We chose Hawaii because it is an island and it different from the others states. it is beautiful and romantic.

Hawaii: is in the pacific ocean.There are many islands, some are small and some are big. The most important islands are Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe. Its principal cities are Honolulú(capital), Hilo, Kailna, Kaneshe and Waipaku.


The first hawaian crossed the ocean from the polinesia and he invented his own society.

The hawaians had four gods. The religious and socials structures were based on the kapu concept.

James Cook went to kauai in janaury of1778. Cook came to hawaii to pass the winter, but the hawaians didn´t like this and Cook was killed in 1779.

In 1893 Sanfort B.Dole propossed to join hawaii and usa, but the hawaians didn´t accept.

Then they accepted and on august 21of1959 it became state number 50.

Territory and population

It has 28.313km2. the hight of the biggest mountain is 4.205m.

Hawaii has a tropical weather. The normal temperature is 23,9°C.

Hawaii has a population of 1.108.229 persons considering the last time that they counted the people in 1990.

The 33% of the population is white, it is one of the smallest groups.

Other groups are:

247.486 from japan,168.682 from filipinas,138.742 from hawaian origin and 68.804 from china.

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