Isla de Malta



Malta is an independent republic. Is a small important group of island in the centre of Mediterranean Sea?

There are five island (Malta the largest), Gozo, Camino, and uninhabited Comminotto and Fifla.

La Valetta is the capital of Malta

His population is 329.189 habitants, and his extension is 315, 6 km2

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers, warn and sporadically wet autumns, and short, cool winters with adequate rainfall.


The islands ethylic and linguistic composition reflects the heritage of many rules. A European atmosphere predominates as a result of close association patricianly with southern Europe. There are two Roman cathedrals at Madine and La Valetta, and Argelican cathedral at La Valetta.


Economic plant professed to build tripod basics of industry, agriculture and tourism. The influx of tourist and some immigration spurred the building of hotels housing, but there are questions about the islands capacity to cater to an annual total of tourist's grater them the countries population.


With the division of the Roman Empire in AD 375, Malta was given to the eastern portion dominated by Constantinople.

Until the 15th century, it followed the more immediate Grunter of nearly Sicily, being ruled successively by Arabs, Nomand and a succession of feudal lords.

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