To Kill a Mockingbird; Harper Lee


The writer's name in the story is Scout (Jean Louise). She starts remembering when her brother Jem (Jeremy Atticus Finch) broke his arm, when he was 13 years old. She also says the Jem was 4 years older than she was. Her father's name is Atticus, and her mother (a Graham from Montgomery) had died when she was 2 years old, so she didn't miss her that much 'cause she didn't remember her very well. Their cook is Calpurnia. She remembers her grandfather Simon Finch, who was a Methodist who came from England, because they didn't accept them there. This guy Simon (he had been at first to Philadelphia, then to Jamaica, then to Mobile, and finally to Saint Stephens) had married a girl from Saint Stephens, and he had died old and rich. He had had two sons and one daughter. The eldest, Atticus, had gone to Montgomery to read law; the other boy had gone to Boston to study medicine. The sister had married a taciturn that didn't work a lot. After Atticus had finished studying, he had gone to Maycomb, which was an old town. That summer Jem and Scout's boundaries were Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose's house, two doors to the north; and The Radley Place, three doors to the south. That was the summer that they had known Dill (Charles Baker Harris). He was at Miss Rachel Haverford's house, next to the Pinch's house. They made friends with Dill and Dill came up with the idea of making Boo Radley come out. He (Boo) once had done strange stuff, and had refused to get arrested by Maycomb's ancient beadle, Mr Conner, and some of his partners had gone to a school because of that, but he hadn't, because his father didn't want. When Mr Radley had died, the eldest of the two brothers (Mr Nathan Radley) had come back from Pensacola and took over the house. Finally, Dill and Jem make a bet and Jem wins it, because he touches the Radley's house.


Scout had to go to school for the first time, and at first she was very happy and anxious about it. Jem had already told her that they weren't supposed to play during the breaks among them. But the first day she had some trouble with the teacher (Miss Caroline Fisher, about 21 years old), because the teacher thought Atticus had been teaching Scout, but Scout said that not. Scout also had a disagreement with Miss Caroline because the teacher didn't know some stuff about the Cunningham's, for example that they didn't accept what they couldn't pay back (this happened before lunch time). Scout got whipped in the hand with a ruler, and then sent to a corner, while everybody laughed. So Scout learned to write with Calpurnia, and the Bible. She was also caught writing a letter to Dill.


After having the disagreement with Miss Caroline because of the problem about Walter Cunningham, Scout caught Walter later in the schoolyard and she was making him eat dirt when Jem came. Jem told her to stop, and invited Walter to have lunch with them. Scout didn't want to do so. When Walter was at the Finch's place, he asked for syrup and drowned his supper on it, so Scout got angry and started protesting. Because of this, Calpurnia asked her to go to the kitchen, and when she was there she spoke very hardly to her. Scout was very angry with Cal after this. So, after having lunch, they went back to school and Jem and Walter went before Scout. When they entered to the classroom, they found Miss Caroline paralysed at a cootie and she was saying, "It's alive!" Everyone got close, and Little Chuck was very kind with Miss Caroline, and brought her water in a paper cup. Meanwhile, Burris Ewell (who was the one that had the cootie) looked for it and killed it with two fingers. So, Miss Caroline asked for his name, and Burris said it. She told him to go home and wash his hair, and he said that he would go home because he wanted to do so. One of the students said to the teacher that the Ewells went only the first day to school and the rest of the year they would mark them absent. Burris had stood up so Miss Caroline told him to sit down. He refused so Little Chuck stood up and told him to leave, that if not he could kill him (or something like that). So Burris left in anger, but he said a lot of bad things to the teacher. All the kids surrounded her while she was crying, and finally she smiled and blew her nose. When Scout got back home (she passed running in front of the Radley place), she realised that Calpurnia was being a good person again with her, like showing she was sorry. She raced Jem up the sidewalk to meet Atticus coming from his office. Then Scout came up with the idea of not going to school anymore. The reason she had was that she wouldn't be able to read with her dad. After having dinner she talked this to Atticus and they made an agreement: she would go to school, and he would teach her to read. She wouldn't tell Miss Caroline about it. The following Saturday Jem spent almost all day in the treehouse, and Scout was supplying him with all the things he needed, until Atticus told her that if she didn't did so, Jem would come down. And that was what happened.


The rest of Scout's school days were as boring as the first one. She always passed in front of the Radley's place on her way from school to her house, at 2:30, half an hour before Jem came out from school, at 3 o'clock. One day she found a chewing gum in a hole in an oak in front of the Radley's. The chewing gum had some tinfoil covering it. She took it out and run home. Once in the porch she smelled it, then licked it. It was Wrigley's double mint. She put it in her mouth. When Jem realised this he told her not to eat things she found, and Scout told him she had found it in that hole in the tree. Jem said that if she even touched the oaks in front of that house, she would get killed. So she said, "You even touched the house once!" Jem told her to spit it and she did it. Then he told her to go gargle, but she didn't want to because that would take the taste off her mouth. Jem said he was going to tell her on Calpurnia, so Scout did what Jem had told her. Summer was on the way, and Dill did so too. The last day of school Jem and Scout were back earlier from school, and Scout, as always, showed Jem the hole in which she had found the chewing gum. So Jem saw it. He saw a tiny little box, like then ones in which wedding rings come in. They went to the porch and opened it. It had two Indian-heads inside. They were coins. One was nineteen six and the other one nineteen hundred. Those were very old and Jem told Scout that those coins brought good luck to you, like good health or long life. They thought they must be someone's, so they said that at the end of the summer they would ask everyone about it. Two days later, Dill arrived, and he was happy. Herper mentions that his father was the president of the L & N Railroad and that he had pointed beard. Jem, Scout and Dill talked about Hot Steams, spirits that were on roads at night, and that they couldn't go to Heaven. If you pass through one of them, you would be a Hot Sr. when you die. Scout said Calpurnia said it was niggers talk, so Jem got angry with her. Then they went to play with the tire. Scout was first and Jem pushed her down the sidewalk with all his force. When she finally stopped at the Radley's porch, as soon as she could walk again she went running up to where Jem & Dill were, very angry. Jem had to go to look for the tire. Calpurnia went out and said it was lemonade time, at mid-morning, a summer ritual. The following days they played they were the Radleys. Scout: Mrs Radley, Jem: Boo Radley, Dill: Mr Radley. They also acted some other things, and Dill could be anything he would have to be. Every time some neighbour passed they stopped acting. One day they didn't realised that Atticus was seeing them act, when he asked what they were doing, Jem said "Nothing, sir", so Atticus took the scissors they were using and went to the livinroom. They used the scissors and pieces of newspaper to do as if someone was killing another one. The three kids went to the back yard then, to make sure Atticus wasn't listening. Here Scout says she had heard another sound when she had stopped rolling in the tire. Some in the house was laughing. Cecil Jacobs appears in this chapter. Cecil walked more then a mile each school day to avoid the Radley's place and Mrs Henry Lafayette Dubose's. She was the meanest woman in the world. Her place was 2 doors up the street from the Finch's.


