Gulliver's travels; Jonathan Swift


  • Read chapter 1 to 3. Choose the best question-word for these questions, and then answer them.

  • How / What

      • How did Gulliver arrive in Lilliput?

    After the shipwreck, Gulliver fell into the sea and the wind and the waves pushed him along. Just when he felt he could not swim any longer, his feet touched ground.

      • What was Gulliver first experience of the Lilliputians?

    It was a very strange experience. He was sleeping on the beach when he felt that something was moving along his body. He saw that they were tiny creatures.

      • How did the Lilliputians take Gulliver to their capital?

    They built a wooden platform with wheels. They pulled the platform with Gulliver on it.

      • What did the King's officials find in the Gulliver's pockets?

    They found two pockets knives, a watch, a comb, a wallet with several gold and silver coins, a gun and some bullets.

      • How did the King choose his officials?

    The King made gentlemen and lords dance and jump on a rope fixed thirty centimetres above the ground. Those who could do this without falling down were chosen.

      • What was the strange black thing found on the beach?

    It was Gulliver's hat.

      • What was the difference between the Small-Endians and the Big-Endians?

    Whereas Big-Endians preferred to break eggs at the larger side, Small-Endians believed they had to break them at the smaller side.

      • How did Gulliver help Lilliput in the war with Blefuscu?

    He swam to Blefuscu and tied all their warships with a rope. Then he pulled them to Lilliput.

      • What did the King want Gulliver to do next?

    The King wanted Gulliver to go back to Blefuscu and destroy the island once and for all.

      • How did Gulliver put out the fire in the palace?

    He made water on the palace.

  • Before you read Chapter 4, can you guess the answers to these questions?

      • What punishment does the king decide on for Gulliver?

    He decides to kill him.

      • Do any of Gulliver's friends warn him of the danger?

    Yes, they do.

      • Does Gulliver kill any Lilliputians during his escape?

    He swims to the neighbouring island of Blefuscu.

      • Where does he go next, and what does he take with him?

    He goes to England and he takes some animals with him.

  • Read Chapters 5 and 6. Are these sentences true or false? Rewrite the sentences with the correct information.

      • The sailors landed on Brobdingang to look for gold. F

    They landed on Brobdingang to look for water.

      • Gulliver hid in the corn when the giants appeared. T

      • The giants were about forty metres tall. F

    They were twenty metres tall.

      • The farmer soon realized that Gulliver was an insect. F

    He soon realizes that he was an intelligent being.

      • In the farmer's home Gulliver was attacked by rats. T

      • Glumdalclitch took very good care of Gulliver. T

      • The farmer took Gulliver all over the country to show him the sights. F

    He took him all over the country to show him to other people.

  • Read Chapters 7 and 8, and then answer the questions.

      • Why was the farmer glad to sell Gulliver to the queen?

    He was glad because he had earned a lot of money in spite of Gulliver's being ill.

      • What did the King think Gulliver at first?

    He thought he was a mechanical toy.

      • What did the Queen's dwarf do to Gulliver?

    The dwarf was very rude to Gulliver. Once, he dropped Gulliver into a bowl full of milk. He also caught flies and let them out under Gulliver's nose.

      • Why was it unusual for foreigners to visit Brobdingang?

    It was unusual because the sea around it was rough and there were rocks in the water.

      • Why was Gulliver able to go rowing or sailing?

    He was able to go rowing and sailing because the Queen ordered her workmen to build a big wooden container and a small boat to do some exercise.

      • What was the greatest danger of Gulliver in Brobdingang?

    His greatest danger was a monkey.

      • What did the King want Gulliver to tell him about?

    He wanted Gulliver to explain to him what is country was like.

      • Why did the King refuse Gulliver's offer of gunpowder?

    He refused Gulliver's offer because he did not want to know how to murder people.

  • Before you read Chapter 9, what do you think is going to happen? Circle Y (yes) or N (no) for each of these ideas?

      • Glumdalclitch helps Gulliver to escape. N

      • Gulliver uses gunpowder in order to escape. N

      • A Huge bird or animal takes Gulliver away. Y

  • Read Chapters 10 and 11. Who said this, and who or what were they talking about?

      • The captain of Gulliver's third journey.

    He was talking about Gulliver and the sailors.

      • The Laputans.

    They were talking about meteor.

      • The Laputans.

    They were talking about what will happen if the earth passes through the fire of a falling star.

      • A student at the school of Mathematics.

    He was talking about eating as a way of learning.

      • An official from Lagado.

    He was talking about Glubbdubdrib.

      • The president of Glubbdubdrib.

    He was talking about the spirits of historical characters.

      • Alexander the great.

    He was talking about Brutus.

      • Julius Caesar.

    He was talking about Brutus.

      • A friend Gulliver in Luggnagg.

    He was talking about the Strudlbrugs.

      • Gulliver's fiend from Luggnagg.

    He was talking about the Strudlbrugs.

  • Read Chapter 12, and answer the questions.

      • Why did Gulliver's sailors attack him and leave him on a small island?

    The sailors attacked him because they wanted to take control of the ship and become pirates.

      • Who was in control of this island?

    Superior races of horses were in control of the island.

      • Who were the servants in the country of the Houys?

    A kind of human beings called Yahoos.

      • What did Gulliver eat on the island?

    He ate cakes made of corn and he drank milk.

      • Why did Gulliver have to explain to his Houy master what “lying” was?

    He had to explain to him the meaning of the word “lying” because the Houys never told lies.

      • What did Gulliver's Houy master think about money?

    He thought that money is not necessary because in his country they shared everything.

      • Why was Gulliver so happy in the land of the Houys?

    He was happy because the Houys were intelligent and sensible creatures with whom he could sympathize.

