Huckleberry Finn; Mark Twain

Summary of Huckleberry Finn

The Huckleberry Finn's story has got five parts:

In the first part Huck explained his history. Huck is a homeless because he likes it and Pop, his father, always drinks a lot. One day, when Huck was with his friend Tom Sawyer they found a lot of money. In this moment they were rich.

Huck gives his money to Judge Thatcher because he keeps his money on a bank and his father doesn't steal to drink. In this moment Huck is going to live with the Widow Douglas.

The Widow Douglas has a sister, Miss Watson. She (Miss Watson) has a slave, Jim. He and Huck are friends. One day Huck leaves the Widow Douglas's house because he prefers to live in the streets, but in the end he comes to live with the Widow Douglas another time.

One day Pop says to Huck that he has to gives he all the money that he has. Huck explained to his father that all the money is in the bank, and he only has a dollar in that moment. Another day Pop goes to talk to Huck another time and he catches him and Pop do that Huck stays with him in a hut in the wood. The hut was very far from the Widow's house.

In the second part Huck explains that his father drinks a lot, hit to him and he decides to escape with a canoe that he found one day. When the people from the town know that Huck was disappeared they decide to look for Huck, but they don't find him.

In this moment Huck watches them and he decides to look round the island, suddenly, he sees fire and somebody that is smoking, he through the trees and see Jim, Miss Watson `s salve. Suddenly it's raining and Huck and Jim find a little wooden house and go in, another day they find a raft.

In the third part the people think that Huck is ha girl for this they don't recognized him but one woman thinks that Huck isn't a girl. When she says that Huck is a boy, Huck and Jim escape.

In the fourth part, Huck and Jim one morning meet to men. These men use Huck and Jim how slaves. Another day one of these men goes to bar begin to find about some money. In this moment Huck escapes and goes to the river. Jim doesn't stay in the river, a men catch Jim because he is a slave.

When Huck find Jim a woman run to him with some children behind her. She is Tom's aunt and she thinks that Huck is Tom.

In the fifth part Huck is happy but suddenly he hears a boat. In this boat Tom is travelling. Huck goes out to run to Tom. Then Huck explains all the history to Tom.

Tom decides to make a plan to free Jim, he tells his plan to Huck. They dig a hole every night under the wall of the Jim's hut.

When they finish the hole they and Jim escape to the river, but a man hurts Tom's leg and Jim and Huck dislike leave his friend. The men carry Tom to the village and they bring Jim, too.

At the end Jim is free because Miss Watson write that she wants Jim to be free before she died, she died two month ago.

Jim explains Huck that Pop is die and that can has his money.

Description of the main characters.

Huckleberry Finn:

Is a boy that he likes to live in the streets and wear old clothes. He is a good friend but is impossible that Huck is quiet.

Pop, his father, was an alcoholic person. Pop hits Huck when he drunk and Huck lives during a little time with Widow Douglas because his father drinks a lot.

He is a very intelligent person and he has a big heart and a big personality.

Tom Sawyer:

He is a very intelligent person, too, and he always thinks great planes for play. He likes to go to school and wear new clothes.

He's Huck's best friend and he always thinks to Huck.

Tom and Huck are a great persons and they like moving a lot.


Is a Miss Watson's slave because he is a black man.

Is a wonderful person because he helps Tom when he has a hurt leg and he doesn't escape.


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