Jem and Dill stopped playing with Scout, and they didn't give much attention to her. So Scout started visiting Miss Maudie Atkinson. She was old, and a very kind woman. She was a widow, and she always went out more or less at five to the porch. She made the best cakes in all Maycomb County. She called Jem, Scout and Dill by their names. Miss Maudie cared a lot about her garden and her flowers and she let the kids play in her garden. Once Scout had a conversation about Boo Radley with Scout. Miss Maudie told her that his real name was Arthur and that he was still alive. They also talked about the foot-washers. The next morning Scout got up and went to the garden, where Dill & Jem where. She told her no. She wasn't when they told her to leave, so they said she couldn't tell anybody what she would hear. They were planning to send a note to Boo Radley, through a side window. The note would be inviting him to go outside and meet then, and if he wanted to, to have an ice cream. Jem was gonna put it with a long stick, while Dill and Scout would be watching if someone was getting close. Jem couldn't let it, and in that moment Atticus arrived and they couldn't hide what they were doing. Atticus told the guys not to bother Boo, because if he didn't want to go out, it was his business. Atticus said that maybe it was strange for them not to go out never, but it was OK for Boo, maybe. Atticus asked Jem "You want to be a lawyer, don't you?" And there Jem realised Atticus had discovered what they were doing by an old lawyer trick. When his father was far enough not to hear him, Jem yelled, "I think I wanted to be a lawyer, but I ain't so sure now!"


That was the last night Dill was staying there, so they met (Jem, Scout & Dill). They met outside, and decided to go to the Radley's, and at first Scout didn't want to go, but Jem said she was like a girl, so she went. They passed a fence, and then a door. They were in the back yard. First Jem took Scout's hands and Scout took Jem's. Dill stepped on the hands and tried to look through a window, but it was covered by curtains. The Radley's place was not better from the backside. So Dill went back down. Jem started to get close to the porch, to see. However, suddenly, they saw a shadow. First, Scout; then, Dill, and he covered his eyes. And, at last, Jem. They started running silently back to the door, when they heard a shot. They passed the door very quickly and then the fence. First, Jem held the wire and Scout, first, and Dill passed. Dill & Scout started running to the schoolyard, but Jem wasn't with them. They turned and saw that Jem couldn't get loose of the fence, so finally he took his pants off. He was in his shorts now. They ran to the house (the Finch's). They saw that a lot of people were surrounding the Radley's place, including Atticus, because of the shot. Dill, Scout & Jem got closer as if they knew nothing about what had happened, and the people there explained them. "Mr Nathan shot a Negro. Shot in the air. "Nathan had said that he would shoot anything that went through his collard patch, which was the part where the guys had passed, no matter if it was Negro, dog, or... Jem Finch!" Atticus asked why Jem was without his pants, and Dill invented that they had been playing strip poker with matches. Miss Rachel was angry with this, but Atticus calmed her down. So, the three guys went back to their houses. Before entering his aunt's house, Dill reminded Scout they were engaged and kissed in front of Jem and told her to write to him. At 2 o'clock in the morning, give or take, Scout and Jem were not asleep, and Jem decided to go fetch his pants. At first, Scout told him not to do so, but Jem said that if Nathan found the pants he would give them to Atticus and he would whip Jem, and he didn't want Atticus to whip him, because he didn't remember of any time that Atticus had whipped him. This was because he had never caught him. Finally, Jem went to get the pants. Scout was very nervous. Atticus coughed. Jem returned, held up his pants, and went to sleep, without saying a word.


Jem stayed silent for some days. The second grade was as boring as the first. The only good thing was that Scout went back home together with Jem, at 3 o'clock. One afternoon, on their way home, Jem told Scout that the high he had gone to look for his pants, they were all sewed up, but not tidily, just as if he'd tried to sew them himself (Jem). Jem said it was like someone knew what he was going to do. As they passed their tree, they saw a grey twine ball inside the knothole. They said that must be a young boy's hiding place, and said that they would keep everything they found inside the hole. As Scout said the second grade was a bore, Jem said that gradually, school became better. The seasons are not much defined in Maycomb. One October afternoon, as they passed their tree, they found two little soap figures. The soap had a boy and a girl carved, and they came to the conclusion that they were they. They wondered who might have carved that little dolls. Less than two weeks later they found a whole package of chewing gum. The week after they found a medal, and Atticus told them that before they were born, there were spelling contests in Maycomb, and the prizes were medals like that one. Some days later they found a pocket watch, that didn't worked. They asked Atticus where may it come from, and Jem said he was going to fix it, but he couldn't do so. Scout and Jem decided to write a letter to the guy that was leaving those presents for them, but when they were going to put the letter the tree, they saw that someone had put cement. Finally they realised that someone had been Mr. Nathan Radley; its excuse was that the tree was dying, but it didn't look like dying. Jem stayed outside, in the porch, and when he came in Scout realised he had been crying.


That winter was very cold. Mrs Radley died, but nobody cared much. That was the first time it snowed since 1885, so it was a great thing, and Scout thought it was going to be the end of the world, but Atticus told her not to be worried about its they decided to make a snow man. They went to take some snow from Miss Maudie's yard. Mr. Avery said the weather changed when the kids behaved badly, and it was their fault. Miss Maudie was glad about this, because that would take the snow off her azaleas. They were very happy when they finished their snowman, especially Jem (because he had been supervising the whole thing). Atticus came and told them it was very good. He said to Jem he better disguised it because Mr. Avery might feel offended. So Jem went to Miss Maudie's and took her sunhat, and put it in the head of the snowman. Miss Maudie came out and saw the creation. Atticus went to talk with her, and Maudie said this "...erected an absolute morphodite... you'll never raise 'em, Atticus!" When the night came is was cold. They went to sleep. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, Scout was wakening up by Atticus. He, Scout and Jem went to the street, and saw Miss Maudie's house in fire. Some men were taking the things out. Three firetrucks came, and the one from Maycomb County was frizzed and some men had to push it. Atticus went to help and told Jem and Scout to stay in front of the Radley's and do nothing. Mr. Avery was helping and got stuck in a window, but finally could let go and jumped to the floor. The men put water to the houses near Miss Maudie's (including the Finch's), so that the fire couldn't expand. Atticus and his children went to their house to have a cup of hot chocolate. Miss Maudie was sad. When in their house, Atticus realised that Scout had a brown blanket that was from the Radley's. So Atticus said they were so interested on the fire that they didn't realised that Boo Radley had gone by them and given a blanket to Scout. The next day they woke at noon and didn't go to school. Scout went to talk with Miss Maudie, and she said she was tired of that house, she'd always wanted a smaller one, so as to have a bigger yard. Miss Maudie was staying at Miss Stephanie Crawford. She was a weird person.

