Hercules: Serpent's shadow


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CHAPTER 1: Serpent's teeth.

Holix and everybody knew something: there is a serpent's teeth at the rocks on the beach, near the water. When Holix looked at the sea, he thought about the serpent's teeth. Jax and the red-haired sisters, Cire and Sana, cheered he up. There is a boat on the sea, and when Holix looked at the sea, he saw something moved, and the boat was disappear. & Alcmena (the mother of Hercules) talk with her son because he thought about Hera (Hera killed the wife and the children of Hercules). Then Iolaus said to Hercules: “We're going to be judges and choose a queen at the festival!”

CHAPTER 2: The green eyes in the cave.

Titus Perical was the leader of the council (in the city of Themon). He went to the cave behind the rocks on the beach. At the back, there were two big green eyes. Titus talk with something in the cave, and he must do the things it tell him. Then Titus looked for somebody to kill. He found two beautiful young queenly women. & Hercules didn't want to go to Themon, but Iolaus convinced him. When they walked to go to Themon, they stopped to sleep. They heard far-away voices. When they get up, perhaps appeared some men behind them.

CHAPTER 3: Bandits on the road.

There are ten bandits. Iolaus and Hercules fought with nine of them because the leader only cried: “Get them!”, but the bandits weren't very good and they ran away, and the leader soon followed them. & Holix walked down to the beach and he saw Cire. She said: “I don't want to die!”, and she cried. & Jax went into a house. There is a woman sat in the far corner of a dark room. They talked about the ten bandits and Hercules and Iolaus. They wanted finish with them, and they wanted to have a new council leader and Titus det out of Themon. & Cire and Holix talked about the festival, and they said: “Every seven years, one festival queen goes away and she doesn't come back.” Cire is the most beautiful girl, and she's going to die.

CHAPTER 4: The freedom fighters.

Hercules saw Hera and her green eyes in his dreams. Somebody hit them on their heads. When they opened their eyes, they saw some rebels in a big cave. The leader (Rotus) and the other young men are “The Themon Freedom Fighters”. The rebels wanted Venitia win the festival. Hercules and Iolaus ran out of the cave and they escaped.

CHAPTER 5: Titus Perical.

Hercules and Iolaus took two horses and they hit the other horses. & In Themon, they leaved the horses to a young man: Holix. They talked with him.They listened Holix's story. Then they talked with Titus, and he said: “You'll stay at the White Horse Hotel.” When Iolaus went to sleep, Hercules went to the sea and waited on the rocks. & Jocasta Perical talked with her husband and she said: “We must get out of here before Hera kills us.”

CHAPTER 6: Klothon.

Hercules walked into the sea and he waited. Then the water had a “head”, “arms” and “legs”. He was Poseidon (uncle of Hercules). They talked about Hera and Themon's Summer Festival. Klothon was a serpent and it moved in the sea. The festival queens were the breakfast of Klothon. Hera's plan was: when Hercules goes to help the woman, Hera goes to kill him. Hercules wanted kill Klothon, and its weak place was under its head. & Iolaus talked with three beautiful girls at the hotel: Venitia, Bea (a short-haired woman) and Zarel (a green-eyes woman). Zarel went out to the hotel, and Bea followed her. Venitia talked with Iolaus about Zarel (because she killed people) and Klothon.

CHAPTER 7: Holix in danger.

Hercules and Iolaus went to talk with holix and they saw Holix in danger. Nine rebels hit him. Hercules and Iolaus fought with them but Rotus hit Hercules on the head with something hard. When he opened his eyes, he saw Bea and Iolaus with Venitia.

CHAPTER 8: Cire is afraid.

Hercules discovered something: Venitia was Titus's daughter and she must do all the rebels tell her, or they kill her. Hercules and Venitia went back to the hotel, and in his room there is a woman with a knife near Holix (she is Cire). Then she put down the knife, and she talked with Hercules. & Iolaus was attacked by a lot of birds and he fought with them. They ran and he found a cave. Then he ran to tell Hercules. & Rotus killed Jax because he was too friendly with Titus. & Cire's boss and his wife were very angry and they wanted to kill her, but Sana cried her to talked.

CHAPTER 9: Titus tells all.

Titus and Jocasta went to a corner to talk. Hercules followed them, but Titus discovered them. Titus and Jocasta told all to Hercules: “They do all things that Hera tell or she kill them and Venitia.”

CHAPTER 10: The new Summer Queen.

There were somebody in the council building. Hercules and Iolaus went into the building and they fought with Rotus and the rebels. Then the police took the rebels and Hercules and Iolaus went out to choose the Summer Queen (began the Hercules's plan). They choose Cire.Then a man in black on a big white horse took Cire to go to the rocks, but she fell down. Then Hercules thought: “Klothon is waiting. Before the sun comes up tomorrow, one of us will be dead.”

CHAPTER 11: Fight to the finish.

Hercules saw three men take Cire to the rocks. Hercules, Iolaus and Cire were in front of Klothon and they ran to a tree. Cire listened Hercules's plan. Cire ran far of Klothon and came back again, and Hercules and Iolaus jumped on the serpent's ear and pulled. Klothon fell down and it hit on weak place (it dead). Hercules fell and hit his head, and his eyes closed. Iolaus fell on the beach.

CHAPTER 12: Time to go home.

Hercules opened his eyes and saw Poseidon. His uncle said: “Iolaus is a good man. He broke up everything in Hera's cave, and that stopped the wind and rain.” Iolaus was sleeping at the beach and Cire was sleeping under the trees. & All were finish. Everybody were happy. Cire and Holix lived in Perical's house, and Venitia loved Iolaus, but he ran. Hercules and Iolaus went home.



