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Lesson plan format: A card game

A CARD GAME FOR 8 Y.O. - Lesson plan format

Lesson info:

Time: 30


Age range: 8 Y.O.

Level: medium

Main aims:

To review animals




Supplementary: worksheets

Other aids:

Anticipated problems:



          • Activity/ aids

          • Aim

          • Procedure

          • Interaction

          • Timing

Free practice

Animals cards

To remember animals

After drawing animals on the cards and craft up the dice, they will play in groups of 4, one of them will throw the dice and if they have a card with an animal of that family the will have to put it on the table.

The first who gets rid of all cards will win.

If Joker they can choose the card they want to get rid of it.

S - S

30 min



Cut out the dice and glue it up.

Draw a different animal on each card and write its name, after that cut them out.

Erasmus student - course 2008/2009

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