Chapter 9

Scout was about to fight Cecil Jacobs in the schoolyard, but she remembered Atticus had toold her not to fight any more, that she was old enough to doing that stuff. She told Jem she had been told that Atticus defended niggers, so she asked Atticus. He said, first of all, it was Negro, not nigger, and he told her that she would had to defend any customer he had. Atticus said that THE one case in a lifetime that was going to affect him personally. She told her that no matter the things she heared about him at school, she didn't have to care about them. He also told her they had to fight for a change. Cousin Ike Finch is mentioned, it seems he had fighted in the North South war, and he kind of wanted a revenge. He was a veteran. Atticus said they were fighting their friends. The next day, Scout was about to fight with Cecil again, but she remembered what her father had told her, and she accepted that Cecil shouted "Coward!!" at her. This was 3 weeks before Christmas. Chistmas came and Uncle Jack came to stay for a week with them. Here, Aunt Alexandra and her husband are mentioned. Jimmy (the husband) hardly ever talked to Scout, just 'Get off the fence', once. They had had a son called Henry that had married and had a son called Francis. Every Christmas, Francis went with his grandparents. Scout says Alexandra was different from Atticus, that maybe she had been swapped at birth. They had gone to the Landing every Christmas in her memory. Uncle Jack was a good man, and the only scientist wasn't afraid of. When he stepped off the train he would kiss Atticus on the cheek, and that was funny for Scout and Jem. He would shake hands with Jem and swing Scout high, but not enough cos he was a head shorter than Atticus. That time he had two packages with him. Jack had a cat called Rose Alymer, and it was a female cat. While having dinner, Scout said "damn", so Uncle Jack told her to meet afterwards. He told her she was growing, but she shoudn't bad language, such as "damn" or "hell", because she wasn't being a lady that way. Then they went to decorate the tree till bedtime. Scout had asked Jack about the big boxes, but Jack had said it was none of her business. Next morning, Scout and Jem took the boxes: they were air-rifles. They were to have lunch to the Finch's Landing, which was a land with some old cotton fields, a stream, etc. It had a big white house, which Simon Finch had built up for his wife. Alex. Jimmy and Francis were there. All of them sat if the big dining table, and left Scout apart. After dinner, she was talking to Francis, and suddenly he said Atticus was a nigger-lover, and that he was the shame of the family. This made Scout went angry, and, after chasing him, she decided to punch him, although Aunt Alexandra had told them don't to mess up. Everyone came and Uncle Jack punished Scout, while she told him she hated him and she wished she would die the day after. They went home right after. When in home, Uncle Jack tried to get close to Scout, and she told him he didn't know how to get on with children, despite the fact that she loved him. She explained him her side of the mess she had had with Francis, so Uncle Jack understood. Scout made him promise she wouldn't tell that to Atticus, and said thay had fought for another reason. Jack helped her to clean her knuckles. Scout asked him what was a whore-lady (she had called Francis like that), but Uncle Jack invented a story about a Prime Minister. When she was supposed to be in bed, she went down the hall for a glass of water, when she heard Atticus and Uncle Jack talking. Uncle Jack told Atticus Scout had asked him what a whore-lady was, and said he had invented that story, so Atticus told him that, when a kid asked what a bad word was, he had to tell him right there. Suddenly, Atticus realized that Scout was listening and sent her to bed. I was not but years later that Scout realized Atticus wanted her to hear every word he said.

Chapter 10

Scout says Atticus was nearly fifty. She says every kid in school said "My father...", but she couldn't say anything about her father. He worked in an office, and he wore glasses. Atticus was almost blind on his left-eye, and he said that was typical of the Finches.
Jem was crazy about football, and when he played with Atticus he'd not permit him to tackle him, because Atticus said "he was too old". When Atticus gave his kids the air-rifles, Uncle Jack taught tham to shoot, and Atticus said it was better that the shoot at tin-cans, but they could shoot at bluejays, but never to mockingbirds, because it's a sin to kill a mockingbird. Scout went to see Miss Maudie, and she said that Atticus was a good checkers player, and when Scout said she and Jem always beat him, Maudie said he let them win. Maudie also said Atticus played the Jew's Harp. When Scout came back from Stephanie's (where Maudie was staying) she saw Jem shooting at a tin-can, and she made a target with several things, and put it near Miss Maudie. When Atticus arrived, she adviced Maudie to be careful (she said he was a "devil from hell"). Then came the match Methodists-Baptists, where almost every father-of-someone on town was playing, except Atticus. Jem went to watch, along with the others. One Saturday, Jem and Scout went to see if they found squirrels or something like that. They came back home with nothing at all, and they saw a dog coming from the south. They told Cal, and at first she didn't believe it, but when she saw the way the dog was, she started screaming. She called Atticus to come, by the phone, and asked Miss Eula May to phone everyone in that street who had a phone. Everyone knew the dog was coming (because of Eula May). Atticus and Mr. Heck Tate arrived on a Ford. The dog was Tim Johnson, and he was the property of Mr. Harry Johnson who drove the Mobile bus and lived on the southern edge of town. It was the pet of Maycomb (the dog).
Cal tried to keep Jem and Scout inside the house. Suddenly, Atticus took the heavy rifle Keck had brought, aimed, shot, and Tim Johnson fell dead. The dog was just beside the Radley's.
Miss Maudie told Jem (who was really amazed) and Scout that their father hadn't tell them he was a good shooter (he was called Ol' One-Shot when he was young), because it was a talent, and he didn't have to be proud of that, because God had give it to him.
Then Zeebo went to pick Tim up, and he poured something from a gallon jug on the place Tim J. had been shot dead. He said "Keep away from here!". Scout said she was going to tell that to every kid on school, but Jem warned her "If Atticus hadn't told us about it, it's because he doesn't want everyone to know about it.". The he ran, shouting: "Atticus is a gentleman, just like me!".

Chapter 11

Scout starts talking about Mrs Dubose. Scout says she's really a bad person, and every time they tried to be nice with her she would answer some insult or something in a bad-mannered way. She lived two doors up the street, and they had to pass her house to go to town. She spent most of her time in a wheelchair or in bed. Jem and Scout hated her.
Every time Atticus found Jem furious because Mrs Dubose was said something to him, he told him not to care, that she was ill, and he had to be like a gentleman. The day after Jem's birthday, they were going to town and Mrs Dubose was there. She told the kids Atticus was a nigger-lover. They followed their way to town, and Jem bought his miniature steam engine, and he also bought a baton for Scout at Elmore's. When they were coming back, as they passed Mrs Dubose's place, they noticed she was no there. Jem, who was very angry, took Scout's baton and began breaking the top of all the camellias Mrs Dubose had in the front yard. He left the baton there and threatened Scout, and as she fell, he help her to stand up again, with a face that revealed he was sorry.
They went back home, and they didn't went up the road to meet Atticus. As he came in, he showed Jem the baton and a piece of camellia and asked him if he had done that. Jem said yes, and he had done it because Mrs Dubose had called Atticus a nigger lover.
Atticus told Jem to go and say sorry to Mrs Dubose. Scout was rocked by Atticus for a while, until Jem arrived back. Jem said he had told her he was sorry, but he ain't, and that he was going to take care of the camellias every Saturday. He also said she had wanted him to read her out loud every day after school, for a month. So, they ("they" because Scout went with Jem) went every day to read to Mrs Dubose. The place was creepy and strange. One day, Scout asked Atticus what a nigger-lover was. She said Francis had called him like that last Christmas and she also said that Mrs Dubose called him like that every afternoon. He said it was a meaning-less term. He said that people used it when they saw that someone was favoring Negroes. He said -after Scout asked him if he was- that he certainly was a nigger-lover, because he made everything that was possible for him to love everyone. After a month of this conversation, Jem Scout were still going to Mrs Dubose's. Atticus came in, and there they realized that Mrs Dubose had an alarm clock set each day later, and that was the sign that they had to leave. Mrs Dubose said there was still a week left, and there Jem Scout may not came anymore. So, the days passed, and the last day she said "That'll do (as every day in that week). And that's all. Good-day to you."
So they left to their house. Then came spring, and every night Atticus would read the sports column of the newspaper for them. One evening, Atticus received a phone call. He had to go to Mrs Dubose and he would be back after a while. But he came back very late, and told Jem Scout that Mrs Dubose had died. ? She had died because she was a morphine addict and she had stopped receiving morphine. Atticus brought a candy box with him, and it was for Jem. It had some cotton surrounding and a Snow-on-the-Mountain. He got mad with Mrs Dubose, and said "Why can't she leave me alone?!". Atticus told him she had been a lady, and after Jem said "A lady?", he started explaining. He said she had been very brave, but bravery didn't mean a guy with a gun in his hand. For Atticus, Mrs Dubose was the bravest person he had ever met. Jem threw the candy box in the fire and picked up the camellia. When Scout went to sleep, he was fingering the wide petals. Atticus was reading the paper

