Walkabout; James Vance Marshall


Mary was thirteen years old and her brother was eight. They have lived in Charleston in the USA.

Mary and Peter were on their trip to visit their Uncle Keith. He lived in the city of Adelaide in Australia. The plane was flying over Australia desert when the plane made a strange sound, one of the engines was on fire. Seconds later, the plane made a crash landing in the middle of the desert.

Mary and Peter could to exit by plane, but the pilot was trying to pull the co-pilot out of the plane, when the plane exploited.

They were now all alone in the middle of the Australian desert. They decided to walk, they stopped when they arrived to a stream. This night was very hard, they couldn't sleep and they were worried because they didn't food, Mary and Peter only had a stick of barley sugar. But at the last they fell asleep.

The next day they finished their sticks and they went to looking for food, later of long walk, they found the kinds of trees with fruit, Mary and Peter began to pick a lot of fruit, when suddenly, Peter saw a young boy, he explained it to his sister. Peter went to say hello to Bush boy, he was black and he was as old as his sister, Mary, and he were no clothes. Peter and Bush boy did friend very soon, but Bush boy didn't speak english and they didn't speak his language.

From that day, They'd accompany to Bush boy. That day started the travel with Brush boy. He started to teach about as find water and food or as make a fire to Mary and Peter.

One day, Brush boy did a surprise to children, (he disguise with Mary's clothes), but Mary didn't grace, and she looked furious brush boy and it thought to brush boy that this looking were the spirits of the death.

The aborigine didn't believe in the life later of died, and when they believe that the death arrive, they died.

Later of all the days the journey, they asked them why Bush boy went all alone for the desert, but they never will know because he went alone. (the why is very simple: he was doing the WALKABOUT. Walkabout is a test for Aborigine boys of thirteen or fourteen. They must walk all alone from one water hole to another. They must search for food alone. The journey lasts six to eight months. Only the strongest boys will live. Only the strongest boys will become fathers of children. Before he met the children, the brush boy had done very well.)

But the days pass and Bush boy didn't sleep, didn't eat. He was very weak.

Mary and Peter started to see that Bush boy was ill, but that's too much late, and later of explain them the way, he died.

This day, they followed the way that Bush boy said them. They learned very much, from these moment they didn't go off hungry, Bush boy had taught them very much.

In the last, they arrived to The Valley-of-Waters-Under-the-Earth. Here, was where Bush boy wanted to bring the children.

Next morning, they got ready to leave. As they were starting to move away, they saw the smoke. Smoke from a fire on the other side of the lake, they decided to ignite a fire.

When the bush family saw fire, they went to see that pass, when the man of the family, explained them with a draw that over the hills, there was a house (a white house).

They started to walk towards the valley.


MARY She is a hard girl, she controls the situations and never lose the nerves. In the beginning, when she knows the boy, she feels afraid of him. But also thinks, that at the end of when the bush boy died, she falls in love with him.

PETER He is very young, but he is very nice and funny. In the beginning of the history, this character is weak, but when the days started to pass, he takes the initiative. He started to speak with bush boy, is the first in undressed, is the first in smile, is the first in cry,... For this, he is my favourite character.

BUSH BOY He is a boy with clear ideas, and he is very kind because he learns to Mary and Peter as outlive in the desert. I think he fell in love with Mary in the moment that he saw her. Although, he is very hard, when he saw this look, (the look of spirits of the death) He turned a weak boy, it think myself that he never would be a Aborigine boy for them.


Oh! I don't know that say!

Usually, I like comparing the books, but this, I can't compare with any other, because I never had read a book like this, because, I prefer love books. But it is very good for me. Now I will have to compare my love stories with a adventure book or with others adventures book.

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