Huckleberry Finn; Mark Twain







    • Countenance: rostro.

    • Vintage: cosecha

    • Evil: malvado.

    • Meantime: entretanto.

    • Drift: ser arrastrado por la corriente.

    • Withdrawn: remoto, tímido.

    • Cheerful: alegre.

    • Amiss: fuera de orden.

    • Unlocked: abierto.

    • Drawer: cajón.

    • Fill up: llenar al tope.

    • Powders: polvo.

    • Abhorrence: aborrecimiento.

    • Leisurely: sin prisa.

    • Chill off: escalofrío.


    • Huckleberry: is a young boy. He's the most important of the history next to Jim who helps him to run away.

    • Miss Watson: big glasses, thin and old.

    • Mr. Finn: (Huck's father) about fifty. His eyes black and black long, messy and oily hair and his beard too. He drinks so much and lots of times he gets drunk.

    • Jim: black man, the slave of Miss Watson, who wants to go free states.

    • Bathwather: the king of France.

    • The duke of France: the fellow of Bathwather.

    • Nat: a black man who feed Jim.

    • Aunt Polly: the aunt of Tom Sawyer.

    • Tom Sawyer: the man who likes the adventures and next to Jim helps Jim to run away. But finally he died.


  • Samuel Langhorne Clemens was known as Mark Twain (1835-1910). He was one of the best American writers. He was born at 30 November 1835 in Florida (Missouri). In 1847 his father was dead and in 1951, he started to make iron printings and publicised notes in the newspaper Hannibal Journal with his brother.

    He also worked in printings of Keokuk, Iowa, New York, Philadelphia and another cities. After that he was a steamboat pilot in Mississippi until that the USA Civil war make impossible his sailing, but in 1861 he went to the Conferred (the South army) army as a volunteer during a short period of time.

    In 1867, he made conferences in New York and visited Europe and Saint Land, he wrote about this journeys in “Los inocentes en el extranjero” (1869). In 1870 Mark get married with Olivia Langdon and after a short period living in Buffalo (New York), they went to live at Hartford (Connecticut). There he wrote grand part of his best works from 1870s until 1880s like “Una vida dura”(1872)” and “Las aventuras de Tom Sawyer” (1876) which describe the infancy in a country next to Mississippi.

    Another important works were “Príncipe y mendigo” (1882), “Vida en el Mississippi” (1883), “Un yanqui en la corte del Rey Arturo” (1889), “Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn” (1884), the consequence of Tom Sawyer, it has been considered the masterpiece by Mark Twain. Between 1890 and 1900 his wife and his two children were dead. The most important works between that period were “Wilson” (1894), and “Recuerdos personales de Juana de Arco” (1896), “El corruptor de Hadleyburg” (1899), “Oración de guerra” (1905) and “El extranjero misterioso”.

    He received “el doctorado Honoris Causa” by Oxford University (England), in 1907, and 21st of April of 1910 he was dead in New York.


  • Huckleberry Finn was living in Mrs Watson's house and he had one year without seeing his father, but one-day he appeared. Then Huck was taken to the woods and he saw that Mr Finn had money, and he took it and went to the city for getting drunk. Sometimes Mr Finn beat to his son, then Huck tries to go away.

    One day Huck took a saw and did a hole in the cabin, then he killed a wild pig and left it bleeding. Huck made that people think that thieves had killed Mr Finn. He decided to go to Jackson's island when he arrived, he met Jim and thought that Huck was killed and when he saw him, Huck told everything to him. They went into a house and found a dead man, took all the things and Huck put on it in the canoe. He looked like a girl with that dress, he saw an old woman, he didn't know her, but she said that Mr Finn was killed and Huck too.

    Also she said that the person who found the murderers would get some money. Finally the old woman found out that Huck Finn was a boy and not a girl. After that he went to the canoe and they left the island because some people were following Jim and Huck.

    When Jim and Huck were sailing down the river, they borrowed some food. Jim wanted to go Free States for being free and then would buy his wife and steal Miss Watson's children. They went along the river and they arrive at the end of Cairo so they had to come back and they decided to go at night. That night they saw two men who said that they were the King and the Duke of Bathwather, but Jim and Huck thought that it was a lie. Next day there was a theatre in that village and the Duke, the King, Jim and Huck were the actors. It was funny but very short. It lasted three nights. The 1st night was full of people but they were angry because it was too short. The 2nd day happened the same and the 3rd they were prepared to throw tomatoes to the actors but before it happened they run away with all the money.

    They went along the river with the canoe, Bathwather said that his brother Mr Peter Wilks has died then he started to cry, so they went to that village, when they arrived they went to the coffin, they opened it and saw Peter in. One day Huck took tall the money of the king Bathwather and put it in the coffin. The next day that room was shut, the king and the duke noticed of that and they woke up Huck and asked if he was in the room.

    Next day he run away with the canoe and when he arrived to the island where Jim was he shouted and Jim run out and they slept there. The next morning Jim there wasn't there, he had gone and Huck decided to go to the village for looking for him.

    When he arrived to the village he found a very big house and a white woman sang out him, she was his Aunt Sally and here there was his Uncle Silas. They said that Tom Sawyer the adventurous will arrive after a short time. After a moment Tom arrived.

    When Tom and Huck were dining Tom saw Jim in a cabin and they went in and helped him to scape.

    Finally they rescued Jim, but the next day they received a letter of an unknown friend which said that some people would go to the cabin and tool out Jim. The same that people went in the cabin and shoot Tom in his neck, then all them were looking for him but it was later, he was dead.



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