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Before Reading

1-Read the back cover and the introduction on the first page of the book. Ate these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

F 1.These stories are about real people and real places.

T 2.These stories are about strange things that happen in the mind.

F 3.After Lady Madeline's death, her brother feels sad but peaceful.

T 4.The people at prince Prospero's ball are having fun, not thinking about death.

F 5.These stories are good to read when you are feeling ill, unhappy or frightened.

2-Here are the titles of the five stories. Which of the five things belong belongs to each story? Can you guess?

The Fall of the House os Usher...a strange book

The Black Cat...an axe

The Masque of the Red Death...a large black clock

William Wilson...a game of cards

The Tell-Tale Heart...a blue eye



While Reading

Read The fall of the House of Usher. Choose the best question-word for these questions, and them ansewer them.

  • Why did Roderick Usher write to the narrator?

  • Because it was very sick.

  • Who was becoming weaker and thinner each day?

  • Voher was nothing sick.

  • Where did they put the Lady madeleine's coffin?

  • The coffin of Madeline went down it to the basament

  • Why did the narrator walk around the room during the storn?

  • Because it was very nervous

  • What did the narratordo to make Usher calmer?

  • He is him history

  • What did Usherrealize from the ssounds that he had heard?

  • He realice that it was madeline Usher scremend

  • Who stood outside the door of the narrator's room?

  • It was Madeline Usher

  • What happened to the House of Usher?

  • The house you cracks and fell.

    Read the Black cat. Qre these sentences true(T) or false(F)? Rewite the false ones with the correct information.

    T 1. The narrator liked animals more than people.

    F 2. Pluto the dog was the narrator's favorite animal.

    F 3. When Pluto bit the narrator, he cut one its legs off.

    T 4. The shape of a cat appered on the bedroom wall.

    F 5. The new cat looked the same as Pluto in every way.

    T 6. The narrator killed his wife with an axe.

    F 7. After he killed his wife, the narrator slept badly.

    F8. The police found the living woman and the dead cat together behind the wall.

    Read The masque of the red Death. Then answer these questions.

  • Who was not afraid of the Ted Death?

  • Princep Prospero

  • Who did Prince Prospero invite to his castle?

  • His friends

  • Why couls nobody enter or escape from the castle?

  • Met knew away the key

  • What were the colors of the seven rooms in the castle?

  • green, black, orange, white, blue, purple, violet.

  • What was aganst the wall in the last room?—

  • What didi people notice while the clock was chiming midnight?

  • The masque figure

  • Whas the estranger wearing?

  • He was wearing a white clook and mask

  • How did the Prince feel when he saw the stranger?

  • He was angry

  • Why didn't anyone to touch the stranger?

  • They were a fraid

  • What happened when he stranger turned and looked at the prince?

  • The prince died

  • What was inside the stranger's clothes and mas mask?

  • Nothing

  • What was left in the castle when the clock stopped chiming?

  • Every badhad died

    Read William Wilson. Then match these halves of sentences to make a paragrafh of seven sentences.

    1. The narrator had to leave Oxford for Europe...because everyone knew thet he was a chea at cards.

  • But in every city that he visited....The oder William Wilson appared.

  • When he had evil plans,...the other stopped them.

  • At first the narrator obeyed Wilson's orders,...but then he began drinking heavily.

  • This made him feel brave and strong...and he thougt that could break away from his enemy.

  • At last, at party in Rome, the narrator took his sword...and kulled the other man.

  • But when he looked at his enemy's face,...he saw that it was the same as his own.

  • Read The Tell-Tale Heart. Here are some untrue sentences about it. Change them into true sentences.

  • Because of his desease the narrator had exel·lent hearing.

  • The old man had never hurt the narrator in some way.

  • The narrator decided to kill the old man because of his blue eye.

  • The narrator took sixty minutes to put his head inside the old man's room.

  • The old man couldn't see and hear the narator in his room.

  • The narrator felt angry when he saw the old man's eye.

  • The narator pulled a heavy bed on the top of the old man.

  • He hid the old man's dead body under the floor.

  • The policeman came the house because a neighbour has heard a found shout.

  • The narrator told the police that the old man was away in the contry.

  • When the narrator spoke more loudly, the noise in the room became louder.

  • The noise in the room was the old man's heart.



    After reading

    1. Imagine that the narrator in the fall of the house of Usher wrote to his wife during his visit. Use the linking words below to complete his letter.

    Dear Sarah

    I have been here for a week now. Usher was pleased to see me, But he has changed so much since our last meeting. He has a strange desease, which makes him very thin, pale and nervous. Since i arrived, we have spent a lot of tiem together. I try to help him, but his sadness is too deep, and sometimes i am frightened by his fantstic edeas.

    Two days ago Usher's sister Madelleine died, since i must stay here a litlle longer. Athought i hate ths house of gloom and madness, i must help my friend, who needs me very much. When he feels stonger, i will leave this terrible place for ever.

    With love, Nathaniel

    2. The policemen who found the black cat wrote a report about their visit to the house. Put these sentences in order, joing the parts where necessary, in order to make their report.

    On the 7th July we went to 51 Baker Street.

    After we had search the rooms upstairs,... the owner took us down to the cellar.

    We found nothing unusual there...so we got ready to leave.

    Then the owner began to tell us how well built the house was.

    He knocked on one of the cellar walls with his stick, ...and suddenly we heard a sound from behind the wall.

    At first it was a soft cry, ...but then it became a loud and terrible scream.

    We began to pull the wall down.

    Soon we found the dead body of a woman,...And on top of her head there was a black cat with one eye.

    The cat was making the terrible sound that we has heard.

    4.Who, or what, was the other William Wilson? Wick of these anserw do you think is the best explanation?

