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An art and Craft Tast for 7 years old

AN ART AND CRAFT TASK FOR 7 Y.O. - Lesson plan format

Lesson info:

Time: 20 min


Age range: 7

Level: lower-middle

Main aims:

To review parts of the body, colours and numbers




Supplementary: scissors and crayons

Other aids:

Anticipated problems:

To warn them not to play with scissors

Solutions: Monitoring them while using scissors


          • Activity/ aids

          • Aim

          • Procedure

          • Interaction

          • Timing

Controlled practice

Cut outs

To remember colours and parts of the body

Students will have to read carefully the requirements to find out how many parts of the body and what colour they need to compound the monster.


20 min



Create a monster!!!! Attach the appropriate cut outs to the monsters body; draw the parts that are not provided for you. Use glue to stick them.

It has 1 red eye

It has 2 green noses

It has 4 blue arms

It has 1 left yellow ear

It has 2 brown legs

It has a Pink T-shirt

It has purple hair

It has one Black spot on his nose.

It has orange boots

Cut outs:

Roberto - Erasmus student - course 2008/2009

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