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The story plays in Bankok, a city of Thailand. Hu is a student at internacional school. Hu has a problem with her teacher english becouse he want stay with her all along. Hu do a exam and her teacher say that this exam is bad and he suggest her that Hu has do a extra classes. She don't pay this classes and decide sell her ring. One day the teacher propose Hu of go his home but she don't like.

One day Hu and her friends go to a park where they lose. They was lose very time and finally a lorry driver find them.

John is a frind of Hu and he help her with her problem by Mr Stayer, her teacher english. John notify the porter of school because he take with Hu about the prblem with Mr Stayer, and he so do. Her parents get to know that Hu sold her ring for pay the extra classes, and the problem with the teacher. More later her parents go to take with her teacher, porter of school, director, etc, and finally give the reason to Hu and mother's Hu dparon her.


1-Look at the front cover. Wht city is this? Check opn page 6 and 6. what do you know about this city and countr?

I think that this city is Hong-kong, Tokio, Pekin... one city that satay in Asia continent.

I guess that the city stay in Asia but no is it any city designate previously.

2-What problem do you think Hu has?

I think that Hu has a problem because her teacher accuse her sexually, and she don't want explain her problem anybody.

3-Mach the chapter titles and sentences from each chapter.

Chapter 1: Hu could hear the growing noise of the early morning traffic. It was not yet six o'clock.

Chapter 2: Welcome !Welcome !Happy new year! And welcome to a new year at the Bangkok international Academy…

Chapter 3: Hu made John and Mary promise not to tell anybody else, and then she explained her problems to them.

Chapter 4: You can have the part of Dorothy, said Mrs Patel when it was Hu's turn.

Chapter 5: How could she pay for her extra Englsih lessons? She didn't get a lot of pocket money.


1- True or False

a) Bangkok is very quiet early in the morning. True

b) Hu is not looking forward to going back to school. False

c) Mr Stayer thinks Hu's English isn't good enough. False

-He would stay all along time with Hu, his schoolchild.

d) Hu misses living in China. True

e) Hu is worried about her father. True


Chapter 1

This chapter present the characters and relate their hobbies and studies. Hu go to Bangkok because her father go here for work in his company.

Chapter 2

Hu become her English lessons and she meet new friends of the school as John Truman.

Chapter 3

Hu's father want that she have English lessons but she don't know well. Her teacher English, propose to Hu have extra lessons, but she don't have money for pay this lessons

Chapter 4

Hu is select for have an actuation on a theatre, where she sing. For this, this one chapter say “to be a star”.

Chapter 5: Events

-Hu is worried because don't know how pay the extra English lessons. Her father say her taht she have save money.

-She live in floor in the middle of Bangkok, because her father is a importat businessman.

- Hu intend search work but she don't find.

-Marwa bring books in Hu's house.

Chapter 6: Events

- Hu search the manner of get money and think that if her father pay a travel in china so as to see her family, their help her economically.

Chapter 7:Events

- Hu has stolen a ring and while she stay have class two agents of police take Hu, but all was a dream.

-Hu was sold a ring that giver her aunt. Seize is as Hu got money for pay her extra lessons.

Chapter 8:Events

-Stayer suggest Hu go to his floor, but she don't want.

-Hu's father want pay a travel because she go to study biology.

Chapter 9:Events

- Hu and her friend stay in a park.

- Sean, one friend, do a joke to his friends, he say that break her neck and have a snake aside his.

Chapter 10:Events

-The group lose in the forest.

-They search one road that carry come back to his home.

Chapter 11:Events

-They become search road for leave the forest and finally they find a way and a driver of lorry help their.

Chapter 12:Events

John notify to porter of school because take with Hu about her problem with Teacher English.

Chapter 13:Events

Hu's parents get to know that Hu sell her ring for pay her extra English lessons, and her mother get angry with her.

Chapter 14 and 15:Events

Hu and her parents go to take with Mr Stayer and more teachers and the principal of academy. In the beginning all of them say that the fault is from Hu, but finally see that is Mr Stayer that want maintain relation sexual with Hu.


Narrow: estrecho. Silly: bobo.

Plenty: suficiente. Stole: robar

Tiny: diminuto such: tal.

Loud: en voz alta. Glad: contento.

Dirty: sucio. Path: camino

Crow: cuervo stream: arroyo

Hand: pasar boss: amo

Dear: amado yard: patio.

Wiped: pasar un paño sobre… tears: lágrimas

Edge: borde

Should: deber

Suitcase maleta

Rucksack mochila

Holdall bolsa de viaje

Pack fardo,bulto

To pack hacer las maletas

Fare tarifa,billete

To reserve reservar un asiento o plaza

To book. Hacer una reserva

Booking reserva

Customs officer oficial de aduanas

Customs aduanas

Declare declarar

Goods to declare articulos para declarar

Duty-free libres de impuestos

Visa visado

Boarding pass tarjeta de embarque

Single ticket billete de ida (one way ticket)

Return ticket billete de ida y vuelta

Check-in desk mostrador de facturacion

Departure lounge sala de embarque

Carriage vagon

Compartment compartimiento

Railway via

Platform anden

Porter mozo de maletas

Guard jefe de tren

Ticket collector revisor

Signalman guardavia

Truck camion

Van furgoneta

Wagon carro

Moped vespino

Scater patinete

Rest descansar

Leave permiso

Put one's feet up sentarse a descansar

Until: hasta que…

Alone: a solas.

Essay: ensaño.

Tray: bandeja

Too much: demasiado

Hall: vestibulo.

Mean: término.

Travel :viajar


Travel agent:agente de viajes





Commute :viajar diariamente al lugar de trabajo.

Commuter:persona que viaja diariamente

Passenger :pasajero

Passenger seat asiento para pasajeros

Journey viajar

Explore explorar

Exploration exploracion

Excursion trayecto corto normalmente por placer

Trip trayecto corto por placer o trabajo

Tour viaje organizado por diferentes sitios

Way ruta

Direct indicar

Mileage kilometraje

Map mapa

Foreing extranjero

Abroad en el extranjero

Overseas ,oversaeas clients clientes extranjeros

Guest house casa de huespedes

Motel motel

Bed and breakfast pension

Resort,touristic resort centro turistico

Luggage equipaje

Luggage rack rejilla para el equipaje

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