Before you read

  • Look at the picture on the front of the book. What do you think that this story is about? It is an adventure story.

  • 2. Find these words in your dictionary. The words are all in the story.

    Bandit: bandit

    Cave: cova

    Choose: triar

    Council: (consell) ajuntament

    Crown: corona

    Dream: somni

    Festival: festival

    Freedom: llibertat

    God: déu

    Grass: herba, gespa

    Horse: cavall

    Judge: jutge

    Leader: líder, cap

    Queen: reina

    Rebel: rebel

    Rock: roca

    Sword: espasa

    Voice: veu

    a) Which words are in the picture? Bandit, cave, crown, grass, horse, queen, rock,


    b) What are the other words in your language?

    Choose: triar

    Council: (consell) ajuntament

    Dream: somni

    Festival: festival

    Freedom: llibertat

    God: déu

    Judge: jutge

    Leader: líder, cap

    Rebel: rebel

    Voice: veu

    After you read

  • Answer these questions.

  • Holix sees `a serpent's teeth'. What are they?

  • Why is Hercules afraid of Hera? Because Hera killed his wife and children, and he's waiting for Hera to try and kill him again.

  • Why does Cire think that she is going to die? Because she heard: “Every seven years, one festival queen goes away and she doesn't come back”, and she is the most beautiful girl to be the Summer Queen.

  • What do the Themon Freedom Fighters want? They want freedom for the people of Themon, freedom from Councillor Titus Perical.

  • Do you think that Titus is a good leader? No.

  • Why (not)? Because he do the things that something in the cave tell him, and then he looked for somebody to kill.

    CHAPTERS 5-8:

    Before you read

  • Do you think that Hercules and Iolaus will get away from the rebels? Yes, I

  • think.

    What will they do next? They will take two horses of the rebels.

    After you read

  • Who says these words? Who to? What is happening?

  • `I'm in love with a young woman and you're going to kill her.' Holix to Hercules. Holix hit Hercules because he love Cire, but she will be the Summer Queen and she'll die.

  • `We must get out of here before Hera kills us.' Jocasta Perical to Titus Perical, because Hera want kill Hercules, and perhaps she want kill them too.

  • `She knows you'll try to help the woman...she wants you to try and then you'll die.' Poseidon to Hercules. Poseidon tell Hercules Hera's plan.

  • `You're Titus's daughter. Am I right?' Hercules to Venitia. Venitia had Titus's eyes and mouth.

  • What do you know about:

  • Hera? She want kill Hercules. She had green eyes.

  • Poseidon? He's the uncle of Hercules. He's the god of the sea.

  • Holix? He love Cire. He works with the horses.

  • Titus? He's the leader of the council. He's Venitia's father. His wife called Jocasta Perical.

  • CHAPTERS 9-12:

    Before you read

  • How do you think the story will finish? What will happen to:

  • Cire? She will live happy with Holix.

  • Hercules? He will come back with his mother and he have a new life.

  • The serpent? It will die.

  • Titus? He will go to the prison.

  • After you read

  • Answer these questions.

  • Why does Titus follow Hera's plans? Because she will kill his wife and his daughter.

  • Who is the man in black on the white horse? He took the Summer Queen and went to the rocks.

  • Why does Cire run under the serpent's mouth? Because Hercules and Iolaus went to jumped on the serpent's ear.

  • How does the serpent die? The serpent fell down and it hit on weak place.

  • What are these people going to do when the story finishes?

  • Titus and Jocasta: Live in Themon, and Titus be the leader of the council.

  • Holix and Cire: Live in Titus's house.

  • Iolaus and Venitia: Iolaus go home and Venitia live in Themon with her parents.


  • You are Jocasta. Write a letter to Hercules. Thank him for his help. What

  • are you doing now? Tell him.

    Dear Hercules:

    Thank you for your help. Now, all the people of Themon live very good. They

    choose a Summer Queen, and they never think in Klothon, the monster who eat

    for breakfast our festival queen. Cire and Holix are very happy, but Venitia is

    sadly because she don't know anything of Iolaus (she love him). Thank you!


  • Write about the fight between Hercules and Klothon.

  • Cire ran far of Klothon and came back again, and Hercules and Iolaus jumped

    on the serpent's ear and pulled. Hercules and Iolaus were too heavy for the

    serpent. Klothon fell down and a rock cut through the serpent's weak place, and

    it dead.

  • You are Holix. Tell your story in ten sentences.

  • I love Cire. But she will be the Summer Queen, and the serpent eat her for it breakfast. Hercules help us. He is got a plan. Cire, Iolaus and Hercules fight with Klothon, and they win. Cire is very happy, because she doesn't die. Now, Cire and I live in Perical's house. We're very happy. Thanks to Hercules. I remember that all of my life.

  • Who is the serpent's `shadow'? Klothon is the serpent's shadow (It's from Hera).

  • Why is the shadow important to the story? Because you don't know who or what is it until you go reading.


    Weak: feble, delicat, fluix.

    Get away: anar-se'n.

    Look out: fixar-se.

    Far away: molt lluny.

    Goes off: anar-se'n, marxar.

    Move on: continuar (viatjant).

    Go on: continuar.

    Turn round: girar.

    Afraid: témer, no atrevir-se.

    Quickly: de pressa, rapidament.

    Push: empenta.

    Follow: seguir.

    Clever: llest, destre, enginyós, espavilat.

    Darkness: foscor, tenebres.

    Quite: for a, bastant.


    I think the book is good. The vocabulary was not very difficult. It has cost to me to make the summary enough, because I do not control english much, I have become a little of mess.

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