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Natural enviroment holiday

Estimated client:

In this leaflet we have assembled a series of visits that will help you discover the different types of nature in the world.

We have chosen six places of interest, as well as appropriate accommodation, carefully to attainable prices but supporting always the good quality of these.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to admit that the places chosen show very little of the wide nature world that offers us every selected country.

In these pages we give you also information about the country that you will be visiting and an itinerary with the plans of every day in order that you better east.

  • Itinerary p2-5

  • Site One p6-8

  • Site two p9, 10

  • Site Three p11-13

  • Site Four p14, 15

  • Site Five p16, 17

  • Site Six p17-19


  • DAY 1:

  • Departure: Manchester Intl., Manchester, United Kingdom.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2005, 10:00am

American Airlines

Flight: AA6679OP

  • Arrival: John F. Kennedy Airport

12:55 local

Price: $718.29

  • Arrive and check in to `Ameritania Hotel' 5*

  • Snack in the hotel 14:00-15:00

  • Dinner at `The Pump Energy Food' at 18:00

  • Guided night tour with `AR-COL TRAVEL': `The Rivers' at 20:00

  • DAY 2

  • Breakfast in the hotel at 7:00-8:00

  • Guided tour with `AR-COL TRAVEL': `The City' at 9:00

  • Lunch in the hotel 13:30-14:30

  • Transfer to airport at 15:30

  • Departure: Newark Int'l (EWR), New York.

Thursday, 3rd March 2005, 17:45

Continental Airlines

Flight: CO 1932

  • Arrival: Cancun Airport (CUN)

20:53 local

Price: $346.25

  • Arrive and check in to `Melia Turquesa' Hotel 5*

  • DAY 3

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-8:00.

  • Guided tour to Tulum with `Tulum Xpress' at 8:00.

Price: $40 (transport, tickets and two soft drinks included)

  • Return to Cancun at 14:00

  • Rest of the day free.

  • Dinner in the hotel 18:00-20:00

  • DAY 4

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-8:00.

  • Guided tour to Xcaret at 9:00(full day)

  • Return to hotel at 18:00

  • Dinner in the hotel 18:00-20:00.

  • DAY 5

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-9:00

  • Day free(enjoy the facilities of the hotel and the beautiful beach of Cancun)

  • Dinner in the hotel at 18:00

  • Transfer to airport.

  • Departure: Cancun Airport (CUN), Mexico.

Sunday, 6th March 2005, 20:35

Air Europa

Flight: UX 064

  • Arrival: Barajas (MAD), Spain.

Monday, 7th March 2005, 12:50 local

Price: $1286.14

  • DAY 6

  • Accommodation at `Melia Princesa' Hotel 5*

  • Lunch in the hotel 13:00-14:00

  • Guided tour to `El Escorial' and `Valle De Los Caidos' with `Pullmantur-Spain' at 15:00.

  • DAY 7

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-8:00

  • Panoramic view of the city and guided tour to `Zoo-Aquarium' with `Pullmantur-Spain' at 9:45.

  • Return to hotel from Plaza de Oriente.

  • Transfer to airport at 16:00.

  • Departure: Barajas (MAD), Spain.

Tuesday, 8th March 2005, 18:10

Tunis Air

Flight: TUS 8507

  • Arrival: Monastir Airport (MON), Tunis.

Tuesday, 8th March 2005, 20:15 local

Price: $316.43

  • Accommodation at `Melia El Mouradi Hammamet' Hotel 5*

  • DAY 8

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-9:00.

  • Day free with the possibility of visiting the city.

  • DAY 9

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-8:00.

  • Guided tour to book in the hotel: `Mini Sahara Trip' at 9:00.

  • Journey to Douz.

  • Lunch provided.

  • Camel ridding (optional)

  • Exploration of the oasis from Tozeur.

  • Return to hotel at 6:00.

  • DAY 10

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-9:00

  • Transfer to airport

  • Departure: Carthage Airport (TUN), Tunis.

Friday, 11th March 2005, 13:25

Turkish Airlines

Flight: TKA 1132

  • Scale: Carthage Airport (TUN), Tunis.

Friday, 11th March 2005, 18:00 local.

Turkish Airlines

Flight: TKA 140

  • Arrival: Esenboga (ESB), Ankara.

