Rain man; Leonore Fleischer



-TITLE: Rain man

-AUTHOR: Leonore Fleischer

-PUBLISHER: Penguin readers

-LEVEL: 3 Pre-Intermediate



CHARLES BABBITT: This he is the main personage of the book. He´s the boyfriend of Susanna and he is the owner of a company that´s dedicated to the import of cars. It is very reserved and it never speaks of its private life. He is greedy and selfish because of the little affective thing that was its father with him but it changes when it knows its brother. He was tall and strong, with thick dark hair and a wonderful smile.

SUSANNA: She´s de girlfriend os Charles and she is the Charle´s secretary. It has italian girl, it has her long and brown hair.

RAYMOND BABBITT: He is the older brother of Charles and suffers a disease: the autism.

JOHN MOONEY: He is the lawyer of the father of Charles. It is the one who distributes the goods of the will.

DR BRUNER: He is the doctor in charge to take care of Raymond, to run the money and to give him everything to him what needs. He was about fifty-six, with grey hair and a calm face.

-SETTING: Charles and Susanna live in Los Angeles but history passes in Cincinnati and the way of return from Cincinnati to Los Angeles.

-PLOT: This history begins Friday afteroon in the office ok Babbitt Cars, Los Angeles. Charles dedicates itself to the import of cars and was going to spend a weekend in Palm Springs with Susanna, your girlfriend. When they were of way to Palm Springs Charles to receive a call: its father to have died. One was not sad, I remain equal. It said to him to Susanna that not to be able to do the trip and that tapeworm that to go to Cincinnati and she it loved to accompany to him. When they arrived at Cincinnati Chalie parked the car in front of one of the largest, most expensive houses in Walnut Hills. It was the house of the father of Charles. They entered and it had been surprised, was very great and luxurious. Near the garage was a flower garden with some wonderful roses. In front of the garage to has a car, the Buick. Your father loved that car and the roses. Charles to have problems with his father because of the Buick and next of a great discussion Charles went of house and he never returned mCharles discutia with its father quite oftenore and when tapeworm fear or to want to protect itself went away to its room and to protect itself with a dressing gown that tapeworm of a friend his to which called "Rain Man". But unfortunately it did not remember nothing else of its friend. Charlie Babbitt and his father´s lawyer, John Mooney, met in the dining-room that evening. Mr Mooney took some papers from his case and before I read the will. Charlie did not want to listen to his father´s letter, but he did want his father´s money. The father of Charles I give my 1.949 Buick I also give him my roses. His father give him your home and all your money to someone who is very important to his father, becose this person cannot use the money, a friend will look after the money for him. This father´s money, will go to someone who cannot use it, Mooney explained. Another person will look after the money. Cherles asked what´s the name of the person who is going to get the money. Mooney he said thr will says that tell you. Charles was beginning to get angry. Charlie wanted that money, it was his money. But first he had to know to was looking after it. Next morning, he went to his father ´s bank and talked to a woman there. Five minutes later he had the name and adress that hi needed it his pocket: Dr Walter Bruner of Wallbrook Home, Ohio. They were towards alli. A nurse came out to meet them, the nurse took them into a comfortable waiting-room. Charles he asked to Dr Bruner the name of the person who will get your father´s money. I cannot tell you that. From the window, Charlie could see the old Buick and I look a small man, carrying a bag, moved towards the car. He walked in a strange way, moving from side to side. When they went away, the Dr Bruner said to him to that man who entered inside but he did not listen to him, seguia next to the Buick. At those moments, the Dr Bruner says to him to Charles who that man is his older brother, Raymond. Charles is surprised and he visited the room of Raymond becose is put nervious of its disease and must to go away. Charles takes it to take a walk and speak. It decides to take it one week to it with him. During this week it discusses with Susanna because it does not treat Raymond well and it goes away. Both they spend the day whole together and Charles discovers many faculties on his brother: he has a great mental rapidity to memorizar things and to make calculations. While to be resting in a Motel Charles and Raymond they speak and Charles remembers that the "Rain Man" that to protect it and sang to him is its brother Raymond. Raymond teaches a photo to him to Charles of both and when he is going to bathe to Raymond he gives a crisis him because he remembers that when was small it burned with the hot water and the photo to the water falls to him. Charles takes to Raymond to buy clothes and takes it to a casino of Las Vegas to use the mental rapidity and to make much money. They gain thousands of dolares and Raymond is at night with a girl but she does not appear and she is defrauded because to have learned to dance for her. Susanna accompanies it from return to the room and in the elevator it requests to him that it dances with her, much is glad and she kisses to him. Thanks to all these events Raymond begin to be related to the society and advance positively in their disease. Charles must go to Los Angeles to meet with the Dr Bruner because Charles wants the safekeeping of his brother and speak with a lawyer and Charles explains everything to him what he has happened during the week and the great progress of Raymond but while is decided who will remain with the safekeeping of Raymond this one must remain in the Wallbrook Home. They take leave and Charles promises to Raymond who although cannot go to live with the wrath to visit once every two weeks, Raymond is glad much.

-PERSONAL OPINION EVALUATION: I believe that it is a book that teaches as a person can change because of the news that did not hope. It is a book very entertained and interesting but he has a very intriguing end that does not know as it finishes. It is the only aspect negative that I have found him to this book, the rest, is very good.

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