Estilo indirecto


Escribrir las siguientes frases en estilo indirecto:

Don¨t smoke in my office, please. The boss said

Please help yourself to food and drink, the hostess said

Keep quiet!! The nurse said to the visitors

Take the children home!! She said to the driver

Give me yours papers!! The policeman instructed me

Don,t forget to phone me!! The father said to his son

Stand up straight!! The teacher said to the pupil

Come over for supper next Friday!! My neighbour said

Don, t makes a noise!!

The librarian said to the readers

I would like to visit my parents, Linda said to David

Our teacher said, try and read this text

You shouldn't eat in the living-room, the mother told her son

Their car might have broken down, my husband told me

I have to do my homework now, penny said to her friend

The Christmas holidays will start in December 23rd, my father remarked

The cabinet will have to make the new laws, the politician argued

We can save a lot of trees by recycling paper, the ecologist argue

Be sure that everything ready on time, I said to the children

Romo used to be a member or parliament, Ana said

Do you understand me?

The teacher asked us…

Will it rain tomorrow?

He knows…

Is he sleeping?

Mother asked…

Does your dog know its way home?

She wanted to know…

Have you been ill?

My friend wondered…

How are you going to play?

The cashier asked me…

When will my car be ready?

Mr Green wanted to know…

Who is your favourite actor?

She asked me…

How about playing a game of tennis? Shelia said

Could you please phone the bank? Dan asked Ana

Let's order hamburgers instead of Indian food, martin said

Would you like to stay for supper? We asked our son's girlfriend

Please, let's not quarrel any more, she begged

Let's go over to David, s house, mike suggested

Let, s not jump to any conclusion, Dennis said

Dad, don't forget to post the letter, Jodi said

Type the letter soon, please, the manager said

Will you let me take the car tonight? Jean asked her father

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