Tuesday, 11th March 2005, 19:00 local

Turkish Airlines

Price: 366.28

  • Transfer to hotel.

  • DAY 11

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-9:00

  • Free day

  • DAY 12

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-9:00

  • Excursion to `Capadocia' (all day)

  • Return to hotel.

  • DAY 13

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-8:00

  • Transfer to airport at 08:00.

  • Departure: Esemboga (ESB), Ankara.

Monday, 14th March 2005, 09:30

Turkish Airlines

Flight: TUS 8507

  • Arrival: Istanbul (IST), Ataturk.

Monday, 14th March 2005, 10:30 local

Price: 119.60 € 

  • Accommodation at `Gunes Hotel' 4*

  • Guided tour: Turkish Bath (Hamman) at 15:30

  • Return to hotel at 20:00

  • DAY 14

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-8:00

  • Guided Tour: Horse riding in Istanbul at 10:00.

  • Return to Hotel at 14:00

  • Rest of the day free.

  • DAY 15

  • Breakfast in the hotel 7:00-8:00

  • Transfer to airport at 08:30

  • Departure: Istanbul (IST), Ataturk.

Wednesday, 16th March 2005, 10:20

Turkish Airlines

Flight: TK 1995

  • Arrival: Manchester Intl., Manchester, United Kingdom.

Wednesday, 16th March 2005, 12:25 local

Price: 270.92 € 



New York, officially called New York City to distinguish it from the State of New York, is the most populous city of the USA and the second most populous city of North America after Mexico DF.

New York City is located at the north-east coast of the country and it includes the island of Manhattan, the Staten Island, the west side of Long Island, various little islands situated near the port area and The Bronx in the continent.

New York presents a wet continental climate. The city is located at the seaside so the temperature changes are not as drastic as in the inside areas. It snows every winter despite summers being hot and wet. It is warm in spring (10-15 grades Celsius in March)

Opposite to the rest of the States, the public transport in New York is the way to travel in the city. The underground is the most rapid, efficient and comfortable alternative. There are also five bus routes and trains too. There are two different types of taxis; the “medallion taxis”, which are the classical yellow taxis, and the “car services” which have to be previously booked. Taxi's fare start from $2.50 ($3 after 8pm and $3.50 at rush hour)


The Ameritania Hotel, located in Midtown Manhattan, offers first-class service in a modern design. The hotel is located near some of the areas that have the most famous tourist attractions.

The hotel offers high services and magnificent rooms that distinguish it from the best hotels in the world. Each of the spacious and comfortable rooms is decorated with very good taste and is completely prepared to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client. This three star hotel has recently undergone renovations that have maintained the building's classic facade while adding modern, high-tech touches. From the moment those guests step feet in the lobby they will be enveloped by a futuristic feel. Soft lighting and custom designed furniture set the tone for traveller's luxurious stay at the Ameritania. This hotel counts with many facilities, such as a swimming pool and a gym. The restaurant serves a complete buffet. The personalised service and exclusive attention ensure a warm welcoming to the client, as well as a pleasant permanence. The Ameritania is the ideal hotel to experience the Big Apple, for both business travellers and tourists.

Price: $171 (includes breakfast and lunch)

230 West 54th Street

New York, NY, 10019

Booking at: (212)247-5000

Toll Free 1-866-809-9330

Web-site: www.nychotels.com/ameritania.html


"Food that tastes great feels great and makes you look great"

Unlike other restaurants, we specialize in food for the individual customer who cares about ENERGY and PHYSICAL FITNESS and wants to FEEL GREAT and SEE RESULTS from their meals. Never taking shortcuts, we cook our food with love, care, and serenity in a stress-free environment. Our purpose is to offer you a place to eat without worrying about what's added to your food. Our vegetables and meats are always fresh and our salads are always green. After you eat our food you won't get thirsty because we don't add salt, you won't get heartburn because nothing is fried, and you won't get tired because everything has protein, including our desserts. At The Pump you will find lots of clean, healthy food, the kind that we hope will give you the energy you need for everything you do.

112 West 38th Street

New York, NY 10018

Telephone: 212-764-2100

MON-FRI 7:30 am-8:30 pm.

SAT 7:30 am-7 pm.

SUN 11:30 am-5:30 pm.

  • GUIDED TOUR ONE: the rivers

New York is one of the few big cities that offer a big variety of unforgettable panoramic views. In this tour the tourist can appreciate the beauty of the rivers around the island of Manhattan: the river Hudson and the river East.