Chapter 12

Jem was growing, and this brought some disadventadges to Scout. Jem could even get to tell her what to do. But summer was coming, and Dill did to also. But that time he couldn't go to Maycomb. He had got a new father, and they were going to make a fishing boat there in Meridian. He sent a letter to Scout saying all this, and, enclosed with the letter, was a picture of his new father. He was a lawyer, as Atticus, but much younger. Besides, Atticus had to leave for 2 weeks, because the state legislature had been called into emergency. (?).
One morning, they saw a picture of Atticus, representing the fact that he did the stuff nobody would do, with the caption "Maycomb's Finch". That day they decided that Jem and Scout would go to church the other day with Calpurnia. That night they were very well washed, both of them. The next day they were very well-dressed, and they went to the Negro church, which was the First Purchase African M.E. Church. When they were about to get in, Lula came, while all the other people were amazed (I think so). She was a trouble-maker and she asked some questions to Calpurnia, about she coming with them to church. Lula said "They've got their own church", and Calpurnia replied "It's the same God, ain't it?". Then came Zeebo, and said hello to them.
Finally, they came in. There were no hymn-books or decoration, except for a pink silk saying "God Is Love" and a rotogravure print of Hunt's The Light of The World. The priest was Reverend Sykes. He, first of all, announced that that day's collection would go for Helen Robinson (the wife of Tom Robinson, who had 3 kids). Zeebo went forward, said a line, and everybody sang it, that was how they sang a song. He spoke about sin. He gave examples of people who didn't go to church or made bad things. Then came the collection (Cal had given a dime to Jem and one to Scout). After it, the priest dropped all the money on a table, and said "This ain't enough, we need ten dollars". And the doors were closed. Finally, they got the ten dollars (Jem and Scout put dimes of their own). When they came out Calpurnia stayed with Zeebo (her eldest son), while Scout and Jem went to talk to Reverend Sykes.
On their way home, Scout asked Cal why T. Robinson was in jail, and Cal said Bob Ewell had accused him of raping his daughter. Scout asked Cal what was rape and Cal said she better asked her father, he would know how to explain it. Calpurnia also said nearly everybody in that church didn't know how to read, and that was why they had to sing lining. Only Cal, Zeebo, and some more people could read. Cal revealed she was older than Atticus, although she didn't look like. She didn't remember her birthday, so she just said it was in Christmas. The kids asked Calpurnia why she spoke black-language with the Negroes. She said, first of all, because she was black. She also said you didn't have to show all you know, people would find it rude. Scout asked Cal if she could come to visit her, and she said yes, it would be a pleasure. When they were passing the Radley place, they saw Aunt Alexandra on their porch.

Chapter 13

Aunt Alexandra wasn't a good person. She was kind of cold. She was going to stay with them so Scout had some feminine influence. She was growing up and soon she would start to be interested in boys and in clothes, but Scout didn't agree with that and, besides, she thought, Cal was also a girl. Scout remembers her conversations with Aunt Alexandra: they were always the same. The remainder of the afternoon, they stayed doing nothing, until they heard a car: it was Atticus. They ran out to welcome him. He explained the kids Aunt Alex. had come because he couldn't stay all the day at home. Scout didn't get it. Aunt Alexandra knew how to get on with people in Maycomb, or at least she did well. She took part in some organizations. Everybody in Maycomb had a Streak. Aunt Alexandra's theory of being fine was when a family could stay in the same piece of land for a long while. However, if this theory had been true, then the Ewells were fine people, but from the eyes of almost everybody, they weren't fine at all.
Scout says "Aunt Alexandra's theory had something behind it, though." Maycomb was an ancient town. Long ago, had lived a Sinkfield who was no patriot. When the governor said they needed a place to build a town, the place was over Sinkfield's tavern, and it was by a stream. When the surveyors, Sinkfield's guests, showed him the map, he said no. So they had to build Maycomb farther from the stream. It took to days for a man coming from the North of the county to get to Maycomb for store-bought goods, because it was very far from the stream, and the only way for a man to travel was by river-boat. So very few new families came to Maycomb, and they were almost always the same names, and there were also dictas, like "No Crawford minds his own business", and some others. Aunt Alexandra fit into the world of Maycomb like a hand into a glove, but never into Jem and Scout's world. It was Summer, so Jem and Scout rarely saw A.A during the day. Sometimes they would enter the house for a glass of water and they would find A.A with Maycomb ladies. Once, A.A introduced Scout to cousin Lily Brooke. When the ladies were gone, _A.A looked for a book in her room and showed it to Scout and Jem. It said "Meditations of Joshua S. St Clair". Jem said that was the one who had gone to jail because he had tried to kill the presindent. Then, before bedtime, Jem and Scout were in his room, and Atticus entered. He told them A.A had asked him to tell them they were the product of gentle people's breeding, so they had to behave as a young lady and gentleman they were. Sunddenly, Atticus said sth, to Scout, and it made her feel, like it was not him. Scout was about to cry, and she tried to move. She was stopped by Atticus' vest. She stayed there... and asked him if all that behaving and stuff was going to make thing change. He told her not to worry, cos it was no time for worrying. There, she felt he was Atticus again. Scout asks him if they had to remember everything the Finches had to do, but Atticus told she didn't have to remember a thing. "Forget it", he said. Atticus left and then slightly opened the door, peered and said he was each day more like Joshua, maybe he was going to cost the family 500 dollars. "I know now what he was trying to do, but Atticus was only a man. It takes a woman to do that kind of work."

Chapter 14

They didn't hear anything else about the Finch family from Aunt Alexandra (A.A). Jem would go with Scout when he had to go on the street, and people would say "Look, yonder's some Finches". Once a guy said sth. with "rape", as they passed by, and so Scout remembered she had to ask Atticus what was rape. She asked him that night, he said it was carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent. She explained him Calpurnia had told her to ask Atticus when they were back from church, that Sunday that he had arrived. She told him in detail all the walk from church to the house. A.A was looking at them. Suddenly, Scout remembered Cal had told her to go and visit her whenever she wanted to, so Scout asked Atticus if she could go next Sunday. A.A said "No, you may not". Scout turned around and told her "I didn't ask you!". This made Atticus angry and he asked Scout to apologize to A.A. Scout apologized, and Atticus told her that, while A.A was in their house, she would have to do as she said.
Scout went, angry to the bathroom. She heard Atticus and A.A talking about "she" and "her", and A.A was saying we don't need her any more. Atticus said "(bla, bla, bla) and the kids love her. Calpurnia....". There Scout realized they had been talking about Calpurnia, so she felt a relief and went back. Suddenly, Jem left and told Scout to follow him. She did so. They went to Jem's room. When they were there, Jem told Scout not to antagonize A.A. Scout got angry cos he was telling her what to do, so, after quarreling a little, she punched him on the face. They started a fight, till Atticus had to come and separate them. He sent them to bed and Scout said "Taah!" to Jem because they were being sent to bed at the same time. Atticus asked them who had started it, and Scout said "Jem did!", and said he had tried to tell her what to do. Atticus smiled and said to Scout "[...] you mind Jem whenever he can make you.". They were in adjoining rooms, and as they stayed there they he! ard A.A saying "...just one of the things I've been telling you about". That united Jem Scout again. They told "Night" each other and went to sleep. Scout stepped on sth. resilient that was under her bed, she turned on the light and it wasn't there. So she thought it was a snake and went to ask Jem, who first thought she was joking. They went to see and Jem took a broom. He hit down the bed and they heard a grunt. Jem said there was someone yonder and suddenly came Dill out of he bed. They were amazed. Scout brought him some food and milk. After eating it, Dill related a completely false story about how he had got there. Then he realized nobody had believed it and told the true one. He took 30 buck from her mom and bought a ticket for the train. Then he came from Maycomb Junction to Maycomb walking and in the back of a cotton train. Jem told Atticus to come. He did nothing to Dill. They gave him food and he had a bath. Then Atticus called Miss Rachel, who accepted that Dill s! tayed for the night there. They went to sleep, and Dill went to sleep with Jem. Scout read a little and then shut off her reading light. She had slept a long time, when Dill woke her up. "Move aside", he said. He got in the bed. Dill said, after Scout had asked, that he wasn't angry with Jem. Dill said it wasn't true that his father was bad, but it was that his parents didn't care about him. They bought him stuff and told "Play" and they went to another room. They discussed where babies came from. Dill then was inmersed on his own thoughts, and fantasies, and other things. Scout asked him if he had an idea of why Boo Radley had never run off, and Dill said: "Perhaps he ain't got nowhere to run off to...".

