1.- Who's who in the story? Match each character to three of the notes, and join the information together to make six short paragraphs, one about each person.

Ebenezer Balfour:

6. a small, mean-looking, white-faced old man.

8. only interested in money / tried twice to get David killed.

14. wanted to keep the family house and land for himself.

Captain Hoseason:

3. a large, well-dressed, kind-looking man.

7. a ship's captain / a hard man.

17. agreed to kidnap David and sell him as a slave in America.

Alan Breck:

1. a man with an open, sunburnt face and bright, amused eyes.

11. a brave Highlander / fought for his country in 1975.

13. travelled often to France, carrying gold for other people.

Colin Campbell:

2. a tall, red-haired man.

12. hated by Stewarts / working with the English

15. was shot on the road to Appin by a Highlander.

James Stewart:

4. a Gaelic-speaking man about fifty.

9. a clansman of Alan's / wife and children.

18. did not the Campbells to accuse him of murder.

Mr Rankeillor:

5. a dark, serious-looking man.

10. an honest lawyer / had known David's father.

16. wanted the right person to inherit the house of Shaws.

2.- Here are extracts from seven conversations. Who is speaking and to whom? What is happening in the story at this moment?

1. `What do ye say, Alan, to a game or two of cards? Just to pass the time, while your friend is resting. We could play for a shilling a game, if you like, to make it interesting.'

It said from Cluny to Alan while David was sleeping. Later, when David woke up, Alan told him he had lost his money playing cards, but in this moment Cluny turn David's money.

2. `You see, sir, what we have to do is make him say that he paid the Captain Hoseason to kidnap me. And if several of us are listening, he can't pretend later that he didn't say it!'

David's speaking to Alan. He's explaining his plan. Later he spoke to Torrance and
Mr Rankeillor for go with them as witnesses of that plan.

3. `Do ye like with him, captain. Throw him in the sea, sell him as a slave - it's all the same to me. I never want to see the boy again!'

There was speaking Ebenezer Balfour and Captain Hoseason. There was the scene where they kidnap David in the ship.

4. `Watch out for the lad, will ye? He'll have a silver button to show ye, so ye'll know it's him. He'll have to find his own way to James's house, if he gets this far.'

5. `Just listen, Davie lad. Now ye must try it. It's an old Gaelic song from the West Highlands, this one, yes, that's good. Ye've nearly got it. Try once more.'

6. `And tell him they've taking James away to prison. Me and the bairns are on our own now! And warn there's a price of a hundred pounds on his head and his friend's!'

There was that was telling Mr Rankeillor, I think, with Alan before speak to Mr E.Balfour.

7. `It'll be easy, gentlemen. We'll wait asleep and then we'll jump on him! We'll each need a pistol from the round-house…'

It said from Captain Hoseason to sailors when they planned kill Alan Breck when he was on the ship.

3.- Here are two titles for each chapter. Put the titles into two groups - places and people - and then put the titles in each group in the right order for the story.


From Essedean to Cramond

By the sea to Earraid

A lonely journey to Appin

Escape through the Highlands

Back to the house of ShawsPeople

Meeting Uncle Ebenezer

Who is Alan Breck?

A Campbell is murdered

On the run with Alan Breck

Alan has to leave

4.- There are 20 words (4 letter or longer) from the story in this word search. Find the words (they go from left to right, and from top to bottom), and draw lines through them.





















1. How many of the words from the word search are connected with the sea, in some way or another?

Almost all of them: wade, Gaelic, shellfish, captain, whisky, Highlands, island, ship, boat, coast, sailor, tide and cabin.

7.- What did you think about the characters in this story?

Complete these sentences in your own words.

  • I liked David because in spite of support King George (I think so because he's a Lowlander and I think Lowlanders and English soldiers have some connection so they're the opposite of Highlanders), he helps some Highlanders to fight, and I think he hasn't been dishonest, but a good friend.

  • I did not like Hoseason because he seemed a good person as he treated David on the ship, and later we see it isn't so.

  • I was afraid for David and Alan when they were in the heather escaping of the Campbells.

  • I was sorry for Ransome when he was killed.

  • I was pleased when David gets the house of Shaws.

  • I wanted Colin Campbell to dead because then it would be more interesting.

  • The character I liked best was David, of course, because he's a good person and later suffer he gets he wanted.

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