a doubt and with a great heart. Juliet daughter of the Capulet was going to be the wife of Prince Paris. That time is very different from this because the children of 13 years could be married and be had children, which was going to be the famous case of Juliet. Without a doubt some, Juliet was not according to the imposition of its parents because she thought about another person. The knowledge is comedian that both looked for pairs that were the one for the other. Without a doubt from now on we can know that it is not going to happen simply that Romeo and Juliet are together, through something so simple and complicated simultaneously, all this by the last names that both have and represent. That is what there is to know (or that can think when reading this). All this tragedy happens in the city of Verona. Another reason by which Romeo and Juliet could not be together is because when they were born, they were born in a time where predictions became by means of stars them and it says that when both were born, the stars were crossed which was bad. After a time Mr. Capulet makes a great celebration. In that celebration are many important people. The job of the messenger is that he must find others guests. Being without knowing how to read begins to look for people who help it to know that people must look for. Without knowing it goes to where Romeo and requests to him that it reads the letter to him. This Lee and finds out the celebration. He decides to go, and while he is within the celebration he finds to Juliet. And it sees itself and both fall in love at first sight. They dance and they are observed all along until Romeo decides to go to look for it. It is going to kiss it and this with her until the maid looks for Juliet and asks to him as it is if mother and the maid say to him that she is Mrs. Capulet. That is Romeo finishes enamoring with the daughter of his greater rival. And that is the end of the first chapter of Romeo and Juliet.

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