This tour includes a route through night active areas: Greenwich Village, Soho, Little Italy and Broadway. It also includes a ticket to go into the most famous building, The Empire State.

Length of time: 4 hours

Price: $70

  • GUIDED TOUR TWO: the city

For those who visit the city for the first time or for those who wish to refresh their memories, this tour is essential for basic orientation.

It includes the area of Central Park, Harlem neighbourhood, the 5 Avenue commercial area, Greenwich Village, Soho and its art galleries, boutiques, Chinatown, Wall Street, views to New York bay and statue.

With this tour the tourist will know how to move confidant in this big city.

Length of time: 3-4 hours.

Price: $60

AR-COL Travel Arrangements, Inc.

586 66 Street, West New York

N.J. 07093-5316 - U.S.A.

Telephone: 1-201-854-6333

Telephone from USA: 1-800 852-6335

Fax: 1-201-854-7689

Website: www.arcol.com


Cancun is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, where more than three thousand of years ago, the ancient Maya culture left wonderful relics in the middle of the jungle or at the shore of the shining Turquesa Sea for the posterity.

Cancun, with its heavenly beach, is the entrance to the Maya world.

Cancun has a tropical climate, and the best time of the year to go is spring.

Cancun has got an excellent location to travel to the principal tourist sites.


Melia Turquesa Hotel views the Caribbean Sea.

Live the experience of an “all included” hotel in Cancun, which offers accessible prices without sacrificing the quality. This hotel building is similar to a Maya Temple, in which each floor gets more inside the ocean offering therefore amazing views of white sand and shinny water. The hotel counts with private beach, and suits with Jacuzzis. The Melia Turquesa is well communicated with other areas of Mexico.

It is certainly an unforgettable hotel.

Price: $650.60

Dirección: Boulevard Kukulkan, km. 12

Cancún, Q. Roo 77500 México

Teléfono: (+52) 998 8812500

Fax: 8812501

Website: www.solmelia.com

  • GUIDED TOUR ONE: ecological tourism.

Tulum is located in the State of Quintana Roo in Mexico, 128 km from Cancun. Tulum means “wall” in Maya and received its name at the beginning of the 20th century as it counts with three walls around it. Its name before that was `Zama' what means “dawn”.

The city was built on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea. Thanks to its location, Tulum counts with many activities related with the nature.

Visiting the deep rock-pools located at the south and north, is a unique experience.

Tulum contains the little turtles that are born in the beach, and when they grow up and get stronger they leave the beach and migrate to their habitat. This is a beautiful experience for adults and especially for children. Tulum offers the possibility of observing under control wild and exotic birds and lizards, as well as the lakes in its natural reserve.

Price includes transport, tickets and two soft drinks included)

Price: $40 (transport, tickets and two soft drinks included)

MON-SUN 8:00-19:00

Booking at: http://www.tulum.cc/reservatour.cfm?TourID=24

  • GUIDED TOUR TWO: Xcaret, the ecological area of Cancun.

Xcaret, a beautiful natural paradise, is in the south of Cancun, half the way to Tulum. Xcaret means “little hiding-bay” in Maya.

The park of Xcaret offers the tourist the ancestral sacred cenote (deep rock-pool), where the “Paseo Maya” (Maya route), a five hundred metres walk on a subterranean river admiring amazing millennial caverns full of corals, is initiated.

There are more than twenty activities involving the nature in Xcaret, which will transport the tourist to a real jungle. The plants and flowers in this park are unique. Its botanical garden has got more than one hundred species of plants. The biggest butterfly exhibition in the world with waterfalls and exotic flowers is found in Xcaret and tourists can interact with more than twenty species of exotic butterflies. The aquarium of coral reef exhibits more than five thousand organisms that confirm how rich the coast of Cancun is. The contact with the marine world is so direct that it will make the tourist feel as part of it. The experience of swimming in the rivers of the park is fascinating. As the night comes, Xcaret is full of actors that simulate the Maya edge. The magic of the park will make the tourist feel it is real. The magic of this archaeological park will transport the tourist to mystical world.

Moreover, the tourist can enjoy the blue pool, the small bay, the beach, the archaeological route and the horse-ridding route.

