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Human Existence


The following essay will have the purpose of giving to know the great necessity that the human beings have to socialize, share with other of their species, abandoning the loneliness of themselves, exploring the divergences that the social relationships have and the rules or norms established by the same society.

In the short story 'Nine lives' written by the author Ursula Kroeber Le Guin, is a science fiction story where she describes that situation of solitude, the need of sharing and the restlessness arose by the clonation of human beings. Besides, in this essay will be criticize the theme of humaneness and how is it seen to social level. Likewise, the role of language in the development of the story and how all of these factors can help to exemplify universality.

Human Existence

The human existence is constituted by the human being, and those individuals are endowed of faculty of reasoning, they have consciousness of themselves, of their partners, their past and all the possibilities of their future. In turn, these representing of the human existence have an extensive necessity of surviving between their partners; since, if they are alone, they cannot survive because it is difficult.

Lozano (1995) claims that:

“The influence of society in the man occurs because the man only can live

in groups with determined institutions and all of them make conditional

him because they establish rules and norms to follow”. (p. 46)

According to the text 'Nine lives', the author Ursula K. Le Guin mentions in one of her lines the following sentence: “He doesn't know how you go it alone. He must learn. Give him time”.

Additionally, it is possible to say that the individual has the necessity to communicate with the other in all the process of his life. (Reproductive, religious, loving, etc). All the members of a society might not negate an amount of conflicts. It is a done that the individuals have the capacity of dividing to themselves and feeling any part of themselves and also, they have a fight by determining their ways of acting in front of situations that require of their attentions, and in the measure that they feel like social beings. The conflict between society and individual continue in the same individual as a fight between all the parts of his character. Society pretends to be everything and be only one unit, in order that all its individuals are only one member, they must put all their forces in the social function that have practiced, they have to transform until they have charged entirely in the most appropriate carrier of its social function.

Lozano (1995) states that:

“In this sense the most important role of the man in society, is eminent

transforming, revolutionary; in the meantime, he creates rules, values,

norms and even new groups and social institutions”. (p. 46)

On the other hand, based in the condition of the man, it is possible to say that human beings are physically weak by nature, and they only group with other of their same species will get to survive. The humaneness that is represented by the human beings in such social group, it is the major tendency with a real solidarity, it is the major base of society and owning of an elemental and just conscience of identity.

The experience of being separated means to be alone without any possibility to use human powers. The need of the man or individual is to overcome his state of separation. To abandon his solitude by means of the socialization with other individuals in a process in which they accept the norms of behavior and adapt to them. Of course, this doesn't imply that the individuals abandon of being like they are. The human being is considered a social person since he starts to exist, but, during his life acquire continuous changes and adaptations. Every individual possesses an unique serie from certain genetical characteristics and every one proceeds in a serie of vital experiences. The differences between the individuals can explain by the interaction between the biological capacity of every person and his exigencies with the environment that surrounds him.

In the text ' Nine Lives' demonstrates many important factors to the reader; one of these factors is the use of language. That use of language is very important in any story because it permits to identify valuable aspects to the reader and, in turn, to contribute with the reasons that the writer has had to criticize, argue or express certain situations with the use of real expressions. In the case of the text 'Nine Lives', the author Ursula Kroeber Le Guin uses language of a simple way even though a little descriptive, in order to permit to the reader to understand of a clear manner the context in which the story is developed. Clearly, is possible to demonstrate the use of certain figures of speech; for instance the use of metaphor and personifications. Some examples metaphorically written are presented here: “She was alive inside, but dead outside, her face a black and dun net of wrinkles, tumors, cracks”.

“This one was of the whole face of Libra, the cancerous face”.

Besides, there are some references in the text in order that the reader can relate the given theme with real characters and situations and they can be easy to understand, for instance:

“Nijinsky and Nuneyev”.

“John Kaph Chow”.





“The United Kingdom”.

Finally, everything that was mentioned in the development of this essay can be related to any situation to general level. In any part of the world can present a conflict between the individual and society, presenting a situation of wanting to live in company of his partners and trying to accept the norms or social rules and values established by society. On the other hand, the concept of humaneness is very extensive to talk because it has caused controversy when people mentions the point about the necessity that the individuals have to establish relationships through reaching out to the other in love; for example:

“… never to be pain alone. Love your neighbor as you love yourself”.

Besides, there is a social message on loneliness, alienation and aspects of identity: loneliness of the self, the impossibility of understanding the self except through its relationship to the other, clonation; all of these aspects are considered as general situations and while they are discussed around the world increasing their public interest. All the points are very important to the reader because they permit to him to inform, know all the technological advances and the social changes that they can generate; and that the reader can participate in an easy and logical way in such aspects to help to improve the conditions in which they live in present days.


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Many factors have taken place in society in order to improve or to contribute some aspects that are connected with people or human beings. It is possible to mention that these factors are related with the great necessity that the human beings have to socialize; the individual has the necessity to communicate with the other in all the process of his life. (Reproductive, religious, loving, etc). The loneliness of himself, ECT. The need of the man or individual is to overcome his state of separation. To abandon his solitude by means of the socialization with other individuals in a process in which they accept the norms of behavior and adapt to them.

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