Children, animals and strange adults



The authre this book is Saki.

Saki is a popular short story writer. He wrote stories about strange adults. Saki was the pen name, the name of Saki is Hector Hugh Munro.

Hector was born in Akiab, Burma in 1870.

When Hector was two years old, he went to England. He lived with his aunts.

When Hector was a young man, he worked in a newpaper. The newpaper called “The morning Post”.

He worked in Rusia.

Then Hector returned to London for write a lot of books.

When World Ward I began, Hector enlisted as private in army.

He went to fight in France.

Hector killed in France in 1916.


This book contained six estories:

The first story is “The open window”.

This story speak of a man tired and nervous. The doctor told him what he needed a rest.

Then, the man went to a houses for he knew a lot of people...

The second story is “The penance”.

Octavian Ruttle who is principal character, he is a active, frienly man.

One day, he meet his animals killed. He suspect the childrens´s cat...

The third is “Remoulding of Groby Lington”.

Groby Lington was a kind man and he lived calmly and contedly.

He liked working in his garden. Too, he liked talking with his parrot, Polly,

but a day Polly dead...

The fouth story is “Predni Vashtar”.

Conradin was a strange boy. He was ten years old.

He made stranges things with animals. Conradin had a strange religion, his god was a animal, Predni Vashtar.

The fifth story is “Tobermory”.

A man discoberied what his cat could speak English .

The cat that could speak was Tobermory.

The last story is “The interlopers”.

The interlopes speak of two men that they were enemies and then the two men made friends...



Framtom Nuttel: He was very tired and nervous.

Vera: She is Mrs Sappleton´s niece. She was fifteen years old. Vera´s speciality was invent fantasting stories.

Sappleton´s husband: He was a hunter. He fell into a bog with Sappleton´s brothers. They dead.


Framton Nuttel was a very tired and nervous. Framtom went to the doctor. The doctor said that Framtom should go somewhere peaceful.

Framtom and his sister went to the Mrs Sappleton´s house.

When they arrived, Vera opened the door, Vera is Sappleton´s niece.

While Mrs Sappleton down, Vera said:

That the Mrs Sappleton´s husband and her two younger brothers were hunters. One day, they went to hunting but they fell into a bog. They died.

Mrs Sappleton´s husband carried guns and a white raincoat.

Her brothers were singing “Bertie...”.

When Mrs Sappleton down, she started speak about her husband.

Suddenly Framtom saw, for the window, a man and two youngers boys with a dog.

The man carried a white raincoat and two youngers boys were sang a song “Bertie...”.

The man was Mrs Sappleton´s husband.

Framtom started run for all the house. Sappleton´s husband asked who was the man what was running for all the house.

Sappleton answered, he was a man that he come for talk of health.

The Vera´s story was all lie.

Inventing fantastic stories was Vera´s speciality.


I like “Open window” because is easy for read.

The vocabulary isn´t very difficult.

Open window is a story realist that it can happens anyone person.



Octavian Ruttle: He was an active, frienly person.

He was a farmer.

The childrens: They were bads people with Octavian.

They were childrens impolites.

Olivia : Olivia was the Octavian´s daughter.


Octavian Ruttle was a farmer. He had some animals like pigs and chickens.

One day, Octavian went into chicken coop. He saw some chickens were killed. Most late, he saw a cat, the cat walked around the coop. Octavian was sure what the cat was the killer. The cat belonged to three childrens. Octavian shot it with his hunting-rifle. The cat dead.

The childrens called to Octavian “beast”.

The next day, Octavian went to the sweet-shop. He bought a box decorated with flowers. Octavian sent the box to the children and most late Octavian received a childrens´s note. The note said that they had received the box.

The next day, Octavian saw to the childrens, they had thrown pieces of chocolate with scorn.

Other day, Octavian found a lot of feathers in the coop. The childrens´s cat was innocent.

One day, Octavian wolked with Olivia. Olivia was his daugther. When Octavian went to get flowers for his daugther, Olivia was carried by the three childrens. Olivia was on the roof. She slipped from the roof, and fell into the muck of pigsty.

For evening, Octavian went to the oak tree where the cat was buried. Octavian stood there for half an hour saying, “I´m a beast”.

The next day, he was very happy when he found a notice wath it said



I like this story because is entertaining, but the vocabulary is difficult.

The characteres are originals and very contradictories.



Groby Lington: He was a kind man and he lived calmly and contentedly.

Groby wasn´t a frienly man, he had a few friends.

He liked the animals, he had a lot of animals like parrot,

monkeys, tortoise...

Colonel John: He was the Groby´s brother.


Groby Lington was a person that he lived alone in his house with his parrot. He liked talking to his parrot. Groby liked visiting his sister-in-law and his nieces and nephews but he preferred staying in his house with his parrot. When Groby was waiting in his sister-in-law´s house, he took a scrapbook. In the scrapbook, there were many drawings of the Groby´s parrot. He was angry. When Groby arrived to his house, the stable-boy said that the parrot was dead.

The colonel John, he was the Groby´s brother, bought a monkey. Groby liked the monkey but Groby´s servants didn´t like it because the monkey gave troubles.

One year late, Groby made stranges things. One day the monkey took off the clothes of stable-boy in the small lake, and started to laugh.

Then, Groby went to the lake and he threw stable boy to the nettles. The monkey and Groby laughed of the young stable-boy.

