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Grammar lesson plan: Negative in Present Simple


Age: 9 years old.

Level: Medium


10 min.


Teacher will present on the blackboard sentences in positive present and negative present for the students to compare them. Teacher will make them some questions to help them to come up with the pattern.

AIM: To think of the negative pattern in present tenses and let the children come up with the pattern.

SKILL: Writing.

MATERIAL: Notebook

10 min.


Students will have to fill in the gaps using the correct form of the negative auxiliary.

AIM: To assimilate the negative pattern in negative present sentences

SKILL: Reading, writing.

MATERIAL: Worksheet.

10 min.


Students will have to compose present sentences; either negatives or positive following the instructions given in the pictures.

AIM: To be successful in composing negative simple present tenses.

SKILL: Writing, reading.

MATERIAL: The class materials that the can easily find in their school bags.

15 min.


Working in pairs, students will say to their partners 3 things that they like and 3 things that they don't like; the other pair will have to write his/her partner's sentences and check them.

AIM: To produce a negative simple present sentence orally.

SKILL: Speaking, conversational.

MATERIAL: Notebook

15 min.

Anticipating problems:

They will find it difficult to understand that once they use the auxiliary to compose the negative sentences; they won't need the 3rd person “s” along with the main verb.

Teacher will write the following on the blackboard:


I like pets _______________________________________ I don't like pets

You want chocolate _______________________________ You don't want chocolate

He hates swimming _______________________________ He doesn't hate swimming

She wears shoes _________________________________ She doesn't wear shoes

It looks OK ______________________________________ It doesn't look OK

You run fast _____________________________________ You don't run fast

They eat bananas ________________________________ They don't eat bananas

Questions to help students to find the pattern:

What do we add in the negative sentence?

Do we add the same for the 3rd person?

Do we put the “s” for the 3rd person in the negative form?

Who found the pattern?

Controlled practice worksheet

Please fill in the gaps to compose a negative sentence. Use don't or doesn't.

  • I _______________ like football

  • My father _______________ want to clean the dishes

  • My sister _______________ go to school yet

  • You __________________ remember my address

  • They _________________ practice any sport

  • It __________________ rain in summer

  • Controlled practice worksheet

    Write a positive present sentence where you see this picture

    Write a negative present sentence where you see this picture

    I _________________________________________________

    Robert _____________________________________________

    Those children ___________________________________

    Sarah __________________________________________

    It _________________________________________________

    You ___________________________________________

    - Teaching the language - Vocabulary lesson plan


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