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¿What it is?

It is an intergovernmental economic consultative forum of non institutional character. Created in 1989, at the request of Australia and Japan, APEC was born in answer to the increasing interdependence between the economies of Asia Pacific. Of being an informal group of dialogue, today it is the main regional vehicle to promote the open commerce and the economic cooperation. Its intention is to develop the economic dynamism in the region, next to the community sense.


Today they are the 21 economies Members, and correspond to Australia; Brunei Darussalam; Canada '; Republic of Korea; Chile; People's Republic of China; The United States; Republic of the Philippines; Hong Kong-China; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; Mexico; Nueva.zelanda; Papua New Guinea; Peru, Russia, Singapur; Thailand, Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), and Vietnam. With annual Presidencies that are rotated between their members, APEC has their Secretaryship in Singapur.


Looks for: Support the growth and development of the region; to contribute to a greater liberalization of the world-wide economy; to reinforce the resulting positive effects of the increasing economic interdependence; and to reduce the barriers to the commerce of goods, services and investments.

Thus, the economies can participate actively in the different meetings that are celebrated, and in which are emanated the plans and procedures that APEC considers. In this sense, fundamental instances are the Ministerial Summit of Leaders, Meetings, the Meetings of High Officials, SOM, and the encounter of the Committees and Work groups.

Los Cabos, Mexico

There was a meeting of all the members of the APEC in "Los Cabos". It was very successful, it was full of tranquility. Its subject was solving the problem of the terrorism, which is an obstacle for the human and economic development that brings like consequence the generation of more poverty and unemployment.

After considering that the terrorism represents a direct threat the commercial liberalization, the leaders who will close up in their fight against that problem, by means of "a series of concrete steps" that protect and make the transit of goods, people more efficient and information.

In a declaration separately, the leaders of the forum of APEC also insisted to Korea of the North so that he stops the manufacture of nuclear weapons immediately.

The leaders of the 21 countries members of the APEC emitted a series of joint declarations, that constitute a scheme to coordinate of more efficient and safe way the commerce in a world in which the economic borders disappear.

Also they delineated the plans to work together with the purpose of protecting the national borders.

"we commit ourselves to take a series from concrete steps that will protect and make the flow of commerce, finances and information more efficient", Mexican president Vicente Fox said.

Also there was agreement on a proposal designed by the United States to reconstruct the commercial channels of the River basin of the Pacific, to reinforce the security of million shipping containers, to fortify the flight decks in the commercial airplanes and to narrow the customs cooperation.

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