Chapter 15

Finally, _Dill's stating was approved by his mother, and she sent a long letter to him. They had a week of peace, and one night after supper, some men came to see Atticus. He went outside and Jem (one window) and Scout and Dill (other window) were seeing. They had to turn off the lights, and this made A.A protest. The men were thinking of taking Tom to jail. But Atticus, talking to Heck Tate, said there was nothing to worry. He used his dangerous question, which was "Do you really think so?", when Link Deas told Atticus he had everything to lose from that case. A telephone ring made Atticus come back inside. It doesn't say who's calling. Atticus seemed to forget about everything when he sat to read the newspaper in his chair. He did so then. Jem thought it was a gang, but Atticus told him there were no gangs and that those were their friends. The Levy family is mentioned, they met all criteria for being fine folks. Then Scout says A.A and Atticus had been arguing, and there Jem tells Scout he's afraid for Atticus, somebody may hurt him, he said. Next day was Sunday, and Atticus was in the yard with another knot of men. Heck never went to church, and Underwood was the owner, printer and editor of The Maycomb Tribune, and he lived in the building. But almost always people brought the news to him. Atticus told the kids they had moved Tom R. to jail.
In church, Atticus liked to take a seat apart from the others (A.A, Scout and Jem). Finishing lunch, Atticus went to his office, A.A had a nap and Jem had gone to his room with some football magazines. So Scout and Dill didn't do much. Plus, shooting was prohibited on Sundays.
In the evening, Atticus took an elevtric cord and a bulb, and went outside. He said good-night to the kids because he wouldn't be coming back until past their bedtime, and he got in the car.
Here it's said that Atticus' sport was walking, and he had a Chevrolet in excellent conditon in the carhouse for business trips. He went to his office walking 4 times a day (2 miles, give or take).
Scout was reading and she heard Jem in his room. She went to see and he told her he was going to downtown. Scout went too, because if not they would have to fight, and antagonize Aunty. When they were outside, they realized Dill would also want to go, so they went to call him. It was almost ten o'clock. They went to the square, passing Mrs.Dubose's house. They also passed Atticus' office, but he wasn't there. His car was parked in front of the bank. They arrived to the jail, and there was Atticus. He was seating, reading. Scout tried to run to him, but Jem caught her. Suddenly, some men came in four cars. They got down in twos and ones. They wanted to have Tom, but Atticus wouldn't let them. He repeated his question "Do you really think so?".
Scout escaped from Jem and run into the circle of light. Atticus wasn't very happy about it. Soon appeared Jem and Dill. Atticus told Jem to take them home 2 or 3 times, but he said no. So a man took Jem and said he was taking him home, so Scout kicked and he let go Jem. Atticus went with Jem. Scout looked for somebody familiar to her, and found Walter's dad. She began talking to him, maybe wanting to make him embarassed. So Scout realized she was being looked by everybody there. Walter came and said "I'll say hey to him, young lady" (she had told him to say hey to his son). So all the men left, and so did Scout and the guys. Tom, from the outside, asked if they had gone, and Atticus said "Yes, now sleep a little, you need it.". Mr Underwood came from the window of The Maycomb Tribune (he lived there) with a shotgun (double-barreled) and told him he had been watching everything. Dill took Atticus' chair. Atticus and Jem went ahead and Scout thought Atticus would reprimand Jem, but he massaged his hair under a street light, and that was a gesture of affection.

Chapter 16

They entered the house without making any noise so as not to wake Aunty. Jem told Scout so sleep with him. She started crying remembering everything that had happened that night, and it was the first time Jem didnt told her that wasn't right for an almost-9-year-old girl like her. Next morning Jem ate 3 eggs. Atticus said sth. in front of Calpurnia that made A.A angry. He said that sb. dispised Negroes. A.A said he couldn't talk like that in front of 'em (the Negroes). Then Atticus left, he was going to the courthouse. He told the children to stay at home and, as he was leaving, Dill came in. The kids went outside. Miss Maudie told them she wasn't going, but Miss Stephanie Crawford was. Everybody was going to see the trial. Some Mennonites passed. They were strange people. Some people are mentioned. Atticus came to have dinner in his house. After dinner, he went again to downtown. This time, Jem and the others went too. They saw a lot of people in the square. They also saw Mr. Dolphus Raymond, drinking, with the Negroes. He had a Negro woman and half Negro kids. No-one wanted half white-half black kids. But Dolphus treated his chillum well. Then, everbody started entering the courthouse. The trial was going to be in the second floor. So everbody started getting closer. Scout left Dill and Jem. Then, they found her, but that caused that they weren't able to have a sit. While she was apart from Jem and Dill, Scout heard that Atticus was obligated to have that case, but he also wanted to have it. Suddenly, they saw Reverend Sykes. He guided them up the stairs to the Balcony, with the Negroes. Some Negros stood so they could have a sit. The jury were mostly farmers. They had already sat. Atticus too, along with his defended, Tom Robinson. Jem, Scout and Dill could see their backs. Judge Taylor was a particular man. Only once he had been seen at a dead standstill. It had been the case of the Cunninghams and the Coninghams. He was a partly informal judge. Sometimes he almost ate a whole cigar . The witness stand was on the right of Judge Taylor, and Heck Tate was already on it.

Chapter 17

Mr Tate was dressed for the ocassion. Mr Gilmer was the solicitor. Mr Tate was the first to testify. He told his version to everyone on there,

and Atticus asked him several times if he had called a doctor, but Heck said no, they hadn't. Mr Tate also said Mayella had been beaten on the right hand side of her face and her right eye was blackened.

Then, Bob Ewell came to declare. He lived near a place where some Negroes lived. At first, Bob started speaking very colloquial English, and saying indirect statements. However, Judge Taylor calmed him down. Bob gave his version. As the "raping" appeared, Reverend Sykes told the children to go home, but they didn't go, and Jem and Scout had a disagreement. Atticus asked Bob some questions, including a question asking Bob if he said the same about the beats that Heck had said. Atticus also asked Bob if he knew how to write, and realised Bob was left-handed, which may possible the fact that he himself had beaten up Mayella. Scout realised this, whereas Jem didn't.

Chapter 18

Mayella Ewell was called as a witness. At first, she started crying. They let her cry. She said she was afraid of Atticus, and she pointed at him. But Judge Taylor told her there was nothing to be scared or afraid of. Mayella gave her version. She was in the porch, doing nothing. She was expected to chop a chiffarobe, but she didn't want to do so. When Tom passed by, she offered him a nickel for doing the work. She went inside and realised that he had followed her. So there he choked her, beat her, etcetera.

She was nineteen. She said she had fought and screamed, and she had tried to defend herself as much as she could. Atticus began talking to her by "ma'am" and "Miss Mayella", which made her very upset, and said she won't answer a thing if he kept on calling her like that.

Atticus started by asking her how many siblings she'd got. She said seven. The Ewells were very disordered people, and they lived in a horrible place. Atticus asked Mayella if she hadn't got any friends, and she said "You makin' fun of me again, Mr Finch?". Atticus also asked Mayella if she loved her father. She said yes except when he... drank. She didn't say this the first time. She said except... nothing first. Atticus asked her if she hadn't let Tom (or any Negro) pass the fence

before, and she said no. However, once she had asked one to do a work for her, but she didn't remember. Mayella was in a hostile attitude towards Atticus, and was pretty angry with him. Mayella was confused. Atticus had asked her if Tom had beaten her and she had answered no, then yes, and finally she said she was puzzled. She cried a bit, and, after that, Atticus told her to recongnise if Tom Robinson was the man. When he stood up, Jem & Scout realised his left arm was much weaker than his right.

