Drugs in Spain


Our project is going to talk about drugs, the problems that they cause and the drugs trade in general.

The drugs trade is one of the businesses who scrolls more money from
the world. Only in Spain in the 1993 the government gets capturing consignments of cannabis with a gross weight of more than 160.000 kg., more than 5.000 kg. of cocaine and 604 of heroine and it's estimated that the captures don't arrive to 10% of the total that manages to enter to the country.

In view of that we can see that drugs trade is an important problem, that is in our lives and in the lives of people who is in our around.

This project consists of five parts: in the first part we are going to explain what we can stand of drugs and the society in this aspect.

In the second point we are going to talk about the consequences and causes of take them.

The third part we are going to say some ONG'S and explain their work.

In the fourth part we are going to express our opinion about the drugs at schools.

Finally, to sum up, we are going to say our opinion and conclude this subject.

We are not going to talk about tabac or alcohol. Because in the case of tabac we don't considerate it a drug because it isn't alter our mind.

And in the alcohol case, we don't talk about it because it's legal.


What's a drug?

A chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, that affects the central nervous system, causing changes in behaviour and often addiction.

Types of drugs:

We can divide the drugs in three big groups:

  • Drugs that make you to hallucinate marihuana and hashish.

  • Drugs that make you to be happy and excited Cocaine and amphetamines.

  • Drugs that make you to be depressed Hypnotic drugs and sedative drugs.

Drugs in our society:

In our society there are so many people who consume drugs. This is because, they are so easy to get.

You can find drugs in all the environments like school, family, friends, work…

Lots of famous people and influent people take them, so their are bad examples for young people.

If you want a drug, you only have to ask for them to a friend or to a partner and he or she is going to get them for you. It's really easy.

People who take drugs are people who want to pass a great time, to avoid problems, to be more sociable, to be accepted in their groups of friends, to look older, curiosity, attraction to the illegal things, experiment with new feelings, to pass the time when they are bored, etc.

Spain is one of the countries that consume more drugs.

For young people, a place who their can find drugs easier is at the school. So, in the schools drugs are a big problem, because people traffic with them or consume it there.

In our society, for young people is normal to see friends or other people smoking joins. This shows the magnitude of the problem.

Police don't have enough recourses to stop this problem, because every month, lots of drugs enter in our country.


When you take drugs you can feel of diverses forms:

You can feel happy, confused, relaxed, nervous, excited, sad, depressed, tired… you can feel a lot of differents feelings in the same time. It depends on the drug and the person.

Other characteristic is that you have difficulties to speak, to think (although, when you are under the affects of the drug you think that you are really clever, but it isn't true!), to coordinate movements and you can have hallucinations or more things like that.

But the real problem isn't the characteristics of the drugs during you're in their affects.

In one hand, we have the irreversible injuries that you can suffer, like schizophrenia or others problems relationated with your brain.

In the other hand, taking drugs produced many problems which we can divide in three groups:

Family problems:

You tend to separate of your family, research of independence, tend to hide new activities and have a violent behaviour.

Your self problems:

Changes in your dress way, your character and your behaviour, you become more sensibility on the light (normally, people who takes drugs wear dark sun glasses), depressions, to lose hungry and weight, tiredness…

Problems at school:

To lose the capacity to listen and pay attention, to not assist in class, incompetence at work…


In our country there were created the “secratería de Programación para la prevención de la Drogadicción I la lucha contra el Narcotráfico” which prevent the problems that narcotrafic and drugs causes.

We know that there are more than 250 associations which help to the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

There are two types of ONGs: ONGs which investigate about drugs, their affects and ways to cure some affects. In this type of ONGs we can find the “Sociedad Española de Toxicomanías” (SET) who participates in conferences, activities, meetings relacionated with this topic too.

The second type consists in helping drug addicts, their families and their environment; they want to improve their life quality. So, the objectives of this ONG are more social like the other type of ONG. An example of this type of ONG is the “Unión de Asociaciones y Entidades de Atención al Drogodependiente” (UNAD).


Is the best thing exclude people who take or sell drugs at the school?

We agree with these rule, because if teachers or the government don't exclude people that take drugs or sell some of it, the centre can become an absolutely disaster cause all the students start to take drugs and they don't see that take drugs is illegal and a bad things.

However, who decided who is exclude or who isn't it? And, if the person that teachers see is the first time that take a drug? Or imagine that this person it isn't taking it, but they friends yes, and the teachers see a group and accuse that person too.

Teachers can't know if the person that they think that is, is or not the correct or the wrong person. It is a difficult decision.

We think that in these cases, if it is the first time that teachers see you, teachers should give to you an opportunity. If the teachers exclude you, and is your first time, then you might have become a drug addict cause you are all the day on the street, and imagine that you are a good student but you are excluded, how can you get back on track? It's very difficult!

We think that exclusion is not the right option. We don't like the idea because it's a vicious circle; once you are excluded it is difficult to get back on track.

We think that the best thing that we can do in all these cases is punish the people who is the first time, but, if is it the second time you must be excluded.

On the other hand, if teachers see you selling drugs, in our opinion, they must excluded you immediately.

Last but no least, exclude or not a person, we think that it depends too if your historial is good or bad. If you are a good student you must have more possibilities and opportunities that a bad student with bad forms.

Our conclusion is: If it is the first time, you must be punish, but if it is the second time you must be excluded (depends of the student obviously).

And if you sell drugs in the school you must be excluded because these is really seriously.


We don't think that this situation will change, because we think that in fact, government wants to drug us, because if they really don't want that drugs enter into this country, they can do it, but the problem is that they want it, because in this form, they can control it us easier.

In the other hand, there are enough recourses to stop drugs trade.

We think that drugs are very bad; however, in some cases drugs like marihuana are medicines.

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