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Something to talk about Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was favor with the nonviolence, one day in 1956 a bomb explode in his house. Fortunately his wife and daughter didn't have any danger, but a group of people in the place take rocks and many more instruments for start a war between blacks and whites but Martin stop them telling: “don't use that weapons, we can't solve this problem by fighting, we have to treat the violence with nonviolence and we have to love our white brothers without thinking about what they do to us”.

He, rapidly, started to make small groups of black people that make an organization called: La Conferencia de Dirigentes Cristianos del Sur (SCLC) y el Comité Coordinador Estudiantil No Violento (SNCC).

One of his dreams was to arrive to East Indies and continue in the steps of Ghandi, that was killed 10 years before.

He started to have many problems, in Albany they accused him because he made many manifestations without a concern, but that time John F. Kennedy declare as favor to him and it was a new

special friendship until Kennedy was killed in 1963.

'Martin Luther King'

John F. Kennedy and Luther King

Precisely in 1963 he made many manifestations, one is the Birmingham, that because of the long time it take the police put a stop violently to it. That manifestation was fighting for the black employees and the process of professionalism for black men.

Kennedy felt seek by looking all that the police was doing. He presented to the Congress a new legislation that talks about the rights of black men, and then Martin started a gigantic manifestation that he called Marcha sobre Washington. It started the 28 of august with more than 250,000.00 people marching from the Union.

That was the time in which Martin was selected for a national manager of moral and this was its words he said:

“ I had a dream, in which my sons and daughters can live in a nation where anyone will be judge because of the color of its skin.

I have the dream that one day the boys and the girls white and blacks will take each other hand and recognized like brothers”

Then Kennedy was killed and he entered to a series of problems that affected a lot to the dream. The 10 of December 1064 he take the Nobel price of Peace at 35 years old. But not all was peace, the director of FBI Edgar Hoover told all the people he was the most notable lire in the world and he considered him his enemy more dangerous of all.

All the people lose control and started to made manifestations with the problem black power.

Martin cannot do anything about respect so he wanted to be the represent ant of all poor people not only for black men and when he was preparing his new march a professional criminal killed him.

He died like he lived. He didn't stop fighting for justice until hi died. He made a great fight that advantage him a lot that no one can do in decades.

'Martin Luther King'

Why I consider he a hero?

He was a man that fight for a very good reason JUSTICE for black men that suffer a lot in that time, he never stopped because of fear and he believed in what he want.

By many moments he suffer a lot, like the dying of Kennedy and the disappointment of his organizations armed, but he never stayed without doing nothing and he had the courage to put face to all that come to him.

Very few people of now have the courage even to do something the want to do or like to do, and King make us to concentrate and never lose hope for the things we really want to realize in life.

For last, he is a hero for me because of his motives for die and his courage to continue on its walk until the road finish.

Do you believe he is a hero?

A hero is

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