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More strange tales; Martin Sinclair

Murder in the house of Commons


Williams a banker dreamed that a man called Spencer was dying murdered by Bellingham in the foyer of the parliament of England.

This it dreamed two times in the same night, and he was very worried. The following day when one came to the parliament it saw as a high man with black coat with golden buttons itwas murdering Spencer, some days later Bellingham was called to declare and said that he killed Spencer because I ignore the letters that he sent when his business in Russia was going badly. The judgment of the judge was that he was dying hung.


Williams: He was a man who was capable of predicting a real murder.

Spencer: He proved asesiando for not noticing to the letters got for Bellingham, he was a first minister.

Bellingham: He was the author of the murder to Spencer and did it due to his great anger when his letters were ignored in that year in which his business was going very badly in Russia.


  • Describe briefly what happened in John Williams dream

  • Spencer a great politician was turning out to be murdered

  • What explanation did Williams wife give him about his dream?

  • She said that he should not worry and that he should sleep.

  • What did williams decide to do about his dream?

  • It to be told to his friends of the work and was thinking it to be going to be told to the proper Spencer.

    4.Why didn´t Perceval´s family want him to go to the House of Commons?

    Because Spencer had dreamed that would kill him on having gone to the parliament.

    5.What did John Bellingham do when Spencer Perceval came into the lobby?

    He was moving along towards him and shot him in the heart.

    6.Why was Bellingham angry with the British government?

    Because they had ignored the letters that he ordered when his business in Russia was going badly.

    7.What was the result of Bellingham´s trial?

    That Bellingham killed Spencer and did not kill the political person of Spencer

    8.What surprised Williams about the painting of the murder?

    He travelled to London and bought a picture of the murder of the prime minister, including the location of the wound and the physical aspects of Perceval and Bellingham, which were equal that in his dreams.

    The ghost soldiers


    Counts the history of Treasurer's house in 1953 tape-worm problems in the outlets and a worker called Harry went down to the basement to try to solve the problem such when it was his surprise that I listen to trumpets of fund increasingly nearby until at the moment a few Roman soldiers appeared astride to which the feet were not seen, Harry hid and when already it ended everything rose to it be telling to his workers which were saying that he was mad.

    Some years later two archeologists went down to studying the surroundings of the house and discovered a causeway under the soil because of it one did not see the feet to the horses. Today it is impossible to know if this fact was a reality or not.


    Harry: He was the worker entrusted to arrange the outlets of the house. I take the great fright to him.

    Archaeologist: They studied the house for the basement and the same thing happened to them they say that they do not know if this case is real or not.


  • What was Harry Martindale doing when he saw the soldiers?

  • He hides behind a corner

    2.What surprised Harry about the soldier´s appearance?

    They were tired and his suits were dirty and were ancient

    3.What was the reaction of the other workers when Harry told them his history?

    They said to her that he went away to resting.

    4.Why were the two archaeologists surprised when they visited the cellar?

    To them the same thing happened to them

    5.Why did the archaeologists dig below the Treasurer´s House?

    To investigate and they found the causeway

    6.What discovery did the archaeologists make under the Treasurer´s House and how did this help them?

    They discovered a Roman causeway that helped them to relate because him the feet were not seen to the horses.

    7.What theory might possibly explain the events in the Treasurer´s House?

    That when certain persons experience strong emotions these emotions remain there absorbed in the place.

    Bodmin Moor


    Richard and Lucy came to his place of vacations when derrepente they thought with an old woman that it was standing up and was looking at them strange, they approached her and it told them the history of which in Cornwall there was a bestia of eyes amrillos and a long tail, which at any time could appear, they went to look for his hotel to rest and when already they were sleeping Lucy went out to the terrace due to the fact that it could not sleep and was with a water glass, derrepente listened to a growl and threw the glass against the shrub and went out traversing the beast, they went down to telling it to him to the receptionist and they he said that it was a beast and a man who was behind them said that it was a great cat. The following day they found the old woman woman crying because the beast had eaten up to a few sheeps, they decided to go to the police station but in the distance they approached the shrub and met the beast that ultimately is not known if it is beast or big cat.


    Richard and Lucy: Couple who goes on holidays, is very easily scared and always they try to know that it was that beast

    John: He is the porter night and he believes that it is a great cat and appears when they all are in the hall.

    Bill: He is the receptionist and believes that it is a beast.

    Ruth Ryan: She is the lady who is in the farm to which the beast eats up his sheeps and the one that tells the history to Richard and Lucy.


    1.Why did Lucy and Richard stop their car near the farmhouse?

    To see the moor.

    2.Describe the Beast of Bodmin Moor

    It is got bright, yellow eyes and long tail. It is growls like a dog, but fire comes out of its mouth.

    3.What happened when Lucy threw her glass at the bushes and how did Lucy react?

    The beast went out running and Lucy got to his very scared room

    4.Bill and John have different opinions about the strange animal. What are they?

    Bill says that it believes that it is a beast and John says that it is a Alien Big Cat(ABC).

    5.What is one possible theory explaining the origin of ABC´s?

    That people used to have them as exotic pets in their homes, but some were abandoned in the countryside when their owners didn´t want them any more.

    6.Why doesn´t Bill believe that the Beast of Bodmin Moor is an ABC?

    Because the government sent experts to investigate if there were ABCs in the area, but they couldn´t prove anything.

    7.Why was Ruth Ryan crying?

    Because the beast had eaten some sheep theirs

    8.Explain briefly what happened when Richard, Lucy and Ruth got near the hotel.

    heard some noises in the bushes and came to see it and it turns out that the beast was then they retreated slowly until you reach the car.


