Formación del presente simple

Simple Present:

There are only two basic forms for the simple present tense; one ends with -s and the other is Do or Does

Pronoun Personal Verb Form

I Simple form

You Simple form

He Simple form + S

She 3rd Person Simple form + S (s,ch,sh,x,o)=ES

It Simple form + S

We Simple form

They Simple form



Max goes to the school every day.

Carlos wears jeans red every week.

Ariday kisses her boyfriend every day

My friend washes the uniform every week

They sing very nice.


Max doesn´t go to the school every day.

Carlos doesn´t wear jeans red every week

Ariday doesn´t kiss her boyfriend everyday

My friend doesn´t wash the uniform every week

They don´t sing very nice

Interrogative DO=(I,You,We,They) DOES= (He, She, It)

Does Max go to the school every day?

Does Carlos wear jeans red every week?

Does Ariday kiss her boyfriend every day?

Does my friend wash the uniform every week?

Do they sing very nice?

Tag Question (Only verb to be)

Max is very intelligent, isn´t He?

Pablo is very relax, isn´t He?

Ariday is beautiful, isn´t She?

Madonna is the best, isn´t She?

They are soccer team, aren´t They?


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