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El retrato de Dorian Gray; Oscar Wilde


The history is in London:

Dorian is a very proud youth to which enchants you the beauty. Basil is a painter that makes you a portrait in which Dorian brings bad luck very favoured. When Dorian and Henry (his best friend) sees the picture, to Dorian pleases you a lot of the suit and wants he be equal of youth that in the suit and he doesn't age. The desire of Dorian fulfils but the not knows it. A few months after knows to Sybil, a theatre actress of the who makes love to. All goes well until Henry talk to his about Sybil and him tales that Sybil is poor and that places in series bad for an aristocrat as his self. Dorian giving up Sybil because she is poor and she kills her self. After Dorian discovers the secret of the picture and he decides keep the secret. When succeeds this Dorian begins to turn distrusting and after Dorian is crazy. To keep his secret kills to three appear in person one of them is the painter of the picture. When he recovers the reason decides putting end to his madness kills one self. He goes to the picture an see it, he sees a corpse decomposing. He sees that the man of the picture recovers his youth and Dorian is feelings very bad and he beginnings to age, he falls in then floor and he is dead.


Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin in 1854. He went to college there and then continued his studies in Oxford, where in 1878 he won a poetry prize. In 1882, his first book of poems was published and the next year he went to the USA to give talks. In 1884, he got married, and in 1888 he wrote a book of stories for his sons, The Happy Prince and Other Tales. He wrote other books of stories, but The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890) was his only novel. When it appeared, many people were angry, saying that books with evil ideas. But Wilde did not agree that books could be bard or evil. “Books are well written or badly written. That is all, he wrote.

Wilde wrote his first play in 1883, but it was not successful, and neither was the next one. However, Lady Windermere's Fan (1892) was very popular with theatre-goes because of the clever words and the clear picture of people and the way they lived , Wilde´s success continued until his greatest play, The Importance of Being Earnest (1895), but in that same year he was sent to prison because of his relationship with another man, Lord Alfred Douglas. When he came out in 1897, he went to live in France, where he wrote The Ballad of Reading Gaol (1898), a long poem about his experience of prison life. He died in Paris in 1900.


Dorian Gray: a young very proud aristocrat, he was born in London. He has grate appreciation for the beautiful and the to speak of he. He is very superficial. He is blond, tall and slim, is the model of beautiful man of this epoch. He is gone crazy when he discovered the true of the picture. He leaving is influenced for Henry.

Sybil: is an actress in a theatre, she loves of Dorian. She knows he when she was making a character of Juliet in a theatre work . When Dorian givens up Sybil she kills her self. She is blond and slim. She is poor.

Henry: Is the best friend of Dorian, he is an aristocrat. He influenced to Dorian for whit he take decisions. Is arrogant and don't like the poor people. His heir is dark and always saw with two-piece suit.

Basil: is a small and his heir is dark. Is the painter of the picture. He knows the secret of the picture and assassinates you for it.


I like this book because is a very interesting and original history. I think that this book is about the dark secrets of the humans and the dark side of a people, about which we are able to do to hide a secret, also about the human psychology is incredible what the humans can do for what a secret don't sees the light. Also what you mast be careful with which you want because you isn't ready and it turns real.

I think that the characters are very well described psychological but I don't like the character of Basil, I think that it is very poor. My favourite character is Dorian Gray, because I toll me a same history in a camp and I liked very much.

Is a easily book and I liked very much.


!º) Answer these questions

A) Because he put too much of his self into it.

B) Because he isn't want danger and trouble

C) Because he afraid it shows the secret o his heart

D) Because is extraordinary man

2º) Who said this, and to whom?

  • Basil

  • Basil

  • Henry

  • Henry

  • Dorian

  • Basil

  • 3º) Are this sentences true or false, rewrite the false

  • True

  • False, Sybil Vane's family was poor

  • False, James Vane did worry about his sister and Dorian

  • False, He thought Sybil was a bad actress

  • True

  • True

  • 4º) Complete this text:

    Dorian was in love with the ugly of his face. Strange stories were told about his secret, dangerous life. But people did not believe the terrible stories because Dorian's face was young and beauty. The portrait was the only thing that showed the real Dorian. It became more and more good-lucky and loved, and Dorian grew more and more afraid of it, but he evil in too.

    5º) Choose the best questions-word.

  • Where was Basil going?

  • What had Basil heard about Dorian?

  • How did Dorian take Basil?

  • Why did Basil feel when he saw the picture?

  • Why did Dorian hate Basil?

  • Why did Basil die?

  • What Alan Campbell feels about Dorian?

  • Why did Dorian want Alan to do?

  • Where did Alan agree to help Dorian?

  • How did Dorian see when he looked at the picture?

  • 6º) Answer these questions:

  • because he had many terrible things in his life

  • because there are plenty of other things that they can talk about

  • the difference is that Henry doesn't want change and Dorian wants change.

  • a face without a heart

  • because his beauty had destroyed his soul

  • that Dorian dead

  • is the knife whit he kills Basil

  • because the picture is there

  • 7º) Complete this conversation

    James: What really happened to Sybil, mother?

    Mrs Vane: I told you in my letter. She kills her self

    James: But why did she kill her self? It was because of that man, wasn't it?

    Mrs Vane: Yes, it was

    James: When did this happen?

    Mr vane: in the theatre

    James: So soon! What did she do to her? Do you know?

    Mrs Vane: Yes, I do, She left me a note. She represent to Juliet

    James: I knew that he was dangerous…

    Mrs Vane: He said “she loved me”

    James: So she had nothing to live for! Well, I promise I won't rest until I've killed him. He is an evil man. What his name?

    Mrs Vane: I don't know. But is the “Prince Charming”

    James: Well, I'll look for this “Prince Charming” and make him sorry that he destroyed my sister.

    Mrs Vane: Oh, James be careful

    James: Don't worry, mother. I've got a gun.

    8º) Arranges the words:

    loud, locked, ugly, old, door, roof, rings, reply, floor, portrait, angry, beautiful, room, top, heard, knocked, window, wall, frightened, woke.

    9º) What did you think about the people of the book

    I feel sorry for Sybil because she kills her self for love

    I think Henry was wrong to Alan Campbell

    I think Dorian did a very bad to James Vane

    I think James did very stupid thing when Henry

    I think Basil was stupider than James because Basil dead.


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