The scientific community has reached a strong consensus regarding global climate change. The world is undoubtedly warming. This warming is mostly the result of emmissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from human activities including industrial processes, fosil fuel combustion, and changes in land use, such as deforestation. Continuation of historical tendencies of greenhouse gas emissions will result in additional warming over the 12st century, with current projections of a consequences for the world, because it will also mean a sea-level rise that will droughts and floods and threats to biodiversity.

Addressing climate change is no simple task. To protect ourselves, our economy, and our land from the adverse effects of climate change, we must dramatically reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. To achieve this goal we must fundamentally transform the way we organise our global economy. We need to change from fossil fuel use to more efficient and renewablesources of energy. Such a transformation will require society to engage in a common effort, over the near and long-term, to seek out opportunities and design actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Policy makers must be aware of this danger and goverments should educate the public about the causes and potential consequences of climate change. They should also assist the domestic and international communities in developing practical and effective solutions to this important enviromental challenge.


Drought : lack of rain, aridity.

1.- Based on the ideas of the text, answer the following questions using your own words as far as possible. (25 words maximun each.)(2 points)

  • -what consequences will global warming have for many cities and towns in the canary islands?

  • -What should authorities do about these dangers?

  • 2.- Say whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE according to the text. Copy the evidence from the text. No marks will be given without the evidence.(1point)

  • -Experts agree that the planet's weather is undergoing transformations.

  • - Fighting against this change in the world's weather is quite easy.

  • 3.- Choose ONLY THREE the following words and write a synonym(=), an opposite, a definition or a sentence ( only one of these four) to show that you understand their meaning in the text. Use your own words. ( 1.5 points)

  • -undoubtedly (line2) d) - to seek out ( line17)

  • - adverse ( line14) e) - to be aware of (line 19)

  • -achieve (line16) f) solutions ( line 22)

  • 4.- Write down three grammatically correct and meaning sentences by matching both colums. ONLY THREE of them are correct. (1.5 points)

    The Artic is like being one of the first regions

    Able to cope with a changing climate.

    Scientist believe that the addition of fresh water to the salty oceans

    Not to be affected for global warming.

    If a “climate-friendly” energy policy existed

    Might change global ocean circulation patterns.

    It seems to have escaped us that poor countries will far less

    We would surely be able to reduce gas emissions into the atmosphere.

    5.- Write a composition of about 100 words on ONE of the following topics.(4 points)

  • - What can we do to contribute to a more ecological world?

  • - Natural disasters-

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