Crónica de una muerte anunciada; Gabriel García Márquez

Placida Linero 26 years later told what happened that terrible day. Santiago got up at 5:30 AM.

He had a terrible headache because of the natural havoc of the wedding of Angela Vicario. So he went into his mother bedroom to look after a couple of aspirins. There he told his mother that hi has a dream with birds, and she said that it was a good signal of healthy. After that he went downstairs and met Victoria Guzman, the cooker. Santiago has his breakfast. After that he went out. The bishop was passing by the port. It was almost 6 o'clock when he was in the street. In the town there was two men looking after Santiago to kill him, they were Pedro and Pablo Vicario twins. They were waiting for him almost 3 hours in Clotilde Armenta´s Store. They lost Santiago among the crowd, which wanted to see the bishop.

Flora Miguel, Santiago's girlfriend, invited him to have breakfast with her. He accepted and she said that he would be there a few minutes later. Margot heard what was going to happened to Santiago. So she told her mother that Angela Vicario was taken back to her family because her husband had discovered that she wasn't virgin. So Luisa Santiaga got dressed and run to advertise Placida Linero. But when she got out someone cried her that it was late.

Bayardo San Ramón who had given back his bride, had known about her months before the wedding. He was a very strange man. Nobody knew why he was there. Vicario´s family was a family of scant resources and it was time to marry Angela with somebody. Angela's mother put as a condition that he had to present his family. So he sent for his parents and his 2 young sisters.

Angela Vicario didn't want to marry him but the whole family wanted to marry her. So Bayardo began the arrangements for the wedding. He bought the house they were going to live together. Angela wanted to tell her mother that she wasn't virgin, but a couple of friends told her what she could do to hide the truth.

When the day came, she tried to do what her friends told her, but she couldn't do it well. Bayardo notices that she wasn't virgin. So he took her to his family. In the house her mother began to hit her. But she didn't tell anything. 3 hours later Bayardo left her. She said that Santiago was the first man.

Angela's brothers heard and run out to catch their knifes and looked after Santiago.

Everybody in the town knew what had happened less Santiago and his relatives. So when he was getting into his house the twins caught and kill him. Santiago tried to get into the house to catch his gun but he died in the middle of the kitchen, with his entrails in his hands.


Santiago Nasar: He was 21 years old, he was the only child of Placida Linero. He was a Cowboy.

Angela Vicario: Was the youngest girl of a scant resources family. She was in time to get married.

The Twins (Pedro and Pablo Vicario): They were butchers and the only income resources of the family.

Bayardo San Ramón: Was an strange man who came to the town and he were looking for someone to marry.


GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ was born in Aracataca, Colombia, in 1928, the eldest of sixteen children; he has lived mostly in Mexico and Europe. He attended the University of Bogotá, and later worked as reporter for the Colombian newspaper El Espectador and as a foreign correspondent in Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Caracas, and New York. In 1971 he was awarded an honorary doctorate of letters by Columbia University. His most celebrated novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, has sold more than 10 million copies.

He is the winner of the 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature.

Other works: The Autumn of the Patriarch; Leaf Storm; In Evil Hour; Innocent Erendira; Love in the Time of Cholera; and The General in His Labyrinth.

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