Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde; Robert Louis Stevenson


One day Utterson and Enfield were walking and they saw a man hitting a girl. When the family went to talk with him he gave them a cheque with Dr. Jehyll's name and Mr. Hyde signature. One day Dr. Jekyll wrote a letter to Utterson saying if he died or disappeared for more than three months all his possessions will go to Hyde. He asked Poole who was Mr. Hyde and he said him he worked in the lab. Dr. Jekyll made a party and Utterson after asking him who was Mr Hyde, and he said him he'll respect his will.
The police told Utterson that Hyde had killed an old man. A witness said that suddenly he felt angry and hit the man with a stick. In his house they founded the other part of the stick. Dr. Jekyll said Utterson that Hyde had wrote a letter to say he went to another place. When Utterson compare the letter from the will and Hyde's one he discovered it was the same letter.
Lanyon, one of Hyde's friends, death and Utterson discovered a letter in with was written to read after the death of Jekyll. Utterson and Enfield went to visit to him. When they were talking with Jekyll he put his hands on his face, and Utterson didn't see Jekyll's face.
Poole said to Utterson that Jekyll hadn't talk to him for a week. When he went to the house in the lab they heard Hyde's voice. When they came in only was the body of Jekyll. He had killed himself.
Utterson readed Lanyon letter. There was written that Jekyll changed to Hyde in front of him. In Jekyll's said that he had been working with drugs and one day he became Hyde. Finally he said he is going to kill himself.

Dr. Jekyll is a chemical with a big preoccupation about the god and the evil part of each person. He makes a lot of experiments with chemical products, and taking one of them his evil part appeared in the person of Mr. Hyde. This part of him is his opposite. All he does is bad and Dr Jekyll doesn't want it, because he's a good person. After taking some times the drug Dr. Jekyll can't control Mr. Hyde and he killed himself.
The other important characters of the book are the friends or the service of Dr. Jekyll. He used to have a good relation with all of them until he started to be Mr. Hyde. All his friends were very worried about him and his relation with Mr. Hyde, because they didn't know who was he.
The thing that wanted to achieve Dr. Jekyll was the perfection with his good part, but all he received was his evil part. Finally he killed himself to kill Mr Hyde.

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