Oliver Twist; Charles Dickens


Before Reading

1 Read the story introduction on the first page, and the back cover. Answer Yes or No for each sentence.

  • Oliver Twist's parents are still alive. No

  • Oliver is poor and homeless. Yes

  • Fagin and Bill Sikes are wicked criminals. Yes

  • The Artful Dodger and Charley Bates are honest boys, and are kind to Oliver. Yes

  • Nancy's situation is a difficult and unpleasant one. Yes

  • 2 What do you think is going to happen to the people in this story? Choose the most probable of these ideas.

    Oliver Twist

  • He becomes a hardened criminal like the orders.

  • He persuades his new friends to give up playing their `games'.

  • He makes other friends, who help him lead a good, happy life.

  • Bill Sikes and Fagin

  • They both die in the end.

  • One of them is hanged for his crimes, and the other escapes.

  • One of them kills the other.

  • Nancy

  • She betrays her friends in the end.

  • She is murdered.

  • She finds happiness in the end.


    While Reading

    Read Chapters 1 to 4. Who said this, and to whom? Who or what were they talking about?

  • `Let me see the child, and die.'

  • It was said by Oliver's mother to the nurse, refering to Oliver.

  • `The old story.'

  • The beadle to the nurse refering to Oliver's mother.

  • `I don't like to see them suffer.'

  • Mrs. Mann to the Beadle refering to the children.

  • `Please, sir, I want some more.'

  • Oliver asking for more food.

  • `You see if I'm not right.'

  • The man who always call fool to Oliver.

  • `Why shouldn't I be able to make use of them in my work?'

  • Mr. Bumble to Mr. Sowerberry

  • `Everybody hates me.'

  • Oliver to Mr Bumble talking about his own life.

  • `You'll sleep here, among the coffins!'

  • The undertaker to Oliver refering to where he was going to sleep.

  • She was so bad it was lucky she died.'

  • Noah with Oliver talking about his mother.

  • It's the meat that's caused this, you know.'

  • The Beadle to Mrs. Sowerberry.

  • `We've just taken them all out to wash them, that's all!.'

  • Mrs. Mann to the Beadle refering to the children.

  • `What fine men they were! Loyal to the end.'

  • Fagin refering to his boys

  • `Do you see that old man outside the bookshop? He's the one.'

  • Dodger to Oliver refering to the old gentleman

  • `I'm afraid he's hurt himself.'

  • The old gentleman refering to Oliver.

    Before you read Chapter 5, can you gess the answer to these questions.

  • Will Oliver be sent to prison? No

  • Will the old gentleman try to help him.? Yes

  • Will the Dodger and Charley Bates rescue him? No

  • Will the policeman believe Oliver and let him go? Yes

  • Will Oliver ever return to Fagin's house? Yes

  • Read Chapter 5 to 8. Choose the best question-word for these questions, and then answer them.

  • Why was Mr. Brownlow reluctant to take Oliver to court?

  • Because he was agraid that Oliver was ill.

  • Who was the magistrate in court that day, and what was he like?

  • Mr. Fang, and seemed a desagreable man.

  • Who had seen Mr. Brownlow's handkerchief being stolen?

  • The bookshop owner.

  • Why were Fagin and Bill Sikes worried about Oliver's arrest?

  • Because he can told the police what they are doing.

  • What did Nancy pretend to be at the police station?

  • Oliver's sister.

  • What did Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig desagree about?

  • About the trust of Oliver

  • Who kidnapped Oliver and took him back to Fagin's house?

  • Nancy and Sikes

  • What was Mr. Bumble's reward for his information about Oliver?

  • Five pounds

  • Why did Fagin want Oliver to `do the job' at Chertsey?

  • Because he was the smallest boy

  • Why did the dying nurse in the workhouse tell Mrs. Corney?

  • She stole the gold of Oliver's mother.

  • What did the stranger called Monks want Fagin to do with Oliver?

  • Turn him into an ordinary thief.

  • What happened after Oliver was shot and Sikes pulled him out?

  • They left him in a fielt and ran away.

  • Who did ther servants find on the front doorstep the next day?

  • The boy that they shot last night, Oliver.

    Before you read Chapter 9, can you guess what happens?

  • Oliver is arrested and sent to prison for attempted burglary. No

  • His new life is considerably worse than his past life. No

  • The young lady takes pity on him and befriends him.Yes

  • Read Chapter 9 to 11. Are these questions true or false? Rewrite the false sentences with the correct information.

  • Rose was Mrs Maylie's daughter. False

  • She is her niece.

  • Dr Losberne failed to persuade Mrs Maylie's servants that Oliver was not one of the burglars. False

  • They finally were not sure of what happened.

  • Oliver was unable to prove his honesty to Mr. Brownlow. True

  • Harry Maylie did not want to marry Rose because of here doubtful birth. False

  • She refused him.

