Dracula; Bram Stoker

1-Bibliographic file

a.Title: Dracula.

b.Autor: Bram Stoker.

c.Publishers: Heinemann Elt.

d.Place: Spain.

e.Year: 1992.

2-Level: Intermediate.

3-Date to start: 25th february.

4-Date to finish: 5th march.

5-Sessions: 6 hours.


Jonathan Harker (John) is a Lawyer in London. One day he receive a call. Was a person than he lives in Transilvania. The man order than John wents to Transilvania, because he would buy a house in london. John accepted and go to transilvania. This man is Count Drácula and lives in a castle.

Dracula is little strange because he go to the city every days and he talk with youngest girls and after he suck her blood!!!!!!!!!

Dracula make John your prisoner!!!!

While, in London him wife, Mina, bejin to impatienting. Mina decide go to holidays with her friend Lucy. These is rich. The time past and Jonathan follow are prisoner in the Mansión Dracula; while, in London Lucy was ill, she has various illness: pallness, debility and two orifices in the neck. Was suffer the attacs of the count, that take the Lucy's blood for survive and make of Lucy a Nosferatu or vampire.

Lucy don't improbe and your promise call to doctor Seward and this neither know and call to Doctor Abraham Van Helsing, expert in atipics topics, but after muchs investigations Lucy dies.

While Jonathan escape to the Castle Dracula ang wents to London. Count followed kill some persons and suck your blood.

When John arrive to London talk with Van Helding and decide kill Count Dracula. This when seen went to your castle in Transilvania, but John, Mina, Van Helding and his friends went to castle too. In the castle save a battle between Count and his servants against John and his friends.

The battle end when John nail a dagger in the neck. The vampires dies.

John and his friends come back to London.



-Count dracula: Is the principal carácter. There is a Count that he sucks the blood of the persons.

-Jonathan: Is a lawyer in a London. He sell a house in London to Count.

-Mina: Is the Jonathan's wife. She lives in London.

-Lucy: Is mina's friends. The count Dracula kills.

-Doctor Van Helding: Is a doctor that is expert in atipic topics.

8-New vocabulary:

tired: cansada

still: inmóvil

could: poder

stood: de pie

quickly: rapidamente

fell: derribar

Chain: prisionero

9-Personal opinión:

This book is very interesting because I like the horror stories and although this story is nor very horror but I like it. Is a very good book.

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