A foreigner in Britain


The narrator, Antonio, is a Spanish young man. He studied at Salamanca University, where e met several British students. He makes different trips to England to visit relatives, school friends and childhood friends. His hosts take him to see the sights in their area. His anecdotes deal with historical facts and British culture, traditional and celebrations. He tells us about the new people he meets, the places he visits and his personal experiences.


  • Antonio is a Spanish young man, his father is American and he spent a long time in United States. Antonio has just finished the university. He has studied in Salamanca University, and met some foreign students there who he likes to visit in Britain.

  • He visits: London, York, Oxford, Cardiff, Cornwall, Manchester, Edinburgh and Scotland in this order.

  • Antonio goes to: pub, carnival, theatre, old market, cathedral, castle, restaurant, football match.


  • Carpet: Catifa

  • Joke: Broma

    Rhyming: Rima

    Beards and horns on their helmets: Barbes i banyes als seus cascs

    Former: Anterior

    Silly: Tonto

    Shape: Forma

    Church: Esglèsia

    Waitress: Cambrera

    Leaflet: Prospecte

    5. Introduction

    Antonio is presented to we and in a conversation with his friend Mark said that generalize about British people, costumes, etc. is wrong.

    Antonio is a Spanish young man, his father is American and he spent a long time in United States. Antonio has just finished the university. He has studied in Salamanca University, and met some foreign students there who he likes to visit in Britain.

    London (Chapters 1 and 2)

    Antonio visited London with a Spanish friend and they went to a typical British pub but in Britain most of the pubs close so early and this surprised Pablo. The next afternoon Antonio took his friend to a good Hotel in the centre of London and drank a tea in a tearoom.

    In New Year's Eve Antonio and Pablo went to Trafalgar Square to listen the bells but they couldn't hear to them because there were a lot of people.

    They went to Globe Theatre on the south bank of the River Thames and saw a Shakespeare's performance.

    Later they travel by The Tube, one of most special places of London and they was surprised to see a Muslim woman who only her eyes were uncovered. I can't understand this reaction because in Spain this image is very usual.

    They ate in a Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown and later went to see the Caribbean carnival in Notting Hill.

    They took a typical London Taxi and the driver talked to Antonio and Pablo in Cockney rhyming slang and they couldn't understand to him.

    York (Chapter 3)

    York is a country with much history, Antonio traveled alone by train and meets Barbara Green who said to the foreigner that could stay in the Green Guest House that was cheap. In this house he ate a typical, enormous breakfast.

    Antonio visited the Jorvik Viking Center and arrived at Coppergate Market (based on 948 AD).

    Later in the streets of York a man asked Antonio about the way to York Minister and he decided to visit it with the man who was from Chicago.

    York Minister is the biggest Gothic cathedral in Europe, it took more than 250 years to build and was finished in 1480. It has very impressive windows at stained glass.

    They visited the Castle Museum and talk about the ghosts who live in it.

    Oxford (Chapter 4)

    Oxford University is one of the oldest and most prestigious university in the world. Antonio appeared in the Oxford shopping district and was immediately disappointed.

    He later visited the gardens of Magdalen College that have a beautiful bell-tower, next to the medieval bridge.

    Antonio dinner a typical meal of fish and chips in a traditional-looking pub and the barman explained to him the history of Scholastica Massacre in 1355.

    At night Antonio and his ex-girlfriend Lisa went to a May Ball who is a very elegant dance, and at the end of Ball they were to the Magdalen Bridge and saw that the people was jumping into the river and they jumped too and drank champagne into the water.

    English Christmas (Chapter 5)

    First one of Antonio's dreams became true, he was in the passenger seat of a 1925 Bentley and he felt the happiest man on earth. He went to a reunion of Bentley Drivers Club.

    He passed the Christmas in Nicola's home (a friend from university). Antonio received presents from Christmas Father and ate the turkey with Nicola's family.

    Wales (Chapter 6)

    In this chapter he was imagining that was in a small Caribbean island when the phone rang, and was Gareth, an old Antonio friend, and she said to him that she would marry.

    In the celebration Gareth introduced to Antonio Angharad and he fell in love.

    Antonio and Angharad went windsurfing but he finally preferred to watch she on the beach.

    The last day Antonio stayed in Wales they went to the Royal National Eisteddfod who is a popular festival of competitive music-making and poetry-writing in Europe.

    Cornwall (Chapter 7)

    In this chapter Antonio explains that during his stance in Wales he read about a competition in a travel magazine, and then he wanted to write an article to participate. He decided with the help of Gareth to write about Cornwall who is a remote area in the south-west corner of Britain. He started her trip in Bude, and in a pub meets Richard, an old man who explained some legends and stories about the Cornwall to Antonio.

    Antonio went to Tintagel and stayed in the Castle Hotel as Richard had suggested, three days later he was in Chapel Porth and remembered a Richard's story about a Giant named Boster and the Piskies, in this village the sea is red with Boster blood.

    Antonio visited other towns and remembered another stories, finally he finished his article but didn't win the competition but the important is that the magazine published it.

    Manchester (Chapter 8)

    Antonio was in a Thai restaurant with his cousin Louise when she exclaimed that in front of they was sitting David Beckham and the mentality of Britain people is that a famous is public property (this is very fun) and she went to ask her and Victoria Adams autographs.

    At night Antonio and Louise went to a fantastic club until 2.00 am. The next day Antonio went to Old Trafford stadium and met David and Steve, they seen an important match.

    Edinburgh and More of Scotland (Chapters 9 and 10)

    Antonio had a friend in Edinburgh since he had 14 because his school had an exchange with a school from this city that is the capital of Scotland.

    Six years later Antonio went to visit his friend, Martin, and they went to the Martin's flat where there were two flat mates, Paul and Alison.

    In Edinburgh was Festival time and they went to see it, there were a lot of clowns, mime artists, actors and musicians, they went to see Rowan Atkinson, the next day had a picnic and went to the circus.

    Martin took Antonio to north for a few days and there went to Dunkeld where despite the bad weather was celebrating the Games, a competition called “Tossing the Caber”, the Cabers were tree trunks.

    Another day they camp in mountain in the rain and the next day went to see the Loch Ness, to find Nessie.

    Finally they went to most northern point of Scotland and took the ferry to the Orkney Islands.


    Antonio said to we that travel with an opened mind is better and that in his next trip he will visit Ireland and will write about this.


    6. I have consulted this question with my girlfriend and we are in agreement that we would go to London because is the most important city in Britain, and we would go to Oxford and if is possible we would like to go to the May Ball and coverall we would jump to the river and would drink champagne in the water.

    But to do this we would need to go with some friends or meet somebody in England.

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