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Death of a soldier; Philip Prowse








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José María Bravo Márquez


Junio 3 del 2008

Resumen del libro

David Hall was nineteen years old, he lived in Liverpool and he had a girlfriend called Carol.

One day David entered to the army because he didn't find work. He was in Liverpool for four months and later they took him to Belfast, when he arrived, he knew another soldier from Liverpool, the soldier's name was Pete.

Then, David went out in a patrol with Pete, the Sergeant Johnson, the Corporal Thomas and the other two soldiers looking for gunmen.

When they came out to patrol, some children shouted them "soldiers, go home"

Then, while the soldiers were in William Street, two men and a woman they arrived to O'Donnell family's house. The woman was pushing to pram and one of the men was called Frank. They took out a gun of the pram and Frank waited the soldiers. When the soldiers arrived, he pointed the Sergeant Johnson, to the Corporal Thomas and then to David and later he shot him in the head. Then the two men and the woman left the house. The soldiers looked for the gunman, but they didn't find him. Later, a lorry of the army arrived to pick up the body of David.

Preguntas y respuestas sobre el libro

1. How many people have been killed since 1969?

R: Almost 2000 people.

2. How many soldiers have died in the war?

R: More than 400 soldiers.

3. What was the soldier`s name?

R: His name was David Hall.

4. What was the name of David`s girlfriend?

R: Her name was Carol.

5. What were the soldiers taking for a table?

R: They were taking bullets.

6. Where sent the soldiers?

R: The army sent them to Belfast.

7. How much time the soldiers going to live in the old house?

R: Four months.

8. How many beds were in David`s room?

R: Six beds.

9. What was the other soldier`s name, who came from Liverpool too?

R: His name was Pete.

10. What is a patrol?

R: Is a small group of soldiers.

11. What look for a patrol?

R: They look for gunmen.

12. What shouted the children at the soldiers?

R: “Go home, soldiers”.

13. How many children had Mr. and Mrs. O`Donnell?

R: They had three children.

14. Where lived the O`Donnell family?

R: They lived at 76 William Street.

15. How many people were at O`Donnell`s door?

R: Three people. Two men and a girl.

16. What was pushing the girl?

R: She was pushing a pram.

17. What was the gunman`s name?

R: His name was Frank.

18. Where was the Frank`s gun?

R: It was into the pram.

19. What took out Frank of his pocket?

R: He took a bullet.

20. The girl walked very quietly. Why she did it?

R: Because she didn`t want to wake up the baby.

21. What said Mrs. O`Donnell to the girl about her children?

R: “My children are playing in the street. Please don`t shout them”.

22. What was the girl`s reply?

R: “We`re not going to hurt your children. We`re going to kill a soldier”.

23. What were playing the children?

R: They were playing a game about soldiers and gunmen.

24. Where was killed David?

R: He was killed almost opposite number 76.

25. What said Pete to the girl?

R: Did you hear a gun a minute ago?

26. What was the girl`s reply?

R: “Yes, I hear a noise. Was a gun?

27. Who killed David?

R: Frank killed David.

28. Why David joined the army?

R: Because he didn`t find a job.

29. What was the full name of England?

R: It is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

30. How many years had David?

R: He was nineteen.

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