Edinburgh (in Scotch Gael: Dùn Éideann) is the biggest cardinal and second city of Scotland, after Glasgow.

Forth's Fiord is located on the east coast of Scotland on the banks of the river and in the unitary local authority of the City of Edinburgh. It has been the capital of Scotland from 1437 and is sedate her of the Scotch government. The city was one of the most important centres of education and culture during the Age of Illustration, thanks to the University of Edinburgh. The districts, The Old Town and New Town, which do part (report) of the city, were named by the UNESCO as Patrimony of the Humanity in 1995. In agreement to the census of 2001, Edinburgh has a total population of approximately 448.624 inhabitants.

Edinburgh is famous for his (her, your) Annual Festival of Edinburgh, the bigger festival of live events of the world. During the festivals the population of the city doubles. Edinburgh is the second city most visited of the United Kingdom after London with approximately 13 millions of tourists per year.

The origin of the name of the city believes itself that it(he,she) comes from the Britisher Din Eidyn (Loudly of Eidyn) of the times in which only it was a fort Gododdino. In the 1st century the Romans documented that the Votadino were a tribe britónica local, and in the 12th century the former poem And Gododdin mentions a few warriors celebrating in " Eidin's great lounge ".

After the name being attacked and conquered by the Anglo-Saxon bernicianos it(he,she) changed to Edin-burh, which believes itself that it(he,she) derives from the Anglo-Saxon and that it(he,she) means " Loudly of Edwin ", possibly refiriéndose to the king of the 12th century, Edwin de Northumbria. Nevertheless, since the name is previous to the king Edwin, is very improbable that it is true.

The city is affectionatly nicknamed " william wallace " in Scot, who means "stung", due to the fact that during the times in which the fuelwood and the coal were the combustible available only ones, all the chimneys were throwing(adding) big quantities of smoke to the air. Auld Reekie also was saying to the terrible sanitary conditions that they were causing an evil smell in the city.

The historical center of Edinburgh this one divided in two big green areas for the Princes Street Gardens. Towards the south the panorama this one dominated by the Castle of Edinburgh, sat in the extinguished volcanic stopper that is Castle Rock, and the long band that is Old Town intending for his(her,your) edge. Towards the north there is Princes Street (" Street of the Princes ") and New Town. The gardens were done in 1816 in what it had been the marsh Nor ' Loch.

Towards the west of the castle one finds the financial district, which shelters bank buildings and of assurances. Probably the most captivating building, with his(her,your) great circular building done in sandstone, is the International Center of Conferences of Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a maritime moderate climate, which is calmed considering his(her,your) north latitude. The winters are calm, with climates that strange go down of them 0°C. The temperatures during the summer are relatively fresh, with an average of 13°C. The proximity with the sea mitigates any considerable variation that affects the climate or the temperature.

Edinburgh is sedate her of the national government and local.el Parliament of Scotland, this one located in Holyrood's area. Several buildings of importance of the government are inside the city, the elect government of Scotland, the executive branch of the country, it(he,she) has offices in Calton Hill and in Leith. Bute House located in Charlotte Square is the official residence of the Prime minister of Scotland. The city of Edinburgh is administered by three levels of government, the town hall, the Scotch Parliament and the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Country United Kingdom

Constituent Country Scotland

County City of Edinburgh Status of City 1329 Mayor George Grubb

Área - City 262 km

Altitude 41 msnm Population

City (2001) 448.624

Hourly Zone WET (UTC+0)

Summer (DST) [Central European Summer Steals (UTC+1)

ZIP code EH1-EH13; EH14 (divides); EH15-EH17

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