Mayella said that man had raped her. Atticus said "How?".She said it had happened very fast. So they started all over and checking the facts. Then Atticus began asking her questions that left her without an answer, e.g "Why didn't your sibling heard your screaming?", or "He blackened you left eye with his right fist?". Atticus even considered the possibility that Bob had hit her. She was totally furious.

So she said Atticus was a yellow stinkin' coward, and other things, and

finally burst into real tears. A recess came. There was a high temperature. Dill and Scout observed Judge

Taylor preparing to smoke his cigar. Mr Underwood noticed Scout, but Jem told her not to care, he wasn't going to say anything. People didn't move from there. Atticus an Mr Gilmer returned from a door behind the witness stand and the trial continued. Atticus said he only had one witness. Judge said, well call him.

Chapter 19

Tom Robinson went to declare. He tried to lift his left arm and pose it on the Bible but he couldn't, so Judge Taylor said it didn't matter. Atticus asked him about the incident that had costed him 30 days in jail, and Tom told everything. Atticus did that to show that Tom had nothing to hide. Answering to the questions that were made to him, this is what he said: Miss Mayella had several times asked him to come inside the fence to do some work for her. At first, Tom hadn't accepted a nickel that Mayella had offered him, so she didn't offer him any more nickels now. That day, november 21st of the year before, Mayella had told Tom she had some work for him to do in the house, she said a door had to be repaired. But was her excuse for him to come in the house. She asked him to stand on a chair and then she took him by his legs and had thrown him down the chair. The chair had fell and he said that was the only piece of furniture that wasn't in his place when he left. Afterwards, Mayella hugged Tom and kissed him. She had said that was the first time she had ever kissed a man (not a boy). She had told him "Kiss me back" but Tom didn't want to do so. They were there when Bob saw them through the window. He said something that Tom at first didn't want to say, but finally let it go. He had said "You goddamn whore, I'll kill you". Tom said that he had run very fast, so that he wouldn't have to go to court, for something he hadn't done, as he told Mr Gilmer. He said he had run because he was scared, and Atticus asked him why should he be scared, and he said that if Atticus was a nigger like him he woulda been scared too.

Here, Mr Link Deas makes an interruption: he says Tom isn't a troublemaker at work. Because of this, Judge tells him to go out of the room. Then, Mr Gilmer went to ask him questions. He thought Tom had no time left for his family because of Mayella, but he said he had. He also recognised that he was string enough so as to take a woman like Mayella and throw her to the floor, as Mr Gilmer asked him.

Then, Mr Gilmer asks Tom why he helped Mayella, and he said that he felt sorry for her. This made the whole courtroom into a murmur.

Mr Gilmer wanted to check the facts the Mayella had said. He asked Tom if Mayella had asked him to chop the chiffarobe on nov. 21st, and Tom said no, that maybe she had mistaken her mind. To some other questions that Mr Gilmerasked him, he gave the same answer.

So, Scout took Dill out because he was crying. Jem had asked her to do so, and R. Sykes had agreed with Jem. As they were going down the steps they saw Mr Link Deas. They went outside, and Dill explained why he was crying. He told Scout it was because of the way Gilmer treated and spoke to Tom Robinson. They were sitting under an oak. Scout told him every lawyer did the same thing; except Atticus, said Dill. Scout tried to remember a phrase by Miss Maudie and she finally said it: "He's the same in the courtroom as he is on the public streets."

Suddenly, thay heard someone saying I know what you mean, as Dill said

"That's not what I mean", when Scout said that. It was Dolphus Raymond.

Chapter 20

They went outside (Scout & Dill) and found Dolphus Raymond. He gave Dill a drink from his sack and Scout warned him that it wasn't right. But Dill realised it was only Coca-Cola, and Dolphus told them that he drank Coca-Cola because he wanted people to think he was drunk so that way they wouldn't want to change his way of being.

Scout and Dill realised they shoulda been in the courtroom by now, so they say bye to Dolphus and went away. They arrived at the balcony and R. Sykes had saved their seats.

Atticus was talking to the jury, and Mr Gilmer had finished his cross-examination. He went over the evidence while Scout and Dill were not there. Then, Atticus did sth. Jem and Scout had never seen him do before, he took off his vest, loosened his tie and his collar. Jem and Scout were amazed. He started talking to the jury in a very colloquial way. He said that Mayella had commited an "offense" to the standards, so that was why his father had reached about and hit her, mostly with his left arm. She had tried to "pass the ball" to Tom Robinson and pretend that he was the guilty one. Atticus mentioned that Bob and Mayella Ewell had presented at that court with the thought that everyone would have a "not-so-skilled" image of the Negroes. But he said that white and black people were the same and commited the same mistakes. Then Jem and Scout saw another "first time": Atticus was sweating. He was the kind of people that never sweated.

After that, Atticus said that and Negroes and white people were the same, but he made some objections: e.g.= some men could be smarted than another one. However, he said, there was one place where all white and coloured folks were the same: a court, no matter of it was the Supreme Court of the UnitedStates of America or a court like the one they were in. So, he said, he asked the jury to have that in mind when thinking about the case. "In the name of God, it's your duty".

When he turned away from the jury, he said "In the name of God, believe him", but he said that to mostly to him and Scout couldn't decode the message at first. Suddenly, they saw Calpurnia going through the center aisle, walking towards Atticus.

Chapter 21

Calpurnia waited to get Judge Taylor's permission and gave a letter to

Atticus. It was from A.A and said that the kids were missing. So Atticus stood up... and Mr Underwood did too and told him that the kids were in the Balcony, along with the Negroes. So Atticus said "Jem, come down". Jem did so, and Atticus told him to go to have supper at home. Jem went with Scout and Dill. Jem was punished by Calpurnia, but he didn't care much about it, and he was chuckling.

A.A nearly fainted when she knew where they had been, so she said nothing during supper. After they finished supper, they went back to court.

The jury hadn't come out yet. They had been out for about 30 minutes, and Jem and Scout and Dill had left for more or less an hour. Nobody did much. Men went to look for supper for women, and babies were fed

too. Atticus, Mr Gilmer, Bert and Judge Taylor were the only people in the courtroom that seemed normal. Everyone else was still, like in church. It was eight, then eleven, and Scout was already pretty tired. She looked at the heads of people below. She counted how many bald, red, and black or brown -haired there were.

Scout tried to sleep, but she couldn't. She felt a strange sensation, as if it were a cold February morning. Jem was very convinced that they were going to win the trial. Then Scout was a bit asleep and she saw the jury come in again, and Judge Taylor's voice as if it were very distant. She heard him saying " guilty... guilty...". She had closed her eyes. For Jem, each "guilty" was like a stab on his back. Then Atticus took all his stuff, whispered something to Tom Robinson, and left by the center aisle. Everyone stood up as he passed by, but she hadn't realised. Suddenly, she heard a voice. It was Reverend Sykes, saying "Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father's passin'".

Chapter 22

Jem was very sad, and he cried. They walked their way to the house, and found A.A there. She didn't agree with Atticus on the fact that children could see was had happened in court, but Atticus didn't care about was she said. Atticus was very tired and he went to sleep. Next morning, there was a lot of food, probably brought by the Negroes. Atticus had a tear in his eye and he left. Dill entered so he had Atticus' breakfast untouched. They went outside. Miss Steph. Crawford, Mr Avery and Miss Maudie were there. Jem was called, by the three of them went. Miss Maudie had prepared some cakes or them. Scout says that was her (Maudie's) way of saying everything was alright. She said "Things are never as bad as they seem."

