Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria


Victoria was born the 24 th May 1819 , in Kensington palace.She was the only child of Edward ,duke of Kent, and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Cobourg.

She was crowned in 1837 by William Howley,the Archibosp of Canterbury ,at the age of 18 when her uncle, William IV died.

Three years later , on 10-February-1840, she married her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe Cobourg- Gotha.Together they bore nine childrens ( fouir sons and five daughters) who were to become importants figures in the major monarchialstates of the 20th Century.

She became known as the Grandmother of Europe after marrying her family into every Royal House in Europe.

Still, the Queen's loss of the Prince Consort, on 14-December-1861 by tiphoid feberat Windsor Castle, drobe her into a prolonged mourning and depression .

After Albert's death, Victorias popularity declined .But it steadly increased there after until her death, although not completly,and became one of the most popular and prominent monarch .

The Victorian Era saw numerous innovations in Science , Technology and the Humanities. Great Britain became the most powerful nation in the world in terms of both military and industrial prowess.

Victoria was named Empress of India in 1867 by Disraeli, wich was an event that showed the interest of the Queen and Great Britain in world colonisation,throughout the 19th Century.

In 1887 the Queen's golden jubileewas a grand national celebration.In the month of June , Victoria's 60th year on the trone had come.Her diamondjubilee in 1897 was as extravagant as her golden one in 1887.

Queen Victoria , Widow of Windsor, mother of the English Empire ,died the 22th january 1901 after reigning for 64 years and after a brief illness and a rather long failure of her powers.Her eldest son Edward VII became king. The majority of her subjects had not know a time beter if Queen Victoria had not beiing reigning over them.The idea of losing her became as scarecely as possible thought.

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