The clouds, the sky, the water and the breeze make this attraction a place the tourist is in direct contact with the nature.

The visitors of the ecological park of Xcaret can enjoy shiny water and white sand of the beach of Cancun. Its nature and indigenous inheritance will make this tour unforgettable.

Price includes meals, transport, tickets and life jacket included.

Price: $111 (meals, transport, tickets and life jacket included)

Booking at: http://www.tulum.cc/reservatour.cfm?TourID=29


It is a difficult task to define the word "urban", a phenomenon of varied aspects and contexts. It is difficult but not impossible to reach the essence of the city, of Madrid, which has all kinds of possibilities for those who want to get to know more about it, about its history, about its culture, about its people and about its streets. The streets are part of the "soul" of the city and they are sometime like an open book which can be read with restraints...

The city grows from the dawn of medieval, Moslem and Christian times with its walls, caves and parapet walks, with its mudejar churches and large districts, where Mayor Street or The Villa Square took shape, to the days of the Austrian dynasty, when the sun did not set in the city either... watching with Texeira how the city is beautified with Mayor Square, Sun Gate or the Retiro Park.

Madrid, in gastronomy as in all areas, draws the peninsula's finest chefs and raw materials to a nucleus of some four million residents and visitors.

In Madrid, you will be able to experience many different gastronomic pleasures: from typical "tapas" (snack) to the most delicious international cuisine, without forgetting the traditional "Madrilenian Stew". You will not have any problems when it comes to finding a restaurant, since there are more than 3,000 in the city, counting coffee houses, bars, taverns, etc., there are more than 15,000 establishments.

If you are not Spanish, it is important that you know meal times, since they differ from most other countries. Breakfast is usually between 8 and 11 a.m., with typical "churros" and "porras" (dough deep-fried in batter). The "tapeo hour", or aperitif, is taken between 1 and 3 p.m. The main meal of the day is taken between 2 and 4, and dinner around 10 or 11 at night.

You need not worry if you are used to eating at other times. Madrid is a city that never sleeps, and this is reflected in the opening hours of our establishments: you can eat whatever you want whenever you like. Eating options in Madrid can be forced into four manageable categories: gourmet, popular, regional and snack.

Madrid is characterised as a city with intensive cultural and artistic activity, as well as a very active night life.


Madrid is the focus point of the arts. A cultural, fascinating city invites you to explore at your leisure. The Meliá Madrid Princesa is waiting for you in the heart of this city, and very close to the commercial centre. Stately and distinguished, this hotel has adapted to modern times maintaining its tradition of excellent service and personalized attention. The hotel is located right in the city centre, in the most classical and elegant district of the Spanish capital. Walking distance from the Plaza de España, Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and the most important monuments & museums, such as the Prado. The International Airport of Barajas (13 km) and the Trade Fair Juan Carlos I are easily accessible vía metro, the nearest stop, Argüelles, is close to the hotel. Other well communicated nearby points of interest are the city of Toledo (60 km.), El Escorial (45 km) and Segovia (78 km).

The Melia Hotel counts with 256 Rooms and Suites equipped with:

  • Air Conditioning.

  • Mini-Bar.

  • Satellite TV.

  • Direct dial phone

Rooms on Club Floor also have:

  • Bathrobe.

  • Trouser presser.

  • Hairdryer.

  • Complimentary cocktail.

  • Express laundry service wih no extra charge.

Hotel facilities:

  • Lifts.

  • Cafetria.

Eight meeting and Banquet halls with capacity upto four hundred delegates.

Melia Princesa Madrid 5*

c/ Princesa 27

Telephone: 91 541 82 00 / 91 541 84 00

Fax: 91 541 19 88

Web-site: www.solmelia.com

  • GUIDED TOUR ONE: `El Escorial' and `Valle de los Caidos'.

Taking advantage of our visit to the “Monasterio del Escorial”, we can make a visit to a grandiose funerary monument built between 1940 and 1956 in memory of the victims of the Civil War of 1936.
A lovely, solitary valley was chosen for its location. It stands in the mountains of “Guadarrama”, in a landscape formed by granite rock and green pines.
It is located some 13 Km north of “El Escorial”, dominating the surrounding landscape.
The site, known before as “Cuelgamuros”, it is denominated the “Valle de los Caídos/ Valley of the Fallen”. It is interesting as much for its surroundings as for the monument's complex that can be admired. It is formed by an imposing stone cross some 150 meters tall and with arms reaching some 46 meters wide.
It rises over a basilica that was carved 250 m into rock by Republican prisoners of war, some dying in the 16 years that it took to build.
Many Spaniards consider it a symbol of the dictatorship and therefore, many tourists have shunned it. Nevertheless, the magnificence of its views and the monument itself make a visit highly recommendable.

