Lenguaje, Gramática y Filologías

La letra escarlata; Nathaniel Hawthorne

1. Describe the town and people of Salem.

-Salem is a quiet place, where the ships call at the port, and his men had beards and wore sad coloured clothes and tall grey hits. The women were of the country and they wear wide stirts and round, red faces. They were born in England and they were puritans.

2.who is Hester Prynne? Describe her.

Hester is a woman that had sinned and she was tall and perfectly shaped, she had long dark hair, and a beautiful face whith deep blue eyes, She wore a Scarlett Letter A in her bossom

3.What was Hester’s sin and what was her punishment?

She was commited adultery an her punishment was wear a Scarlet Letter A in her Bossom and stay during few hours feeling shame. While thousand of eyes watch her.

4.What does the Scarlet letter refer to?

The scarlet letter refer the letter A of adultery and it had a fantastic power.

5. What is the scaffold platform?

The Scaffold serve to kill the criminals before the eyes of the townspeople, but was also used as a place of shame.

6.Who’s Mr.Dimmesdale?(description, role in the history)

Arthur Dimmesdale was the Hesters’s priest and her secret lover. He had large, sad browm eyes. He seemed shy and sensitive, and his face had a fearful, half frightened look.

7.Hester confiesa su secreto, y el nombre del culpable? Por que?

No. Because she said that her daughter had her father in the heaven.

8.Who’s Roger Chillingworth?(description, occupation, role)?

Chillingworth with Hester’s husband and he was a white man, with small and intelligent looking, she were clothes that showed he had been travelling in wild places.

9.What secret do Hester and Roger keep?

They keep that they were husband and wife.

10.How do Hester and her daughter live?

They lived in a small house just out the town, looking out acroos the sea towards the forest, covered of the west. They had no friends and they were outsiders and Hester won money sewing to the rich people.

11.Describe Pearl.

She was a pretty child, but a child of many woods. She was the child of sin and she had no right to play with other children.

12.Speak about relationship between Roger and Chillingworth.

Dimmesdale health was spoor and Roger Chillingworth was friend and doctor to him.

13.What do the Gobernor and the old priest want to do Hester. Why?

They wanted to take Pearl for him. Because they thought that Pearl was teached bad for Hester.

14.Was Chillinworth a popular person in the town? Does his behavior change throughout the book.

Yes. Because he was a doctor that had many knowledge, and in this century was very hard to find a medical men; but some person thought that he was a froud and a person send by the Devil.

15.What was Dimmesdale secret? How does he feel about?

The secret of Arthur was that he was Pearl’s father. This secret was making feel very badly and had many rumories.

16.What is Roger revenge? Does he succed ?

17.Talk about the conversation between Hester and Dimmesdale in the forest?

They thought about the relation between Roger and Hester, and she asks him to excuse him for not having told him her marriage.

18.Does Pearl like Dimmesdale? Why?

No. Because he wore his , at his heart.

19.Where do Hester and Dimmesdale plan to go? Are they successful?Why?

To England. No, because Chillinworth knew the plan and tought with the slip coptain and wanted to travel with they.

20.What happens at the end of the story?Does Dimmesdale recognize his sen? How?

21.What do Hester and her daughter do at the end of the story?

22.Speak about Pearl’s future.

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