Miss Maudie told Jem that there were people in Maycomb who said Tom was innocent, e.g Judge Taylor, Heck Tate, etc. If not, Judge Taylor woulda out the case in Maxwell Green's hands. But he wanted Atticus to take it. Dill said he wanted to be a clown, to laugh at people, but Jem said it was sad, so Dill said he was going to be a new class of clowns. They went outside, and Dill was sent by Miss Rachel to her back yard. A.A came out, but Steph. told Jem and Scout about it: Bob had spat on Atticus' face, and he had told him he'd "get him if it took the rest of his life".

Chapter 23

Miss Steph had her own version of the fact about Bob Ewell and Atticus. Em and Scout were scared for Atticus, and they showed it. Atticus realized so, and he told them that meant what he had said when he said it. But, he said that, if spitting on Atticus's face saved Mayella of one more beat, then he was glad about it. Atticus said he had taken his (Bob's) last shred of credibility in the trial.

A.A said Bob could make something to Atticus, but he said that it was not possible. Atticus said Tom still had chances to be free, and he discusses, along with Jem, the fact of raping as a capital offense in Alabama. Atticus said that in a jury, even if one man said Tom was not guilty, then he was not considered guilty. Atticus mentioned the fact that, in their courts, if a white's word was against a black's word, then the white would win. Jem was told by Atticus that as he grew older, he would see more white people cheatting an black men.

Jem asked Atticus why the juries were formed by people like them, like Miss mOudi, for instance. Atticus said first of all, because women were not allowed on juries; and because people were afraid, for example, to getsomeboty stop caming to one's shop if you decalred him guilty or something.

Atticus told the kids that one of the folks in the jury had the thought thay mabyTom was not guilty. He had something to do with the Cunninghams. Then Scout was evaluating the fact of inviting Walter after school started. However, A.A interrupted her and told her that she wasn't going to invited her. After a long arguing, she said that Walter Cunninham was trash.

Chapter 24

August was on the brink of September. Dill would be leaving for Meridian tomorrow; today he was off with Jem at Borker´ Eddy. Jem discovered that Dill didn't know how to swim, thing that Jem considered a necessary as walking. They had spent two afternoons in the see swimming in naked so Scout couldn't go. He spent the afternoon with Calpurnia and Miss Moudie. A.A was with her missionary circle talking about something. Scout didn't know what to do o he asked Calpurnia if he could help her, he said that later. Calpurnia took a coffee pitcher's and Scout asked her if she can carried, she said yes. When Scout get in the diningroom A.A told her to stay. There miss Stephanie (before miss Moudie laughed of her because she was wearing a truer under her dress) asked if he want to be a lawyer (as her father), he answered no, that he only want to be lady. Mistress Merriweather started talking with Scout about a man called Everett and she finish talking about Tom's wife. And she said that there was nothing more distracting than a sulky dirty. Miss Meriiwheather said that there are people who think they are doing right but they are not, and Miss Moudie interrupted her. Scout said that those ladies deemed to live in a faint of horror of men, but for her there was something about them (man) that instinctively liked her.

Scout wished to be the governor of Alabama so that she can left Tom Robinson free. The last thing that Tom Robinson said before they took him to prison was" good-bay Mr finch, there isn't nothing you can do now, so there ain't no use trying". Atticus came and told Calpurnia that Tom was dead, tat they shoot to him when he was trying to escape. Atticus asked Calpurnia to go with him in order to help him telling the new to Helen Robinson. A.A got into the kitchen and started crying because she said that the town let him do what they are afraid to do their selves. Scout saw her. Then Moudie told her to stop crying and she got up and clean her face. They went into the dininroom and Scout like a lady took the tray and began offering something to drink.

Chapter 25

September had come, but not a trace of cool weather whit it. Scout found a roly-poly. She poked it and it rolled up. She waited a little time and when the roly-poly unrolled she poked again. Jem told her to stop it and not to kill it because they don't bother you. Scout remembered Dill and that he promised that he would return at the minute school was out. Miss Rachel took them in a taxi to Maycomb junction and Dill waved them. Jem touch Dill how to swim in a lake call "Barker's Eddy". When they go there usually a man whit a car picked them up, but after swimming is more difficult to see a car and walk at that time in there wasn't nice. When they were going they saw Atticus with the car, Atticus picked them up and he told them that their (Cal was in) were going to Tom's house. He explained what had happened with Tom. They got to Helen's house and Sam (Helen's sun) told Atticus if he want him to fetch her. Some time later Helen came and offer to have a seat, there was a silent and Helen fell on the floor. They picked her up and they got into the house. They spent a lot time in there and finally came out. Now everyone knew about Tom Robinson dead To Maycomb Tom's dead was typical, typical of a Niger's mentality to have no plan, and just run blind firs chance they have. Mr Underwood wrote that it was sin to kill cripples, be they standing seating or running (kill with out sense). Miss Stephanie told .A.A and Jem that Ewell said that it made one down and about two more to go. Jem told Scout not to be afraid. Jem also told Scout if any way Scout let Atticus know what she knew he would never speak to her again.

Chapter 26

School started, Jem went out for football but he only carry the team water buckets. The Radley place didn´t scared Scout any more but she was always with the fantasy of seeing Boo. Atticus told Scout not to start again with that because it was difficult, and that Mr. Nathan would shoots every shadow he sees. The adults of Maycomb never discuss the case of Boo in front of Scout and Jem. People of Maycomb were content to re-elect Attics to the state legislature. Once a week in Scout class they had a Current Events period in which child was suppose to clip an item from the newspaper. And it was difficult because most of them were rural children and they don´t have news paper and the ones who has, had The grip paper, which was spurious for Miss Gates.

One day Cecil Jacobs started talking about Adolf Hitler, that he has been after Jews and he is putting them to prison and taking away all they position and he is washing all the feeble-minded. One student asked how can that be possible, and why does the govamint didn´t stop him. The answer was because "he" was the govamint. So Miss Gates printed DEMOCRACY, and Scout said that it was equal rights for all, special privileges to none. And in front of DEMOCRACY she printed WE ARE A. Then Miss Gate aid that the difference between America and Germany. They are a democracy and German´s are a dictatorship. She told Cecil that Hitler have been persecuting Jews from the beginning of the history. When the arithmetic class began Scout remembered once that She asked Atticus why he was impatient with Hitler and he said because he is a maniac. Scout asked Atticus if it was good to hate Hitler and he said it wasn´t good hating anyone. Scout saw Jem in the floor and he said it was because if he collect 25 pounds by year after next he would play football. Scout told Jem that she saw in the courthouse Miss Gates talking with Miss Stephanie Crawford about that it was time somebody taught them a lesson they were getting´ way above them selves, and Scout asked Jem how was it possible that they can hate Hitler and when they turn around and be ugly about folks right at home. Jem told very upset Scout to never talk with him about the courhouse. Scout went with Atticus to the sofa and as Scout grow up, now he only could hold one part of her. Atticus told Scout that Jem only want to forget things but what he was really doing was storing it away for a while until enough time passed.