  • a real person- who happens to look just like the narrator

  • a difernt part of the narrator's own mind

  • somebody that the narrator imagines, in a waking dream

  • the good side of the narrator's character

  • a kind of ghost

  • 5.Here are four passages from wilson's diary. Complete them with the wors below(use each word once) and then say who wrote each passage- “the good” or the “bad” Wilson.

  • I no longer play cards. I am known to be a cheat which is no better than a thief. Once, when i tried to win a lot of money by heating I was caught and told to leave Oxford at once. But the man that i tried to destroy was saved. (good)

  • At Oxford i was clever and successful gambler. It was an easy way to make money. I used special cards, which i hid inside my sleeve. I only played with stupid people, but sadly, one day i was caught, and so had to leave Engalnd. (bad)

  • Tonight the duke Di Broglio's wifle has agree to meet me in a room where we can be alone. She is young, beautiful, and very clever- and tonight she will be mine! I shall fight anybody who tries to stop me. (bad)

  • I spend my life searchong for pleausure, Tonight i hace planned a secret meeting with the Duke's wife. Sheis beautiful, but not cleaver enought to recognize an evil man when she sees one. Somebodt should warn her about me. (good)

  • 6. In The Tell- Tale Heart a neighbour talks to the police( see pag 53) Put their conversation in the correct order and write in the speaker's names. The policemna speaks first (nimber7)



    A.“Now, sir, what's the problem?”

    B. “Well, there was a terrible noise tonight from the house next door- like a great shout ou a scream.”

  • “What time did you hear this scream?”

  • “I'm not sure- about two o'clock pearhaps.”

  • “Two o'clock. I see. And were there any more screams?”

  • “No, just one. But after that there was a loud bang- like something heavy falling to the floor.”

  • “So, what did you do then?”

  • “I went to the window and looked out. I didn't see anyone, but there was a light in the old man's room.”

  • “This old man- do you know him?”

  • “Oh yes- he's a very nice man. A younger man lives in the house too -but he's a bit strange.”

  • “Strange? In what way?”

  • “He talks to himself- and he has really wild eyes.”

  • “Hmm. I think i should go next door and ask a few questioms. Thank you for telling us about this.”

  • 7.Perhaps this is what some of the characters in the stories were thinking. Which five characters are they (one from each story), and what is happening in the story at this moment?

  • Oh my god! Who is that? He looks really terrible. And all that blood! I don't think that,s very funny. How can we enjoy ourselves with that in front of us? And how did he get in? Somebody will have to tell the Prince...

  • The masque of the Red death

    When the Prince is dead.

  • What's happening? Something woke me up. I can't see anything , but i know there's something there. I'm so afraid.I'm listening and listening- it's dark and quiet, but i can feel something terrible, something frightening...

  • The Tell- Tale Heart

    The old man woke up when he listened a sound.

  • Now the wall is finished, he thinks he's safe- but he's wrong. He didn't see me climb in here with the body. I'll just sit here and wait until sommebody comes- and then i'll open my mouth and ecream...

  • The black cat

    When the man killed his wife into de celler

  • Soon it will end. On this wild night i will at last be free- free to search for my brother, and take him withme. One more push, and this wood will break. Then the door, and up the stairs. You cannot escape ne now, brother...

  • The Fall of the House of Usher

  • I son't know what's wrong with me tonight, I must hve unlucky cards- i've always won before when i've played aganist him. Mustn't look worried. Have another glass of wine. He'll make a mistake soon, and them i'll win all my money back...

  • William Wilson

    Wilson play with the duke in Rome

    8.Look At these adjectives and noums from the story. Make trhee pairs of words- an adjectives plus a noum- to suit each story. You can use words more than once.

    Dark-castle/animal-the masque of the read death/ the black cat

    Deep- sound/sadnen-Wiliam Wilson/ The fall of the House of Usher

    Evil-plan-wiliam wilson

    Fantastic-idea-The fall of the house of Usher

    Freigtening-gloom/feeling-The fall of the house os Usher/ william Wilson

    Ghostly-Face-the fall of the hoiuse of Usher

    Loud-Scream-the Tell-tale Heart

    Misterios-stranger-The tell-Tale Heast

    Sad-House-The Fall of the House of Usher

    Silent-Murder-The Tell-Tale Heast

    Strange-Sound/Fear- The Tell-Tale Heart/Wiliam Wilson

    Terrible-Disease/anger- The masque of the read Death/ The black cat

    Voiolent-Storn-The fall of The House Of Usher

    Wild-Face/pleasure-The masque of the red Death/ William Wilson

    10.Wich story did you find most frightening? Why?

    Never, because this storys are sadics.



    Autumn: tardo

    Sky: cel

    Walls: paret

    Gloom: penombra

    Empty: comparar

    Servant: servent

    Tasteless: de mal gust

    Leg: cama

    Around: al voltant

    Huge: enorme


    Deeply: profundament

    Explain: explicar

    Even: uniforme

    Pocket: butxaca

    Human: huma

    Plaster: guix

    Climb: escalada

    Worried: preocupat

    Between: entre

    Neck: coll


    Disease: enfermetat

    Keys: claus

    Dream: son

    Filled: ple

    Narrow: estret

    Among: entre

    Shadow: en la sombra

    Hang: penjar

    Sword: espasa

    Fearless: valent


    Remenber: recordar

    Misery: miseria

    Playground: pati d'esbarjo

    Following: seguent

    Clearly: clarament

    Drank: beguda

    Clothes: roba

    Cloak: capa

    Worst: dolent

    Double: doble


    Floor: tera

    Sound: sa

    Boring: aburrit

    Alone: sol

    Trouble: molestia

    Face: cara

    Hearing: sentit

    Beat: cop

    Neighbour: veí

    Wine: vi

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