    Resúmen historia1

    In Thornton Heath the family Brown was sleeping when derrepente listened to noises and did not give to him a lot of importance, some days later in Robert's room there appeared a man who wanted to attack and to hurt him.

    The mass media immediately came to the place of the fact, the family Brown a medium contracted to detect if there were spirits and of fact it gave positive and there were spirits but the medium managed to throw it of the house and already nevermore it returned to be delighted.


    Familia Brown: Protagonists of the history and they are those who suffer with the spirit

    Medium: He helps to the family to expel to the spirit of the house.

    Guests: They were put in the room where estab the spirit and they listened to noises and were moving along.

    Resumen historia2

    To divorced mother was living with his 4 children who one night listened to noises rare and the mother said that they were dreaming but one day was not like that to great stall began to moving and when all the toys expelled this family I have asked for help and all the neighbors were and remained impressed by this phenomenon, the police were called and later to to few specialists in supernative things that they managed to speak with the spirit that was turning out to be of to place cemetery but that was living there, is said that the fault had Janet to psicologuists, later the mediums managed to expel to the spirit that also it could ignite and extinguish fires.


    Family: They suffered the whole presence of the spirit

    Police: They helped to the family to be calm and in everything what they could

    Mediums: They managed to expel to the spirit.

    Janet: She had the fault of the presence of the spirit.


    1.Why was the loud noise from the radio a mystery?

    Because probably there was a ghost in the house

    2.Describe the strange events that happened on Christmas Day in 1972.

    Threw a heavy ornament across the room

    3.What did the Browns do to try and get rid of the poltergeists and what was the result?

    To call a medium and managed to expel to the spirit.

    4.What did the medium discover about the spirit?

    That was of a local cemetery

    5.When did the poltergeists leave the Brown house?

    When the medium expelled it closing the eyes.

    6.What happened while the policeman was waiting in the Enfield living room?

    That a box started moving and to giving up toys

    7.What did Playfair and Grosse do to help the Harpers?

    To say to them that they could not be in house

    8.What was strange about Janet´s stay in hospital?

    Contacted a spirit in Janet´s body.

    9.What makes it doubtful that Janet was responsible for the events at Enfield?

    The strange things started happening again.

    Preston Manor


    Andrea and Helen went to visit the house luxury that existed there in England, with nice rooms etc, they were going with a guide and more people, were telling them that they would enter a room different from all , in effect Helen was noticing the presence of someone in this room and he asked the guide to leave him to go away to others to investigate, one thought with a ghost called Lady White that she was turning out to be a nun who had been expelled from his convent for saying lies, then they decided to be call the colonel of the navy who managed to locate to the ghost and could speak with her ,him asked the one who was and said to him that it was a nun and that simply she wanted that they were burying her in a cemetery to rest in peace, because a workman investigate the pipes of the house and he found the skeleton of this woman, they did a session of exorcism to expel to the spirit and then they buried it in a cemetery and I rest like this way in peace.


    Lady white: she was the spirit that alone wanted that they were burying him in a cemetery.

    Helen and Andrea: They investigate to see the one who was this ghost but they do not obtain it.

    Army colonel: He was the most brave and the one that managed to speak with the spirit to reveal because it was there.

    Christiana: She saw a ghost.


    1.How was the northwest bedroom different from the other rooms in Preston Manor?

    Because there the spirit of the nun was.

    2.Why is Preston Manor considered to be haunted?

    Because there is a spirit.

    3.Christiana saw a ghost. Describe the ghost and what happened when Christiana tried to touch her.

    It took a white suit with the sad and pale face and when her intent to play him alone she touched air.

    4.What did the colonel discover about the ghost?

    That she was a nun that only wanted to be buried in a cemetery.

    5.Why did a workman dig up the ground around Preston Manor?

    To revise the pipes of the house.

    6. What did the doctor learn from his examination of the skeleton?

    She was a woman between 47 and 55 years old. These bones might possibly be 400 years old.

    7.Why can the Lady in White now rest in peace?

    Because they buried her in the cemetery.

    An encounter with UFOs


    A child derrepente put to shout that he had seen a light in the sky of Edinburgh, clear made jump the alarm all the neighbors approached to see that he had happened but at the time this light disappeared, in those times it was not known of UFO's existence.

    It Jane, Peter and Mary were going from way to buy when at the time they saw the light in the sky and stopped to observe, and they returned to house to call to UFOs's magazine to count the news, said to them that they should take prismatic to see what was happening, then they worked out extraterrestrial thin, without mouth very rare.

    The people still they do not believe of the existence of these UFOs due to the fact that they did not do photos, but they still have a great fright in the body.


    Mary, Jane, Susan and Peter: They were those who saw the light and followed it up to guessing that they were UFOs.

    The boy: The child shouted when he saw the light in the sky.


    1.Various people saw a strange light in 1787. In their opinion, what was the strange ?

    It is a sign from God, Maybe it is a message from another planet and it might be dangerous.

    2.Where should people go if they want to see UFOs and why?

    In Bonnybridge because there there are those who study the UFOs and they go there.

    3.Why was Peter sure that the strange object was not an aeroplane?

    Because it was giving circular returns.

    4.After they talked to the investigators, what did Mary and Jane do and why?

    They went with binoculars to observe the light.

    5.Why did Jane and the others run back to the car?

    Because the UFOs were coming.

    6. Why don´t Mary and Jane have any proof of their frightening experience?

    Because they did not do photos.

    7.How has the experience affected Mary, Jane and their families?

    They are not able to forget it and they are still afraid.

    Opinión personal de todo el libro

    In my opinion this book is of those that but I have liked in English because they are amusing histories and that I like because I always like that topic of the paranormal thing although it scares me some but good I hope to read but of these although always hill because they are in English but an effort is made to read them and to understand them. Good book.

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