Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is a devoted, loving scientist with her life she expands her love to all of the sensitive and not so sensitive persons throughout the world. Her cause are "Chimps", her investigation drew her love more intense. She moved to a place in the Jungle to study chimps. She observed their behavior and by interacting them with her and her with them. She analized their social organization and also their fisionomy and concluded the likeness of the species with that of our is the chimps main threat. She lived with chimps and named them she got to see all of one chimps life by her eyes. Jane Goodall determination to help chimps was very strong and she did so yet the killing continues. The capturing of chimps.

Jane Goodall emphasized that the likenes of chimps with that of humans was a curse for them. Their likeness was the reason for the capturing for biomedical research. All fo the human diseases harm in the same way chimps. Aids, cancer, tuberculosis, malaria, etc. Biomedical research is not proper to be done on chimps, it must be done on humans if it is for humans.

I believe that Jane Goodall is one of those persons that eventhough are limited in ammount of help, she is an extensive helper in quality. Her love and devotion grown from this animals, is the effect of the real need for this animal as many others throughout the world to be helped.She grew in me the concern and the care and in a certain way a love towards chimps. The statement which goes "chimps are a bridge for humans and nature", I believe that is only and excuse of researchers to justify the using of chimps with the likeness of humans.

I believe that humans have a compromise with nature and with chimps. Being the most developed animals and the only ones that did we should help and fix the trouble we are causing to all fo this animals. Our development, technology, our differences and our errors are killing ourselves. We are killing everything, we are killing ourselves. Our "prosperous dream" (industrialization) is bringing up our own demise.

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