      • Why did the Houys ask Gulliver to leave their country?

    They asked him to leave their country because they considered him a threaten. His identity was not clearly defined. He was not a Houy, but he did not behave as a Yahoo either.

      • How did Gulliver feel about his family when he got home?

    He though that they looked and smelt like Yahoos.

      • What did Gulliver realize five years later?

    After returning from the land of the Houys, Gulliver wrote a book about his experiences with the horses. He though those human beings would change after reading his stories, but he suddenly realized that people continued to lie, steal and kill others.


  • These people talking about Gulliver. Who are they? Choose from the names below. Where Gulliver and what was was happening at the time?

  • Glumdalclitch / the King of Brobdingang / the ship's captain / Gulliver's wife / Flimnap / the King of Lilliput / Redresal.

      • Gulliver's wife.

    Gulliver had just returned from the land of the Houys and he had gone through a traumatic experience. He refused to have contact with his family.

      • The king of Brobdingang

    Gulliver and the King maintained several conversations and the monarch could not believe that wars were so common in Gulliver's country.

      • Flimnap

    He was one of the king's highest officials. He was jealous of Gulliver and suspected that his wife had an affair with him.

      • Glumdalclitch

    She was Gulliver's nurse. She is referring to Gulliver's adventure with the monkey. The animal had taken Gulliver to the palace roof.

      • The ship's captain

    He picked Gulliver from an island where he had spent the night. He could not believe Gulliver's stories of a land where people were only fifteen centimetres tall.

  • Here is a conversation between two of the Houys, who are discussing Gulliver's master. Complete the second Houy's conversation.

      • HOUY 1: What shall we do about the Yahoo-like animal? You know the one who calls himself Gulliver.

    HOUY 2: To speak the true, my dearest friend, I have no idea. But we must get rid of him soon. I am afraid that he will cause us many problems. Does he speak our language?

      • HOUY 1: Oh yes, he speaks it quite well. Sometimes he cannot explain things clearly, but he is very interesting to listen to.

    HOUY 2: Indeed, he learns fast. Where does the Yahoo-like creature live?

      • HOUY 1: In my house, in a separate room well away from the Yahoos. He refuses to eat or sleep with them.

    HOUY 2: Why? I cannot understand his refusal to live with those who are like him. He is a Yahoo after all. Why do you think he behaves like this?

      • HOUY 1: Because his habits are very different from theirs, he says. He keeps telling me he isn't a Yahoo.

    HOUY 2: For heaven's sake! This is certainly the most unbelievable thing I've ever heard. He is a Yahoo because he looks like them.

      • HOUY 1: I know he does, but looks aren't the most important thing, are they? I must say, he is more intelligent than most of Yahoos. But that's the problem, isn't it?

    HOUY 2: My friend, I can infer from your words that he is certainly different from the rest of the Yahoos. This is why he is a threat to us, you see?

      • HOUY 1: Well, he isn't really a Yahoo, but he isn't one of us, either. What shall we do with him?

    HOUY 2: Believe me; he must be expelled from our wonderful land. He will soon become a source of problems.

      • HOUY 1: Back to his own country, you mean? But it sounds a very unpleasant place.

    HOUY 2: I know his country is not an ideal place to live in. Their habits are completely strange. But he will feel better among his equals.

      • HOUY 1: Yes, perhaps you are right. At least, he will be with his own people again. He'll certainly be miserable if he stays here, because he will never really be accepted, will he?

  • Here is a newspaper report of Gulliver's first adventure. Put the parts of the sentences in the correct order, and use these linking words to make a paragraph of four sentences.

  • Mr. Gulliver has just returned from an exciting voyage, which took him to the island of Lilliput, where the people, he says, are only fifteen centimetres tall. At first, these tiny Lilliputians kept Mr. Gulliver in chains, but when they gave him his freedom, he promised not to hurt them in any way. Later, Mr. Gulliver was warned by a friend that he was no longer welcome in the country. After hearing this, Mr. Gulliver escaped from the island and came home, bringing some tiny cows and sheep to prove that his strange stories about Lilliput are true.

  • Complete this next report with words from the story.

  • Mr. Gulliver has once again returned from his exciting voyage. This time, he tells us, he was in Brobdingang, a land of giants, where the people were twenty metres tall. He was attacked by rats which were as big as dogs, and he almost drowned in a bowl of milk! THE King and Queen became so fond of him that he stayed with them at their palace. The greatest danger to him came when a huge monkey picked up and ran up on to the palace roof, at least three hundred metres above the ground! Luckily, he survived another dangerous situation, and has promised his wife he will never go to sea again.

  • Here are some headlines for the two newspaper reports. Which ones go best with each report?



  • Do you agree (A) or disagree (D) with these ideas from the story? Why, or why not?

    • D. Intelligence is a quality which is needed in any society in order to progress.

    • D. Sometimes, human beings need to lie so as to avoid difficult or dangerous situations.

    • A. If people are honest and sensible, they will be able to talk in a civilized way and, therefore, solve a problem.

    • A. Rewarding people's good deeds would be a form of encouraging a good behaviour.

    • D. We would not need to spend so much money on an army if we did not stimulate wars.

    • A. People should be more aware of what is going on in their country.

    • D. These sorts of ideas are exasperating. We must believe in the ability of human beings to progress and solve conflictive situations.

    • D. Human beings are not as disgusting and repulsive as the Yahoos that are depicted in the story. However, there are always exceptions.

  • Which people or creatures in the story would you most like to meet? Which would you least like to meet? Explain why.

  • I would like to meet the Houys because I could learn a lot from their way of life. I would not like to meet a giant from Brobdingang because I would be always afraid that it squashed me.

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