Frankestein; Mary Shelley

The narration begins through letters you sent by Robert Walton to its sister Margaret. In these it counts himself like Robert undertakes a great adventure in a trip toward the North Pole. It is a brave man, but in its great business needs a friend.

Having arrived already almost al North Pole its ship remains frozen in the ice, but he does not want to be gone without to have managed to comply his dream. A day, suddenly see a sledge thrown by dogs which transported a gigantic human figure. To following the morning the captain rose on board a man in badly state of health that intended to continue his trip, also in sledge. Some days later, he recovered the sufficient thing to be able to speak; and thus the captain managed to understand as he had been able to arrive to there and reason.

The doctor Frankenstein began to relate it to him al Captain:

“ I Was born in Naples, although I am of Geneva; of good family. It was raised me with a great deal of tenderness, but my mother wanted to have a girl. A day strolling next to a cabin near a lake, where there they were many dark-haired kids and a freckled very beautiful and blond girl. They adopted it. We wanted ourselves a great deal and we called us lovingly prime and cousin.

Always it wanted to learn all as much as was able. With seventeen years my parents considered opportune that went to the university of Ingolstadt to study, but my mother passed away. He delay my departure until in my family he was appeased a little the pain. As for my friend Clerval his father him did not permit to go to the university as him he there was dear.

When I began to study, already there, the first professor that visited said myself that the time that there was employee in studying certain books had been a loss of time, since, according to him, that they were some a lot of lies. Al little time I knew to another of my professors that did that recovered my dreams.

Al little time, I undertook the project to create a human being. I was long locked time, I made thin and become considerably pale. At night went to the cemeteries to collect the materials that needed, will nobody be able to know all the horrors that passed. Al tip of some months, a sinister night, the life began to flourish in that monstrous inert body. Not being able to contemplate that horrible spectacle I left and I went to my room. I managed to get to sleep, not without frightening nightmares, but, in half of the night, appeared there. Prey of the horror escape running al patio and there even the night. Al to wake up, when the goalkeeper opened the iron gate, I left, fleeing of the monster, by the city. I traveled through the streets without barely setting me in trembling nothing and without looking at behind.

Finally I stopped in front of a where even shelter the diligence and there was Clerval. For the first time in many months I felt myself tranquil and happy. But al to recall the last events I fell patient. Clerval was taking care of me. When recovered myself a letter delivered in which my family announced me one more misfortune: my brother William had died. It was believed that had killed it the servant, Justine. I returned to my home, and although my family began to doubt of its innocence I he knew that she had not been the one that had killed it. I had large charges of conscience, but we could not do anything because itself it was not judged. Was hung.

At home a deep sadness reigned, but I could not do anything by consoling them since mine was greater and hopeless, and this become sad a great deal more, above all to Elisabeth, that so much loved me.

In one of my depressions I decided to do an excursion al lake of Chamonix. Al to arrive I rested in the shelter. Al following day I undertook my traveled through by the valley and, by luck, that night also I could rest. In spite of the fact that rained torrentially and the fog I caused I saddled my horse I elevated for the Montanvert. Shouting the God asking them a little happiness, I noticed me that a human figure moved to it far away to a supernatural velocity toward me. Very to my sorrow I result to be the beast that I had created.

It was directed me as if was its God. He convinced me that he listened his prayers, and it carried me to his cabin situated in a slope of the mount. I understood the obligations that a creator has with the to be al that had given life.

This I engender began its story al to arrive. It said me that it had had multiple difficulties in the first period of life, and that little to little it went discovering the senses and being noticed of the middle in which was found and of the refusal of the people by its aspect. It went being hidden of the crowd, and a day discovered a blaze discovering its benefits, its dangers and how doing it. But the food were scarce in that zone and was directed toward a cabin, but the inhabitants al to see him undertook a shooting against him. Al end found a shed in which to be hidden. It gave the coincidence that this considered a hole the which could observe the family that inhabited the house.

