K's first case; L G Alexander




  • - This story is called K's first case. Find the different meanings of case in your dictionary. What kind of story is this? How do you think `K' feels?

  • Caja, cajón, maleta, valija, estuche, vaina, funda, marco, bastidor, cartucho, cápsula, vitrina, encajonar, enfundar, caso, asunto.

    A detective story.

    She feels excited because is a first case.

  • - Find the words in Italics in your dictionary. They are all in the story.

  • a)

    Army ejercito

    Coronel Coronel

    Engineer Ingeniero

    Housekeeper Ama de llaves

    Whisky Whisky

    Which are words for:

    A person

    A group

    A drink







    Carpet carpeta

    Dictaphone Grabadora de voz

    Fingerprint huella dactilar

    Poison Veneno


    • Do you leave on a glass? Fingerprint

    • Can kill you? Poison

    • Do you walk on? Carpet

    • Do you speak into? Dictaphone

  • - Answer these questions:

  • a) How old was the dead man? 55 years old

    b) What is Andrew Cavell's job? Andrew Cavell's job is a boss in Cavell & Company

    c) At what time did Mrs Flack take Sir Michael some coffee on the night of this death? At 9:30 P.M

    d) `We know three things,' a policeman tells K. What three things?

    • Sir Michael didn't die of poison

    • Sir Michael died at 9:25

    • X killed Sir Michael whit something sharp through the heart

  • - Discuss why these are important to the case.

  • a) The whisky glass

    Because this is a clue

    b) Sir Michael shirt

    Spotted of blood

    c) The study door and window

    The door and window are closed

  • - Imagine that you are K. What are you going to do next? Why?

  • I'm in my house whit my family.

  • - Answer these questions. Find the words in Italics in your dictionary.

  • a) Do people always win when they gamble?

    Gamble Apuesta

    No, they didn't win when gamble

    b) What do you put in an ice-tray?

    Ice-tray Cubitera

    I put water an ice-tray

    c) What is the job of an Inspector?

    Inspector Inspector

    The inspectors find proves in a crime scene

    d) How does a jealous person feel?

    Jealous Celoso

    When her husband loves other person

    e) When is your will read to your family?

    Will testamento

    When I died

  • - Answer the questions.

  • a) What did Lady Elizabeth talk to her husband about after dinner?

    She talks whit her husband because she's jealous

    b) Who was in the garden when the murder happened?

    Angela was in the garden

    c) What did Sir Michael do before he worked at Cavell & Company?

    He was in the army

    d) What did Colonel Fawcett do whit the money that he borrowed from Sir Michael?

    He gamble the money

  • -Work whit another student. Act out one of these conversations.

  • a) K and Mrs Flack. (K: Ask what happened this evening.)

    Mrs Flack, What happened this evening?

    b) K and Lady Elizabeth. (K: Ask about Sir Michael women friends.)

    Lady Elizabeth, What did your know about your husband's women friends?

    c) K and Colonel Fawcett. (K: Ask how he knew Sir Michael. Were he and Sir Michael always friendly?)

    Colonel Fawcett, How did you meet Sir Michael?

    d) K and Angela Everett. (K: Ask about her feeling for Sir Michael and her interest in this money.)

    Were you interested at?

  • - Andrew Cavell is Lady Elizabeth's brother. What will K ask him?

  • She asked for his secretary and Mr Cavell.

  • - Which people in the story are described as loyal?

  • Mrs Flack and Mr Fawcett

  • - How exactly did Sir Michael die? Use these words:

  • Bow, icicle, mechanism, string

    Because of a mechanism consisting in a bow with string which threw an icicle

  • -Who is the murderer? Who did he/she really want to kill?

  • The murder is Mrs Flack

    Angela Everett

  • - Discuss these questions:

  • a) Did you guess who the murderer was? Why (not)?

    No, I didn't

    b) Did you guess how Sir Michael was murderer? Why (not)?

    Partly, I knew that the ice was important

    c) What did Sir Michael really think of:

    • Angela Everett?

    He loves Angela

    • Colonel Fawcett?

    He was a player

    • Andrew Cavell?

    They hated each other

  • - Did you enjoy this story? What did you like about it? What didn't you like?

  • I think it's another detective story

  • - Write about your favourite detective story. Why do you like it?

  • I don't like detective stories

  • - Is a big house a good place for a murder story? Why (not)?

  • Yes. Because there's a lot of place.

  • - Is K a good detective? Why (not)?

  • Yes because she has solved the case

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