Mary Queen of Scots and the murder of Lord Darnley; Alison Weir



Axe: destral

Better: millor

Cry: plorar

Dirty: brut

Earl: comte

Far: llunyà

Faster: ràpid

Hold: retenir

Ill: malalt

Knife: ganivet

Lie: mentida

Mad: loca

Met: trobar

Pray: resar

Pregnant: embarassada

Send: enviar

Slow: lento

Stole: robar

Teach (taught): ensenyar

Wedding: casament

Wicked: malvado, cruel


A Checking your understanding

Chapters 1 and 2 Are these sentences true or false?

1 Mary has a little dog. T

2 Queen Elizabeth is afraid of Mary. T

3 Bess Curle wrote the story. F

4 Mary says “I killed James's father”. F

5 Mary was a Queen when she was one week old. T

6 Mary married when she was sixteen. F

7 Mary is a Catholic and James is a Protestant. T

8 Most Scottish people are Catholics. F

9 John Knox wanted to marry Mary. T

10 Mary didn't go to Knox's church. T

Chapters 3 and 4 Who said this in the story?

1 Our town countries need to be friends. Elizabeth

  • She wants her lover to be King of Scotland! Mary

  • I'm not interested in work like that. Henry

  • Riccio is in the Queen's rooms every night. Moray's friends

  • Please tell that man to move. Henry

  • He goes out, woman! Lord Ruthven

  • They're going to kill me! Don't - aaaaaargh! David Riccio

  • You never talk to me. Henry

  • You aren't a king - you're a stupid boy! Mary

  • Never! Mary

Chapters 5, 6 and 7 Who in the story…

  • … cried in front of Mary? Henry

  • … waited all the day in her rooms? Mary

  • … rode for five hours in the rain? Mary and her friends

  • … came to help Mary? Lord Bothwell

  • … slept with other women? Henry

  • … was ill in Glasgow? Henry

  • … had something black on his face and hands? One of Bothwell's men

  • … sold horrible stories and pictures of Bothwell? The people in Edinburgh

  • … rode from his army to talk to Mary and Bothwell? Lord Bothwell

  • … died in a prison in Denmark? Bothwell

Chapters 8 and 9 Are these sentences true or false?

  • Moray talked to Elizabeth about Mary. T

  • Mary was in an English prison for forty-five years. F

  • The English Catholics wanted Mary to be Queen of England. T

  • She carried her little dog upstairs. F

  • Mary cried. F

  • Mary had a red petticoat under her black dress. T

  • Mary prayed before she died. F

  • There wasn't much blood. F

B Working with language

Put together these beginnings and ends of sentences.

Mary came back to Scotland when her husband die.

The Scots lords hated Riccio so they killed him.

Mary asked Darnley to help but he didn't like the word.

Mary went away with Bothwell because he had an army.

Darnley's body was in the garden after Kirk o'Field blew up.

Mary went to England to ask Elizabeth for an army.

Elizabeth kept Mary in prison because she couldn't make her mind.

Use these words to join these sentences together.

  • John Knox didn't like Mary because she was a Catholic and a woman.

  • Mary liked Darnley before she married him.

  • Bothwell met Mary outside Edinburgh and he took her to his castle.

  • Mary liked Riccio but Moray and Darnley didn't like him.

  • Darnley was afraid when Mary wasn't with him.

C Activities

1. You are a newspaper reporter. You talk to Mary, Elizabeth, Moray, and Bothwell. Write a story called:

“Who killed Darnley, and why?”

Moray and Elizabeth may is the murderous because they hate Mary and they want to be the kings.

Bothwell may is the murderous because he wanted to marry Mary.

Mary may is the murderous because she didn't love Henry, he kill her friend David Riccio, he don't help to the works and he was a drunk.

2. Imagine you are in Scotland when Bess gives Mary's letter to James. What do they talk about? Write a dialogue and act it out with a partner.

    • It seems like, who Mary were a good lady.

    • Yes, I alright with you.

    • I believe I convert to a Catholic.

    • I don't alright with you in this.

    • Do you believe the story who tell Bess?

    • Yes, but I have a question.

    • What question?

    • Who is the murderousof Darnley?

    • I don't know who is the murderous of Darnley, but everybody look like the murderous.

3. You are talking to the Earl of Moray, Mary's half-brother. Write down your questions, and his answers. Act your dialogue out with a partner.

    • Hello. How are you?

    • Hi! I'm fine, thanks.

    • Why do you stop the marriage with your half-sister with Henry?

    • Because I believe she was a bad boy.

    • I get to the point, do you kill Henry?

    • No, I don't capable of kill nobody.

    • But you hate Henry, no?

    • Yes, I hate Henry but I don't kill he.

    • Thanks, I finish the questions.

    • Not at all.

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