Frankenstein; Mary Shelley


The sailor warned the Capitan because he saw something in the ice. He saw a sledge dived by a huge figure, much bigger than a man. This sledge disappeared but behind his it followed another sledge, this time drive by a man. Also he disappeared. Soon night came, and in the night there was a storm. The sailor was pointing a piece of ice and near him was a broken sledge. This person was Victor Frankenstein.

I was born in Switzerland, in the town of Geneva. I was the only child for five years. After, my mother found a sister for me; Elizabeth. Later my mother had two other sons, Ernest and Williams. Justine came to live in the house to help us. At school I met another fine person. His name was Henry Clerval. I studied very hard, I wanted to know

it everything. When I am fifteen, I added a new idea to the ideas I already had. One day, a storm made see the force me of the electricity. I began to read all the books that I could find about electricity.

It appears the first misfortune in the family, the mother is very ill and she knew that she is going away to die. When she died, Elizabeth did of mother. The time came for me to go to university. I was myself although it passed everything in my family. I went alone. On my first day at the university I met my teacher, Professor Waldman, who was one of the greatest scientists in the world. After the professor's talk I remembered the storm when I was fifteen. I wanted to use the electricity to help people that I love. I didn't go in my home and my letters were very short because I was interested in my work.

I discovered a scientist machine.

In my laboratory I made a body with pieces of human body. I had wanted to make a beautiful man, but the face of the creature was horrible. For a year I had worked to make this creature, but now it looked terrible and frightening. I almost decided to destroy it. But I couldn't.

Two day later a storm was coming. But after a few minuts I saw the creature's body begin to move with the electricity. Before it could touch me, I jumped off the bed and ran downstairs into the garden. I was afraid. Soon I came to the station. One of them ran towards me when he saw me. It was Henry Clerval. Henry said: “ my dear Victor, what is the matter with you?” I puts my hand over my eyes. I pointed wildly across the room and shouted. Henry called a doctor and they put me to the bed. I was very ill for two months. His loving care saved me from death. I wanted to go to visit my family. All my luggage was ready, and I was feeling very happy when the postman arrived with the letters. One of the letters ended my short time of happiness.

The letters was from my father in Geneva. In this letter my father announced to me of the death of William, he was murdered. Also said that I am the only person who can help Elizabeth. Henry helped me to catch the train. The journey was very long. The police had put posts round the place where murderer had strangled William, so I found easily.

The lightning lit the sky, and I saw a huge figure standing the rain. He was the monster and he climbed the mountain easily and disappeared.

At first I decided to tell the police my story but I thought that I am crazy. And I couldn't. I went home to my family and the police had found the murderer. And it was Justine that the police had arrested. Everyone in the family knew that Justine had not murdered William.

The trial didn't go well for Justine. The judge decided that she was the murderer, the punishment was death. So I went to the judge's home and told him about the monster, but he didn't believe me. In the prison Justine was happy because we believed that she had not killed William. I knew my brother had died because of me. I had brought nothing but sadness and misery to my family.

Fear for my family and hate for my monster were with me day and night. I became ill again, and Elizabeth's love couldn't help me. one morning I saw a figure coming towards me faster than any man could go. At first I couldn't speak but at last I said: “you're an evil creature in the world. I shall kill you if I can. “ an the monster's said: “ I am the unhappiest creature, but I shall fight for my life. William and Justine died because you didn't love me.” Later I decided to go with him and listen his story.

After I had left the laboratory, I escaped.

One day snow began to fall. I needed food and a place to get warm. Soon I saw a small hut with an old man. When he saw me, he shouted loudly and ran away as fast as he could. I reached a village. I went into one of the houses. Some of the people ran away but the others shouted and threw stones at me. They wanted to kill me. Later I found an empty hut. So I hid in the hut. Three peoples lived in the house. Day after day I watched the three people. Each night, I realized that the old man was blind. Their life was already hard so I went back to the wild fruit in the woods and I cut firewood for them.

One day I saw my face in the water of the river. It was horrible. The family were always surprise in the morning when they saw what I had done. I heard them talk about the “good creature”. I was happy because I was sure I would soon have three good friends.

One day knocked on the door. The family were all very pleased to see her; Sophie. I was able to learn the meaning of any words that I had not been able to understand before. One day the three young people went for a walk while the old man rested. I went to the door and knocked. I was speaking with the blind person and suddenly I heard the young people returning for their walk. Then the door opened. Their faces were filled with horror. I ran out of the house and later silently to my hut. Nobody saw me.

I sat in my dark hut. The other half of me still loved them. In the end I decided to try to speak to the old man again. The family had left the house during the night. Although I had seen you, Frankenstein, for only a few moments, I knew that I belonged to you. I decided to go to Geneva, to find you. Two months later, I reached Geneva. That evening I hid among some trees outside the town, and I went to sleep. But I woke when a little boy ran into my hiding place. I caught the little boy, but he screamed loudly: “let me go! Or will tell my father, Mr Frankenstein.” “Frankenstein!” I shouted. The child fought and screamed, and I put my hand round his neck to stop him shouting. In a moment, the child lay dead at my feet. I knew that the death of this boy would hurt you, Victor Frankenstein, my creator. Round the child's neck it was a gold chain. I knew that a beautiful woman would never smile at me, and I wanted to run into Geneva and kill as many people as I could. So I put the gold chain into one of her pockets and then I run. I knew the police would think that she had killed the little boy, William. The monster finished telling me his story.

He only request from Frankenstein was that he should create another being: a female to accompany him. If Frankenstein complies, he and his bride will stay away from other people and keep to themselves in the wild. Frankenstein saw some justice in the monster's arguments and also felt that he has a duty towards his fellow-man, so he agreed to the monster's request. Victor left for England to finish his work accompanied by his friend Clerval, promising to marry Elizabeth on his return. When the work on his second creation was advanced, he started to question his promise. He was afraid that they might hate each other, or that they might produce a whole race of these creatures. When the monster visits to check on the progress, Frankenstein destroyed his work. The monster swore revenge and promised to be with him on his wedding night. The following day a body was found and Frankenstein was accused of murder. He was taken to the body which he identified as Henry Clerval. He was eventually cleared of all charges and returned to Geneva in a very bad condition. Frankenstein married Elizabeth after promising her to tell her his horrifying secret the following day. Remembering the monster's threat, Frankenstein was convinced that he would be killed that night. The monster, however, kills Elizabeth instead. Frankenstein lost another family member as his father died after hearing the news about Elizabeth's death. Frankenstein had now lost every sensation except for revenge. He followed the monster everywhere which eventually led him to the Arctic region, where he was taken aboard Walton's ship.

After telling Walton his story, Victor asks him to kill the monster if he dies before he can do it himself. The ship has in the mean time been freed from the ice and pressured by his crew, Walton has decided to abandon his trip and return home. Victor's health eventually deteriorates and he dies. Just after his death, Walton finds the monster hanging over Victor's body. The monster speaks of his sufferings. Because of all the murders he has committed, he now hates himself. Since his creator is dead, he decides it is time that he too will rest in death. After stating that he will build a funeral pile for himself, he leaves the ship and disappears on his ice-raft in the darkness.

Vocabulary Frankenstein:



The sailor

El mariner






De sobte



























Chain gold

Cadena d'or





To arrive…

Arribar a…









Look forward

Esperar amb ganes

Would go




For a while

Per un temps/moment





Ran away




















A crowed of people

Que hi ha molta gent



She looked forward to

Esperar alguna cosa amb candeles

To hold



Replà de les escales





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