  • Fagin met Mr. Bumble in a pub and sold him some information. False

  • It was Monk.

  • Monks threw Agnes' locket into the river. True

  • Nancy listened to two conversations between Fagin and Monks. True

  • Monks had taken money that Rose should have inherited. False

  • The money was from Oliver.

  • Nancy made Rose promise that Bill Sikes would be arrested. False

  • She promise that he never would be arrested.

    Before you read Chapter 12, can you guess the answers to these questions?

  • Will Bill Sikes begin to be suspicious of Nancy? Yes

  • Will Mr. Brownlow find Monks and make him tell the truth? No

  • Will Oliver receive his rightful inheritance? Yes

  • Read Chapters 12 to 14, and answer these questions.

  • How did Fagin persuade Noah and Charlotte to join his gang?

  • He told them that they would meet the right people, and that he will give them a job and a house.

  • Why did Fagin suspect Nancy of having a new lover?

  • Because she was strange at nights.

  • Why did Nancy want to prevent the gang from being punished?

  • Because she was one of them, and she likes them too.

  • How could Monks easily be identied?

  • With his bright red mark on his throat.

  • What was the chain of events that led to Nancy's murdered?

  • She was discovered by Noah.

  • How did Bill Sikes die?

  • He was on the roof of a ruined house at Rotherhithe, trying to escape. He staggered back, slipped and fell over the edge of the roof. As he fell, the rope tightened around his neck with a horrible jerk.

  • What relation was Monks to Oliver?

  • He is his half-brother.

  • What happened to the will that Oliver's father had left?

  • Monk's mother burnst it.

  • Why did Monks want to trap Oliver into a life of crime?

  • To receive all the money.

  • What relation was Rose to Oliver?

  • She is his nepehw.

  • What happened to the money that Monks had inherited?

  • 12- Which memebers of Fagin's gang did not die in prison?

    Noah and Charley Bates.


    After Reading

    1 Which characters are thinking these thoughts, and who or what are they thinking about? Explain what the thoughts tell us about these characters. Then put them in the correct order, as they would occur in the story.

  • `My new friend has been very good to me. I think I'd have died if hunger if he hadn't bought me some food. He says he'll help me find somewhere to live in London. It's lucky I met him.'

  • Oliver thinking about Dodger that helped when he arrived to London. He is a trusting boy.

  • `Could that poor little boy really have stolen my handkerchief? He's got an honest-looking face. And I'm afraid he was hurt in the chase. No, I really don't want him punished.'

  • Brownlow thinking if Oliver was innocent or guilty when they were acusing him of stealing.

  • `That mean old devil treats me like a dog! Why hasn't he been to see me since I've been ill? Next time he comes, he'd better give me some money, or I'll smash his head against the wall!'

  • Sikes refering to Fagin, he is an aggressive man.

  • `Dear Miss Maylie! I simply cannot resist a pretty woman in tears! I'm sure I can shake the servants' belief that this boy was not one of the burglars. A few fierce questions, plenty of beer…'

  • Dr Losberne talking about if Oliver was a thief or not.

  • I've seen some horrible crimes committed, but making that innocent child into a criminal is going too far. I've got to stop Monks and Fagin, but how? Yes! I'll go and find this Rose Maylie now, at once, and warn her…'

  • Nancy refering about what Fagin and Monk was planning to do: convert Oliver into a criminal, she is a good girl.

  • `Poor girl! I pity her so much. How can she live such a life, with that awful gang of robbers? She seemed so frightened of them. Next time I see her, I must persuade her to escape from them.'

  • Rose refering to Nancy, she has a good heart.

  • `She's tired of him. She's been behaving strangely for a while now. Look how desperate she was to go out at eleven tonight. She's found someone to replace him - I'm certain of it.'

  • Fagin thinking about why Nancy wanted to went out one night. He is a very suspicious.

  • `Stupid of me! I should have realized what the old gentleman wanted to hear about that boy. If only I'd told him Oliver was honest and good! I would have another ten pounds then!'

  • Mr. Bumble refering to Mr. Brownlow, when he went to the old man's house to told him Oliver's past. He is a codicious man.

    2 What did Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig say when Oliver did not return from the bookseller? Complete Mr. Brownlow's side conversation.

    MR GRIMWIG: You see, Brownlow? I told you so!

    MR BROWNLOW: Give him some time, don't be impatient!

    MR GRIMWIG: Impatient? We've already waited half an hour. The bookshop's only just round the corner!

    MR BROWNLOW: Maybe he had an accident and he is in the hospital now!

    MR GRIMWIG: I don't think so! You can go to the hospital and ask there, if you like, but you'll be wasting your time!

    MR BROWNLOW: Or maybe someone has kidnapped him!