Other day, Groby was invited by Mrs Glenduff in a house-party.

Groby´s bedroom was near the Mr Spabbink´s bedroom, he was a famous pianist.

When the pianist went out of his room, Groby went to the pianist´s room but the pianist saw him. The two men started to fight. During the fight, a candle fell down. The pianist´s room set on fire.

A few time of the happening, the Groby´s monkey dead.

Now, Groby is a new person and he has got a tortoise of pet.


This story isn´t realist. I don´t think that a person comport like his pets.

The story isn´t bad. Her characteres are originals.

I like the story because it is easy of read and it is intesresting.



Conradin: He was a boy. He was ten years old but he seemed a boy of five

years old. He lived with his Mrs De Ropp who was his

guardian. He made a stranges things with his animals.

Mrs De Ropp: She was a woman. She was the Conradin´s guardian.

Mrs De Ropp had her own religion.

Sredni Vashtar: Sredni was the god of the Mrs De Ropp´s religion. It was

An animal. It was a large polecat-ferret.


Conradin was a boy of ten year old but the doctor said that seemed five years old. He lived with his guardian, Mrs De Ropp. Conradin always had to take his medicine. Conradin never played. He went to the shed that it was behind of the garden. In the shed, Conradin had many animals like a hen. Too, Conradin had a polecat-ferret that it was the Conradin´s god. The name of his god was Sredni Vashtar.

All the Thursdays, Conradin brought it a lot of things like red flowers, red fruit...

One day, the gardener took the hen and sold it.

The next day at breakfast, Conradin couldn´t eat toast because Mrs De Ropp didn´t permit him eat toast but Conradin liked the toast.

For the night, Conradin usally went to the shed but one day Mrs De Ropp saw him.

A night, Mrs De Ropp went to the shed.

Conradin that he was in front of the window, he saw to Mrs De Ropp that she went to the shed. Conradin started to sing.

Then a maid came in the table for tea. Conradin saw to the polecat-ferret. Sredni Vashtar, the polecat-ferret, went out to the shed and then the polecat-ferret varisted.

While the servants disputed about troubles, Conradin made many toasts with butter.


I don´t kike this story because I don´t find felt. The characteres isn´t very originals and the bocabulary is very difficult.



Lady Blemley: She had a house-party.

Cornelius: He was a clever man. He was the discoverer of Tobermory.

Tobermory: Tobermory was a super-cat. It could speak English how a

English man. Tobermory was Cornelius´s cat.

It was principal character.

Sir Wilfrid: He was a guest.

Miss Reskes: She was a guest.


Lady Blemley had got a house-party. She tried to invite fun guests. Lady Blemley invited Cornelius Appin. Cornelius was a clever man.

When all the guests were in the living-room, Cornelius said that he had made an important discovery.

The discovery was that Cornelius had taught to speak to the animals. Conradin had taught to speak to a cat, the cat called Tobermory.

All the guests thought Cornelius was crazy or that Cornelius was a ventriloquist. Sir Wilfrid, who was a guest, left the living-room and he went to see to the cat. When Wilfrid came, he said that the cat spoke.

Most late, the cat Tobermory, went into the living-room. Lady Blemley asked Tobermory that if it wanted a little of milk. The cat said yes.

Then, Tobermory said that Lady Blemley wanted to sell a old cat to Mavis Pellington.

Too, Tobermory told that Agnes Resker, sha was other guest, only went to the Lady Blemley´s parties because the food was very good.

Tobermory told everythings that happened in the Lady Blemley´s house-party.

The next day, Tobermory wasn´t in his room. Tobermory probably went to local newspaper for tell everythings that happenedin the Lady Blemley´s house-party, but the gardener found the Tobermory´s corpse.

A few weeks later, the local newspaper said that a elephant had killed to Cornelius Appin because Cornelius wanted it to teach to speak.


I like the story because it is original, but I don´t think that the animals can speak how the people.

For me, this story is the best of the book.



Ulrich von Gradwitz: He had a lot of lans.

Heinrich Znaeym: He was Georg Znaeym´s grandfather.

Georg Znaeym: He was enemy of Ulrich.


One winter night, Ulrich stood in the forest. He guarded one area of the forest. This area had a problem. Many years ago, the Ulrich´s grandfather and his neighbour, Heinrich Znaeym, claimed this area of the forest. The court gave it to Ulrich´s grandfather.

One night, Ulrich and his guards were out looking for Georg and his men. Georg was the Heinrich Znaeym´s grandson. Ulrich met Georg Znaeym in his lands. The two men carried riffles. How there was a hard wind, a tree fell on of the two men. The Ulrich´s legs were under of a big branch. Georg had had cuts in his forehead.

The two men started to talk about who came first, the Georg´s men or the Ulrich´s men.

Most late, Ulrich drank a little wine. Ulrich felt pity of Georg and Ulrich gave a little wine to Georg.

Too, Ulrich said him that he could do what Georg wanted with Ulrich´s body if his his men came first.

Then Georg said that Ulrich cauld come to Georg´s house at Christmas.

Georg wanted be friend of Ulrich.

When the wind stopped, the two friends shouted together for help.

Ulrich could see people, but they weren´t people. They were wolwes.


I like this story because it is relist and it has a happy end.

I think that the authre has copied this story of real one.


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