Gradually, it went learning the language, customs, the expressions of the feelings, etc. Continued with attention the life of this family and came to want them as if went the its own. Expecting an equal acceptance in turn, decides to be presented al blind grandfather. The man chats with him without no prejudice, but in the instant in which discovers it the intentions to be done its friend this is frightened and at the same time the remainder of its family arrives. The son attacked him and I expel him of the house. He was felt very unhappy. Besides, to the days moved.

Here it saw the great opportunity to be avenged of my, therefore did not doubt in strangling al small. Al to contemplate its corpse, a chain with the portrait of an adorable woman started it. It cheered himself to know that could also cause to suffer.

It remained several hidden weeks in the forest, each day hurt it more the injury, since did not have media to extract the bullet. Its desires of revenge increased each day more.

When the injury healed, undertook again the march, the happiness seemed it a mockery. It passed the nights in the fields, until a day awoke him a kid and thought about abducting it so that taught him, but his hopes were seen broken when the boy insulted him and for his surprise he said him that its father was the Mr. Frankenstein.

Here it saw the great opportunity to be avenged of my, therefore did not doubt in strangling al small. Al to contemplate its corpse, a chain with the portrait of an adorable woman started it. It cheered himself to know that could also cause to suffer.

Crazy, he went to be hidden and tripped for coincidence with a shed. Al to enter discovered a youth sleeping. It become sad enormously to know that she never would dedicate it a smile, so he inclined on her and the chain in one of their pockets he put it (tests by the one that they accused of it the death of the boy).

By this it required me that created a similar woman to him. I denied myself, although of course he was willing to discuss it as much as did lack.

The monster promised me not to permit that never another human being it to return to see, evidently, also I refused this, but al final convinced me.

After those words, went immediately by fear to that I changed of idea. I had to give me hurry to arrive at time al shelter since was getting dark. I arrived al to wake up to Chamonix and immediately I directed myself toward Geneva.

Me did not it consider worthy of the affection of nobody, but if wanted to preserve the life of the ones that loved should consecrate me to my horrible work.

I delayed in Geneva because should plan the horrifying project and thus to be able to comply my promise, fearing its revenge.

During my stay, my family treated always to dissipate the enormous sadness that consumed me. My father, besides, feared that no longer wanted to contract marriage with Elizabeth; I I assured it that loved it and in view of its anxiety so that we married I convinced it that later if there it is visited England would comply its desires.

I undertook my trip next to Clerval during an indefinite time. After it to have traveled through numerous spots of England, I managed to free me of him and to continue trip toward a practically uninhabited island.

I dedicated mornings and nights to my work. My work resulted me increasingly more revolting. Did not it move away of my neighbors by fear to that the monster came before time to demand its companion. Despite all I continued with my promise.

A nightfall tormented I decided not start so revolting task. Al tip of two hours, in which found me contemplating the sea, when I perceived a snap. Suddenly it was presented before me very angry, since had discovered that it had destroyed the project and I assured it that broke the promise.

To this my action, the monster threatened me not to permit that I was happy while the went not it.

Al to return to England I discovered the death of my friend Clerval. Being defendant of his death, al time appeared my father to remove me of the jail. We undertook the road of return and al to arrive I married Elizabeth.

In the night of anniversaries I decided to trust him my darker secrets to my wife, but she was directed before to the room and after an frightening howl I found it myself dead person.

From that moment, I undertook shooting toward the monster and I promised myself to my same one that would not rest to trapping it.

The pursuit was hard since each time that seemed that was al reach of my hand, this managed to escape. And as you can verify has returned to escape. Alone I will be able to die when it reach give.

But Frankenstein in its bed of death causes promises to Walton that will avenge it. Walton returned al stateroom where still remained the corpse of Frankenstein al to hear some noises. For its surprise is found there al fantastic crying over its corpse. It it communicated it repented that was, although Walton it scolded it.

The monster swore to Walton that would not commit more crimes, that prompt would die and to would stop suffering. With this, it was thrown for the window of the cabin.

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