Price: $46.63 (visit to `Basilica' included)

  • GUIDED TOUR TWO: Zoo-Aquarium

This tour consists of a route through the city of Madrid viewing the most typical and tourist places such as: `Parque del Oeste' and `Casa de Campo', contemplating an impressive view of the capital; Moreria neighbour hood with its mesons, restaurants and ancient buildings; the Espana, Neptuno, Puerta del Sol, Cibeles and Colon smart squares: the new Madrid with its modern buildings, gardens and big avenues; and the Santiago Bernabeu, one of the biggest football stadiums in Europe. The route ends at the popular `La Plaza de Toros' (the bull fighting square) after seeing `El Parque del Retiro'.

Subsequently, the tourist will have the opportunity to visit one of the biggest and most important zoos in Europe. `Zoo-Aquarium Madrid' presents three thousand species of animals. There is a magnificent dolphinarium where the tourist will be able to enjoy the magic world of dolphins and the seals and sea lions exhibition; and the aquarium which is one of the most modern and important of the continent.

The tourist will also visit the wild bird's area and the gorilla and koala's areas.

Price: $28.61 (Self service lunch and transport included)

Pullmantur Spain

Booking at: incoming@pullmantur.es

  • TUNIS; Hammamet

Tunis is neither very Arab, nor African. It is not European either, even though Tunisians might tell you so. Tunis is highly functional, effective, and clean and is mixing the old and the new, all at the same time, all over. 'Natural enviroment holiday'
Tunis is not a typical tourist site, but tourists going to places like Hammamet and Sousse, often go on day trips to the capital with their tour operators. Whatever the season, your first glimpse of Tunis will be one of golden beaches and a deep blue sea. With over 1200 kilometers of coast this sunny Mediterranean land is a paradise for the vacationer.
Well known seaside resort areas - Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet and Nabeul, Djerba and Tabarka offer their visitors the finest sand beaches and crystalline water along with a dizzying choice of waterfront hotels featuring sun and sea sports as windsurfing and sailing, underwater sightseeing, fishing and short boat rides. No effort is spared to provide the maximum of activities at the hotel and throughout the region.
However an hour drive from these modern resorts will bring you to another Tunis, one of ancient Roman, Arab, and Berber or Phoenician sites. Ask at your hotel for guided tours and information. This hospitable land of colors and contrasts, spices and scents invites you to enjoy its natural beauty, ancient cities, lively festivals and warm friendliness of its people. Hammamet is so much a tourist resort that you can for long hours get a feeling that Tunisia has disappeared, and all that is left are zealous shop keepers. Most of the year, there seems to be more Europeans in Hammamet than in Marseilles. This makes many travellers stay away from Hammamet, especially if they know a bit of the distinct charm that the city had just a few decades ago. But Hammamet is a well-adjusted port to Tunisia for many people. Many tourists go for comfort and fun, and then Hammamet is among the best choices of Tunisia. And if anyone would like to go on excursions, Hammamet is close to many things: Tunis, Kairouan, and many small towns out on the Cap Bon.
In this land of the familiar and the exotic one can watch the sunrise over the Sahara, enjoy a gourmet meal at a seaside resort and top off the evening with a midnight swim in the pool of a modern comfortable hotel.
Whether you prefer a long walk along miles of sparkling beaches, wind surfing the cool Mediterranean breezes, exploring ancient sites and legendary cities a game of golf or just a long lazy day relaxing on the warm golden sands, Tunis has it all.