    MR GRIMWIG: Why would anyone want to kidnap him? No, I'm sorry, my old friend. That boy is just a common thief.

    MR BROWNLOW: He can't be a thief! He will never deceive me like this!

    MR GRIMWIG: He can, and he is. He deceived you very cleverly.

    MR BROWNLOW: But, he was a honest boy! Didn't you see his face?

    MR GRIMWIG: He certainly looked sweet and innocent, I agree. But that's how he tricked you!

    MR BROWNLOW: I still don't believe he was acting all the time.

    MR GRIMWIG: I'm sure of it. At this moment they'll all be sharing out the clothes and money you gave him, and laughting at you!

    3 Here is a newspaper report about the break-up of Fagin's gang. Put the parts of sentences in the right order. Then join them with these linking words to make a paragraph of seven sentences.

    Yesterday police managed to arrest almost all the members of a much-feared gang of robbers, where have stolen large amounts of money and valuables.

    The gang-leader, a man called Fagin, was caught at his home at two o'clock in the afternoon, who is expected to hang for his crimes.

    For years the police have been trying to catch him and his gang, but until now they have not been able to collect enough evidence to convict them.

    Police believe, from information received, that, one of the robbers has now given information about many of the gang's crimes, including the brutal murder of a young woman last Tuesday, which shocked the whole of London.

    However, the murderer was the young woman's lover, a gang member called Bill Sikes.

    Sikes was eventually trapped in a ruined house at Rotherhithe, and he accidentally hanged himself while trying to escape from the crowd pursuing him.

    Other members of the gang were taken to prison to await trial, after being arrested at the Rotherhithe house.

    4 Now choose the best headline to go with the newspaper report.


    5- Perhaps Mrs Maylie wrote to Harry, telling him what Mr. Brownlow had discovered. Complete the letter with the right characters' names, or with one suitable word for other gaps.

    My dear Harry,

    I have some most exciting news to tell you! It concerns the young little boy, Oliver. Our good, kind friend, Oliver, has discovered a lot more about his family. Apparently, Oliver's father did not get on well with his wife, and separate from her. Their son was called Monk. After ten years of separation, Oliver's father fell in love with a sweet girl called Agnes, and gave her a wedding ring and a gold locket as prove of his love. Just before he died, he discovered she was pregnant, and left most of his money to her in his will. Monk's mother found this will and burnt it, so that she destroyed the ring and the locket. Poor Agnes died in the birht, giving birth to a son. It was the beadle, Bumble, who gave him the name of Oliver Twist. I am really happy for little Oliver! Now he will have half his father's will, and will never live in poverty again.

    But we also learnt that poor Agnes had a younger sister, and that sister is Rose! So she is not poor. Her parents were highly rich people, and she no longer needs to be ashamed of her birht. So perhaps, dear Harry, she will give you a different answer now.

    Your loving Mother

    6 Here are Mr. Grimwig and Mr. Brownlow again, at the end of the story. Complete Grimwig's side of the conversation.

    MR. BROWNLOW: Well, Grimwig, you were wrong about young Oliver, weren't you? Come now, admit it!

    MR. GRIMWIG: It's OK! I accept I rush to judge that boy, but when he didn't come back…

    MR. BROWNLOW: But that was because he was kidnapped!

    MR. GRIMWIG: I know, I know! What will you do with him?

    MR. BROWNLOW: I'm going to adopt him as my son.

    MR. GRIMWIG: And will you live all together in your house in London?

    MR. BROWNLOW: No, in the country - close to the Maylies' house.

    MR. GRIMWIG: That's great! I will visit you some day, if I can.

    MR. BROWNLOW: Of course, Grimwig. You'll always be welcome.

    7 Think about or discuss your answers to these questions.

  • Do you think Nancy betrayed her friends? What would you have done? Is it ever right to reveal your friends' secrets to other people, or is loyalty more important than anything else?

  • No, she did what she thought that was better. I think that you sometimes have to ask help to other people.

  • Did Monks deserve half his father's money? Why do you think Mr. Brownlow suggested this course of action? Would it have been better for Oliver to give Monk's share to charity?

  • I think no, because he didn't share it with Oliver before. To be honest. Maybe yes, because Oliver won't need the money any more, he will live a rich live.

  • Noah Claypole was given a free pardon for telling the police about Fagin. Was this right? Or should informers who are criminals be punished?

  • In fact, Noah didn't do any crime, so I think he was innocent.

  • Bill Sikes beat Nancy to death, but was Fagin equally guilty of this murder? Why?

  • In part, because he discovered that Nancy was trying to betray them, but he was planning to convert Oliver into a crimminal, and that was what Nancy told to Rose.

  • Fagin was hanged for his crimes. Is it right for the state to put a convicted criminal to death? Of so, for which crimes?

  • Maybe yes, because he conviced a lot of boys to steal for him.

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