Chapter 27

By middle of October only tree things out of ordinary happened to two Maycoms citizens. The firs one was that Bob Ewell acquired and lost a job for laziness, and he fiend his self as forgotten as Tom Robinson. Bob said that told Miss Ruth that Atticus hap taken his Job. The second episode happened to Judge Taylor. Judge Taylor's wife all Sundays went to church, while her husband (Judge) doesn't. One Sunday when Judge Taylor's wife was in the church, he was in a room reading a book when he listened to strange noise, he thought it was his fat dog (Ann) but later he realise that it wasn't his cat, that it was a shadow. And when Judge Taylor's wife came she only found her husband in his chair with a shotgun across his legs. The third one happened to Helen Robinson. Mr Links Deals (her imployer) offers her a job but the only problem was that for going to the job, she has to take a long way because the short one is near Bob Ewel´s house. So one day Link Deals walked her the short way and scream "Ewell" in front of Bob Ewell house, but there was none answer. The following day when Helen was going the job, Bob was following her. So, Link saw that and told Bob to stop boder her. .A asked Atticus why did Bob burgle John Taylor and Atticus said that they don't know who was the one that done that to John, not to jump to conclusions. (Mrunas were all one family) Maycomb was itself again. Only two things change, first all people took the sign of NRA--WE DO OUR PART, and the second one was that all Halloween party's were always unorganised affair. But adults thought things went to far when the peace of Miss Tutti Barber and Miss Frutti Barber was shattered. There was a rumour about that this ladies were Republicans, having migrated from Clanton. They were deaf, though. With these facts, some children slipped into their livingroom and stealthily made away with every furniture therein, and hid it in the cellar. The following day Miss Tutti told Heck Tate about it and he collected some bloodhounds and he started them at Misses Barber's house front steps but all what they did was to run around the back door of the house and howl at the cellar door. That was reason to this Ladies to say that this year we would spend our Halloween in the school and have some auditorium. In the auditorium Scout was going to do the paper of a ham, and the only thing she has to do was get in form the left part of the stage when Miss Merriweather mention her and the rest of the children. Her costume was not problem, Miss Crenshaw (the local seamstress (made it. When Halloween came Scout felt disappointed because none of her family could go: Atticus was very tired, and so do A.A. Alexandra told Scout to represent her paper in the house, in order to see her, Scout did it. Scout now was happy because Jem was going to go with her.

Chapter 28

On their way to the high school, Cecil Jacobs gave them a fright. They decided that Cecil would go with Scout and Jem was happy about it, cause that way he could go with the guys who were his age. Scout had forgotten her money so Jem gave her some Atticus had gave him. They were 30 cents. Scout went and left her costume with Cecil's, in the backstage. They went to have some fun and to spend their money. Finally, the act began. Mrs Merriweather started saying her pageant. As it grew longer, Socut was each time more tired, so she "sat" and fell asleep. As a consequence of this, she was waken up by the band of by Mrs Merri... and she entered the stage a little late. Then, Jem said it was alright. Jem was almost like Atticus to make one feel good after making something bad. They went away when not so much people were there. On their way, Scout noticed she had forgotten her shoes, but, as they turned around to go to look for them, the high school lights went out. Jem said, although the next day was Sunday, they would ask the Janitor to open the doors to get the shoes. Suddenly, Jem heard something. They continued walking, and then both of them heard it. A man was running after them. They started to run but didn't get far, because Scout was with her costume. There was like a fight between Jem and Scout and the other man, and suddenly Scout heard a hard breath, but it was a man's breath, so it could not be Jem's. She then tried to get to the street, and saw a man taking Jem home. He and Atticus got him in. Scout went to the house. A.A saw her. She (A.A) called Dr Raynolds, and when she was about to hang up Atticus came and asked Eula May (the phone woman) to call Mr Heck Tate. The doctor came first and said Jem had a bump and a broken arm, probably at the elbow. Then Heck came in, he showed everyone what he got. Scout's dress and parts of her costume. The man that had taken Jem inside with Atticus was in one corner. Heck said "Let's all have a sit", but the man on the corner didn't have one. He told everyone that Bob Ewell was dead, lying on the ground under the tree.

Chapter 29

Bob Ewell was dead. Mr Tate told Scout to tell him what has happened to her and Scout. The story goes like this. Scout was walking home (together with Jem) she asked Jem to go back to school so that she can take her shoes back, because she had forgetened there, he said yes but when they turn around they saw that the school lights were off. Then Jem told Scout to hush a minute and he told Scout that he heard something, they though that it was Cecil Jacobs, before he has scared then, in they way to school. Scout yelled. And then Jem said hello in a very loud voice but Atticus didn't hear it. They heard some footsteps that walked when they walked and stopped when they stopped. Jem said they he could see her because Mrs Crenshaw put some kind of shiny paint on Scout costume. Mr Tate said that Scout costume probably has saved her live because there was a shiny clean line stood out on the dull wire. They said that Bob had taken revenge of Atticus children because he had never have met you face to face. Atticus said that he thought that he got it all out of him the day he threatened him. Scout continue talking; she said that when they were under the tree (they realised it because Scout was barefooted and Jem always said that the ground under the tree was cold) someone had attacked her, Jem found her and started pulling her toward the road, then she heard that Jem was screaming because he has broken his arm. At that moment Ewell tried to kill Scout but someone yanked Mr Ewell down. Then she heard someone coughing, he thought it was Atticus, but it wasn't; so she pointed a man who was standing on the wall. Scout saw him and said: “hello Boo”

Chapter 30

Mr. Arthur, told Atticus to Scout. Everybody talked to Boo like if they see him every day. They (Tate, Heck, Boo and Scout) went to the front porch instead of the leavingroom. Scout show the biography of the house to Boo and then they sat down (in the farthest chair from Atticus) and started talking. Atticus and Mr. Heck started discussing about Bob dead, thinking that Jem has killed him. Atticus was very anxious and nervous about it, but Mr. Tate told them that Bob has fell on his knife, that he killed himself. Atticus felt a lit guilty because he doesn't want to said something (lying) when their kids know the true. Mr. Tate told Atticus and Heck how the story was, it goes like this: Bob has flung Jem down, he stumbled over a root under a tree and when he was felling he leaned forward his left arm went down in front of him and hi dead (yahoo!). They knew that it was a kitchen knife because of the handle. They went on talking and Tate told to Atticus that he, (Atticus) know that Jem didn't killed Bob, they only wanted to get (Jem and Scout) safely home. Tate said that hi was 43, and told Atticus to “let the dead bury the dead”. Tate said it wasn't against the law for a citizen to do his utmost to prevent a crime from being committed Finally Mr. Tate (the sheriff) left the house saying: it may not be much, Mr. Finch, but I'm still sheriff of Maycomb County and Bob Ewell fell on his knife, good night, sir.”

Then Atticus told Scout to understand that Bob fell on his knife, Scout said that she understands and that Tate was right. Then Atticus asked her what did she mean, and she said that it would be like shooting a mockingbird.

Chapter 31

Scout offered Boo to said goodbye to Jem, they entered the room, and A.A. went to talk to Atticus (Atticus was livingroom). Scout told Boo that he could pet Jem if he want. Boo Radley did it slowly and asked Scout if she wanted to take him home. When they were near the street light on the corner, she remembered that she always done this with Jem, and now she was on Boo front gate and Boo got in his house, that was the last time that Scout has seeing him. She remembered that Boo gave her presents but they never give him anything. Scout release that Atticus was right about what he said that you never know really a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around them, just standing on Radley porch was enough. Scout walked to her home (in her way she started thinking about how Jem would fill like when she tell him that she talked to Boo, that he'll became furious), to her brother room and found Atticus there, reading “The Gray Ghost”. Scout told Atticus to read it in a loud voice, he did it, and Scout falls asleep. When she woke up she realized that Atticus was carrying her to her room, so she started telling him a part of the story to make him think that she didn't felt asleep. In a part she said that “Kid pedradas” was a good person, so Atticus told her that most people are when you finally see them. Atticus turned off the lights and went into Jem's room. He would be there all night, and he would be there when Jem waked up in the morning.

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