Excellent hotel, located at the seaside in the new touristy resort at the South of Hammamet and on the main boulevard, close to the Marina, at 4 km away from the city of Hammamet, 80 km from the capital, Tunis, and 10 minutes away from the two golf courses of Yasmine and citrus and five minutes walk from the casino.
It has 299 rooms, 11 suites and 4 apartments, all equipped with balcony or terrace, facing the sea or the garden, bath, separate toilet, hair dryer, satellite TV, safe boxes, air-conditioning and heating. As well as restaurants offering buffet meals for both breakfast and dinner, a la carte restaurant for local and international cuisine, coffee shop and barbecue. There is 24h Room service. This hotel also offers services such as outdoor swimming pools, Children pool, indoor pool, skating ring, thalassic therapy centre, games room, fitness room, shopping gallery, salon bar, Latino bar, Lounge bar, coffee shop, mini-club for children aged 04 to 12 years, Jacuzzi, tennis…conference room and syndicate rooms.

Price: 30.24 EURO

8050 Hammamet ( TUNISIA )
Telephone. (+216) 72 249199
Fax (+216) 72 249601
e-mail: melia.el.mouradi.hammamet@solmelia.com


The journey to Douz crosses a massive salt lake called Chott El Djerid. The road goes straight over the fascinating scenery of flat white salt deposits for about 50km.

Douz is an oasis town where working camels are a common sight. There is not much in the town as such except for a nomad market on Thursdays, a couple of sculptures in the road and a small museum.

The main thing to do in Douz is to hire a camel and go out into the desert. This is well organised in most of the hotels of Hammamet. Tozeur is a good place to explore the surrounding oasis towns from. These oasis towns are some of the most beautiful landscapes in the southwest and the views from the road going over the mountains are stunning. Chebika is a small oasis in a narrow gorge in a beautiful location looking out over a dry plain. The old abandoned village is on the hillside above the gorge and the palms. The road onwards over the mountains provides views of Algeria and the desert. The other attraction here is the cascades outside the town that feed the oasis.

Price: $189.69

  • TURKEY: Ankara

Turkey is a Eurasian sate, which understands the peninsula of Anatolia (Asia Smaller) and a small European part in the Balkans; Its limits are: North with Bulgaria and the Black sea; this with Georgia, Armenian and Iran; South with Iraq, Syrian and the Mediterranean sea, and Western with the Aegean sea and Greece. In the Turkey European, its more important river is the Maritsa. In the Turkey Asian the mountain range of the Taurus they excel and Anti-Taurus, and among the rivers most important figure the Kizil-Irmark. The climate is, in Europe, temperate, smooth and pleasant; but in Asia varies a lot, and is cold in the north of the Anatolia, and very benign in the south. The nature contributes with lunar landscapes as fascinating as those of the Capadocia.


This is a technologically advanced 205-room hotel that offers modern conveniences and business facilities ideal for leisure, business and family travels.
This hotel enjoys easy access to transportation links, commercial establishments and Turkey's famous archaeological and architectural landmarks.

It is ideally located at the city centre in close proximity to the city's major tourist spots such as the Kýzýlay, Anatolian Civilization Museum and the Ankara Castle. It is also close to commercial and shopping areas that guests would find highly convenient.
Surmeli Hotel is 28 km. off the Esenboga Airport, 1 km. off Kýzýlay or 2 km off main shopping centres.

There are 10 Suite rooms featuring separate bedroom and living room plus 195 Standard rooms featuring premium amenities with two separate or one spacious bed.
Rooms are furnished with air-conditioning, safety deposit box, colour cable TV, radio, direct dial phone, wake-up service, iron/ironing board, a mini bar and hair dryer in bathrooms including men's.
Non-smoking guest rooms are also available for guests to appreciate and enjoy.

There is a restaurant, a bar and a cocktail lounge serving sumptuous dishes and snacks for sheer delight of hotel guests.
For leisure, guests can opt to indulge in a massage service, in the sauna or at the solarium. Also at guests' disposal are the boutigues/shops, ladies hairdresser and fully equipped fitness centre. An outdoor swimming pool excellent for refreshing swim after a long day's tour of the city is on hand.
There are medical facilities including a highly essential doctor, a porter/bell hop, laundry service, parking, security, etc.

Price: $45

Prof.Dr. Bulent Tarcan Sk. No. 3,
Istanbul, Turkey

Telephone: 1 800 742 6081


Discover the secrets of this unique landscape, a region known by its curious and unique volcanic landscape that has been carved implacably by the nature. You will explore all the Capadocia's exchequers in one day guided by professionals.

Capadocia is one of the regions or provinces ancient of Anatolia. The name, nowadays, only is in use in the tourism for determining a zone that basically is between three peoples that form a triangle that every side approximately 20 km; Nevsehir, Avanos and Urgüp.

