Edgar Allan Poe

The oval Portrait

Was going a man with his bred by a mountain and saw a house. Upon arriving to the house they were inserted and they went to sleep to the finishes room This room was filled with tables, and a book that had the history of each table. When it turned the lamp was looked in a table of a in the context oval-shaped woman that not to was letting to sleep him as soon as decided to read its history. That was saying that was a woman that was hating the work of her husband. He was painter. This woman said to his that let his work. The man said that the portrait of she would be the last that would make. Table carried to her much time and the man was not realized of the fact that his woman was growing was making table. Finally it finished table were realized of his woman had died.

Noun Verb Adjective

Servant: criado Painful: doloroso

Lips: labios Simply: simplemente

The mask of the red death

This history tries to the red death, that during much time stalked to a lot of people. The I Prospero´s prince, decides carried to his friends to a house that he had in the mountain so that the red death not caught them. They had food as to be there during a year. The prince had some rare ideas, as soon he decided to give a masks dance. This party was located in a stage of seven rooms, each one of a different color, being the last that of black color. During the party the clock was sounding each hour and it was silencing the party. Past a while of the party, enter in the party a person very strange, that had masticateed an in the face. Masticateed it was the face of a dead. He was directed until the black room, and the prince behind him. Pasts some minutes, they was listened the noise of the knife. The dancers were approached to see that was occurring and were found the prince died in soil. When they went to kill to the person of the masticateed, only found air within his clothes. After this the people began to suffer the red death and spent time all was full of blood

Noun Verb Adjective

Wise: sabio straight: directo anger: enfado

Furniture: muebles Wild: salvaje


Egaeus is the name of the protagonist. This from small had a problem that not was permitting to be as the other childs, his causin was carrying a very happy life, until suffered from epilepsy. Egaeus were happened all the day inserted in the library thinking and thinking, that was than what was his problem. A day he listened to the maid to cry in the corridor. What was happening were that his causin had been died, but when it arrived the physician were realized of the fact that was lived. before this, Egaeus, had spoken with her and had been looked in the tooth of hir causin. He could not let of thinking about the tooth of his causin. he was carried a great surprise upon opening the bag of the doctor and to find it full of teeth.

Noun Verb Adjective

Shadows: sombras Through: a traves

Teeth: diente Burnt: quemar

Waste: derroche

The Black Cat

This history is about of a man that was loving the animals. This man is case with a woman that also was loving the animals. This woman had a black cat, that according to the people was wicked. The protagonist had cared to the hard cat you years, but in the last years had been inserted in the world of the drink. This was carrying to make wrong things, even to mistreat to the animals. In a principle was not hitting to Pluto (black cat) but with the time hit to him. A day the drink made to him to hang to the cat. That same night the house was burnt. It was burnt all less a chunk of a new material. The material had within the form of a cat with a cord in the neck. Now the protagonist had a problem, he must verify as had entered the cat within the house

Happened several weeks until was forgotten to the form of the cat. He had been proposed to find a cat new. A night, he were in a bar and found a cat. The cat continued to him until his house. this cat had a rare drawing in the frontal. The cat was made the favorite animal with little time. The stain of the cat, as time goes by were gone making the figure of a gallows. While was the cat in their house the protagonist also was making wrong things. The protagonist was completely of the cat, because was very heavy. A day decreased he and his woman to seek fuelwood, and in an attempt of killing to the cat with the axe killed to his woman. The body of the woman hid it in the wall of the cellar. He seek much to the cat, but not found it. A day the neighbors called to the policeman because would not see to his woman. The policemen after much to seek found the body of the woman and within is hes head at the cat.

Noun Verb Adjective

illnes: dolencia hurt: lastimar Selfish: egoista

Servant: criado hung:colgar mad: loco

Shape: forma ugly: feo

sad: triste

The Black Cat

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