Mary Anne's bad luck; Ann M. Martin

Mary Anne's Bad-Luck

Ann. M. Martin

This story is about a group of girls who are best friends and try to solve a mystery that's almost impossible to find an answer to. But they try their best, and finally a small clue shows them the correct way…

Main characters: -Mary Anne Spier

-Kristy Thomas


It all starts when Mary Anne is going to a meeting of the Baby-Sitter's Club at Claudia's house. But she always loves so much to see if there's something in her mail box that she decides to stop out of her house and see if she has received a magazine, a postcard or anything else. And yes, she got something that day. It is a strange letter without the address of the sender. She is curious but as she is late for her meeting, she run's to Claudia's and forgets about it even though she had the letter in her pocket.

When they were finished with the meeting, Mary Anne told her friends about this letter that was in her mail box that day. They all questioned themselves who could the sender be, but they didn't find an answer to that because it was just a chain letter. But it said, “This is a chain letter that you have to send away to 20 more people if you don't want to have bad luck forever.” Some of the girls started laughing, but some of them thought that that was something to take seriously. After that, they all decided that that wasn't true, and Mary Anne finally threw away the paper.

She should never have thrown away the chain letter - ever since she did, bad things have been happening to everybody in the Baby-sitters Club. Kristy, Claudia, Dawn and the others were very worried about the letter. They have been having terrible days and bad experiences. They blame Mary Anne but then think about it and decide that it's not her fault and that they have to do something for that to stop, so they go to the library and look for wizardry book and spells to stop this bad luck that is chasing them. They find nothing. Nothing that can help them, at least.

The news is worse when Mary Anne receives a letter again, this one written with pieces of letters cut out from magazines. They then call a meeting to discuss this incident and to read the letter. It says “Wear this bad-luck charm, or else…” and attached to the letter there's a strange necklace. Mary Anne is very scared and so are her friends. They tell her to use it or something worse could happen. That's what Mary Anne does, but the problems and bad luck have not finished yet.

Halloween is coming up, and they are very scared that something could happen. The day before Halloween, the Stoneybrook school has a party, and the Baby-Sitters club decides to go and at least have some fun. Mary Anne did not take her necklace and went with her boyfriend, Logan, the envy of two odious girls named Grace and Cokie.

They started dancing happily when Cokie asked her why was she using that stupid bad-luck necklace.

Mary Anne doesn't pay attention to her and continues dancing.

The next day, Mary Anne noticed, horrified, that she had gotten another letter in her mail box. She call her friends and they get together again to see what's the next surprise. At the first moment nobody wants to open the letter… it could be charmed. But they have to do it. The letter is again without a sender and again with the same letters of magazine. This one says “Go to the cementery at 10:00 and you better be there, ALL the Baby-sitters club”. They are very scared but they really have to solve this mystery and they have to be together. They know that their parents wouldn't let them go to the cementery at that time, so they decide that they have to tell them a white lie… that Kristy is going to have a little halloween party in her house only for her friends, and from there, her big brother was going to drive them to the cementery…

Suddenly they organize the information they have about this mystery and realized what Cokie had said in the party… how did she know that it was a bad-luck necklace? They've never told her. They know realize that the letter was sent to Mary Anne, and that they hate her because she is Logan's girlfriend. Everything was pointing out that Cokie and Grace were the senders of these strange letters, so they are going to give them a lesson.

With the help of some spooky costumes, they go to the cementery earlier than Cokie and Grace and prepare everything to scare them! When, eventually, Cokie and Grace arrive, Mary Anne and her friends scare them and make them tell the truth about the letters… and really… they were the senders!

The mystery is solved with a big party in Kristy's house and they don't have to worry anymore about that.


In conclusion I think this is a good book because is a light book and keeps the reader attach to it in every second. You want to read it completely the first time you open it.

According to the story I think that everything was ok. Mary Anne and her friends did what they had to because it was a spooky mystery they had and couldn't just let it go, they had to have an answer.

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