Inside this triangle they can see, the museums outdoors; Goreme, Zelve, the valleys; Avcilar, Guvercinlik, Kizilçukur, Derbent, the villages; Uçhisar, Çavusin, and many more.

Out of this triangle the underground villages are; Derinkuyu, Kaymakli, Ozkonak, Mazi, Tatlarin, the villages; Sinasos, Soganli, Ortahisar, Hacibektas.

The great cannon of Ihlara and Agzikarahan's karavansaray approximately 60 km from distance are to Capadocia's center.

The tufa, or the limestone of 150 meters of thickness, for million years is carved by means of the wind, the rain, the heat and the cold. So the nature gives us a few works of rock with the conical form that the peasants call them as fairies' chimneys.

One of Capadocia's curiosities is the underground cities. The former peoples of the zone to defend the life against the assaults of the enemies constructed tunnels, rooms, kitchens, churches under the land. The visit of an underground city is one of the most interesting experiences.

Capadocia possesses about 150-200 underground cities, one of the most interesting cultural wealth of the zone.

For reservations: yolanda_capdail@silkroadhotels.com

  • ISTANBUL: Ataturk

The former capital of three empires - Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman - today Istanbul combines the preservation of its past with looking forward to its modern future. Standing on the shores of the Bosphorous where the Black Sea meets the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul has endless variety for the visitor in it extensive array of museums, churches, palaces, mosques and markets.

Istanbul ,one of the great historical cities of the world, is the only city in the world located upon two continents with one arm reaching out to Asia and the other arm to Europe. Through the city's heart runs the sea channel called the Bosphorus which reaches north to The Black Sea and south to the Marmara Sea.


Gunes Hotel is located very near to Istanbul airport (11km), this superior 4 star, first class hotel offers comfortable accommodation for both business and leisure travellers. It has a quiet atmosphere and super service that makes your stay very pleasant. The hotel has excellent facilities as well as comfortable guest rooms and public areas.

The hotel offers 130 guestrooms and 5 suits. You can enjoy the Venus and Stadium Pub Restaurants' delicious Turkish and International cuisines. Both restaurants offer live music performance. Your meeting, seminar and banquet facility needs are covered by 2 meeting rooms which both can be separated among themselves and any kind of set up can be arranged according to your demand. Recreational Facilities are available in all aspects like Sauna, Fitness Centre, Beauty Centre and Hair Dresser. The hotel is 10 km from the airport and it takes 20 minutes to the city centre.

Price: 76 euro

Nadide Caddesi, Günay Sokak No: 10
34010 Merter - Ýstanbul / TÜRKÝYE

Phone: +90 (212) 483 3030 (10 hat PBX)
Fax: +90 (212) 483 3045

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  • GUIDED TOUR 1: Turkish Bath (Hamman)

The baths or 'hamams' as they are named are for many aspects of health, not just for external cleanliness. Before Turkey was established as a separate country, the Romans, Byzantines, and nomadic peoples of the region had their own variations of bathing rituals. These traditions combined, creating a different variation of these ancient bathing habits, The Turkish Bath.

The bather enters the dry heat of a sweating area. Afterwards, the bather begins to perspire heavily because of a wet steam. The skin is then washed with soap and warm water and the muscles massaged. After being scoured and washed, the bather's body temperature returns to normal from swimming in cold water. Closely interweaved with everyday life, as well as the Muslim mandates for cleanliness and respect for the varied functions of water, the hamam will probably survive modernity with many other things in Western Asia.

Price per person: 25 USdollars.
1/2 day journey
(lunch included without alcohol beverages)
Through this tour you can see Turkish baths - some are active and some baths have been converted into shopping centres and artisans spaces.

  • GUIDED TOUR 2: Horse riding in Istanbul

Turkey is an ideal place for horseback riding. Love for horses has always been a part of Turkish culture. In the country's history, places like Cappadocia were named the Country of Horse. 

Horseback riding around Daday, Arac, Eflani, Safranbolu, Ulus and Devrek (which are near Kastamonu and Bartin) can be enjoyed along the little pathways surrounded by valleys full of orchids in spring, and large-leafed trees in autumn. 

Apart from this it is possible to go horseback riding in the clubs in the big cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Marmaris, Kemer, Cesme and Karacabey are also suitable for this purpose.

Price: $30

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